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The Necromancer's Art Shop v2 [Adopts open]

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Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
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Hiya and wecolme to my art shop! Here Ill be posting my commission prices and adopts. Please pay attention to the rules and to the shop status above!


  • Can do: Pokemon ocs, MLP, humans/gijinkas, ferals, anthros, written descriptions, ask for other stuff?
  • Cant do: mechas/robots.
  • I may upload everything to my DA and I'll post them in the thread so if you're not ok with this please let me know in advance.
  • When using give credits to my pfq profile, Deviantart or toyhouse Elizadesu.
  • You may resize/make small changes to the image you receive, but please still give proper credit.
  • You have to put the full amount of your payment in the form, as in dont just use "gp" > use "500gp", etc
  • Expect your commission to be done within a week or two.
  • I accept any currency and paypal (for stuff over 5USD). Items only boxboxes and ubercharms
1:500:500k:100:1 USD (paypal) 1:200
For more examples see my toyhouse and da!


Bust/Headshots mostly 500x500 Ill do pfq sized only if requested! (150x150) Flat: 250/250k/50 Shaded: 350/350k/70


Wiggly bust up images that can be used as avatars, only flat and 500x500 Will do pfq sized only if requested! (150x150) Price: 500/500k/100
For Chronos
For Gale's Wings
For Tengu Øracle


Chibi-like done with the binary tool! 250px in width/height Flat: 600/600k/120 Shaded: 700/700k/140


Chibis! Only of human/humanoids characters/ocs!!! Flat: 700/700k/140 Shaded: 1000/1000k/200 + Extra character on the same pic 500/500k/100


Even Smoller Chibis! Only of human/humanoids characters/ocs!!! Flat single oc only: 700/700k/140


Halfbodies! Flat: 500/500k/100 Shaded: 750/750k/150 + Extra character on the same pic 500/500k/100


Fullbodies! Flat: 1000/1000k/200 Shaded: 1500/1.5m/300 + Extra character on the same pic 1000/1m/200


Fullbodies but done with a thicker line and different shading! Flat: 1000/1000k/200 Shaded: 1500/1.5m/300 + Extra character on the same pic 1000/1m/200


Only doing transparent and simple bgs Transparent or simple bgs are free. >Simple means solid color or shapes with texture. Also doing simple skyes and space/galaxies


Eliza, do some evil! Order: (Flat/Shaded) + (Potion/Hex/Curse/Summoning...) Place: (Transparent/Simple) The target: (Your character reference) Specifications: (Optional, add description/visual references of what your character is doing or expressing etc) Payment: You choice of payment. Other: (Optional, anything else you'd like me to know)


[center][b]Eliza, do some evil![/b] [b] Order: [/b] [b] Place: [/b] [b] The target: [/b] [b] Specifications: [/b] [b] Payment: [/b] [b] Other: [/b] [/center]


A fusion of 2~3 pokemon! Flat: 1000/1000k/200 Shaded: 1500/1.5m/300


Your pokemon but as a human! Flat: 1000/1000k/200 Shaded: 1500/1.5m/300

Chibi Gijinka

Your pokemon but as a human cheeb! 700/700k/140


Eliza, do some extra evil! Order: Gijinka/Fusion Pokemon: (Flat/Shaded) + (Fusion/Gijika) Specifications: Optional, base pokemon to the fusion, color palletes, themes for the gijinkas (ex: "make it lolita" "make it witchy") etc etc. If you dont say anything I'll do what I think will fit. Payment: You choice of payment. Other: (Optional, anything else you'd like me to know)


[center] [b]Eliza, do some [i]extra[/i] evil![/b] [b] Order: [/b] [b] Pokemon: [/b] [b] Specifications: [/b] [b] Payment: [/b] [b] Other: [/b] [/center]
Pattern from here
Gif by goat-nerd
Art shop Trade Shop Avatar by Sheepoid
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
  • Accepting all currencies, boxboxes and ubercharms in the ratio 1:500:500k:100:1 USD (paypal) 1:200
  • Auctions end 4 days after SB!
  • Mysteries are revealed upon receiving the payment
  • PWYW are pay what you want but if you offer way too little
    Like 10gp
    I might refuse c':
  • You can resell adopts but only for the same price you got them for unless they have extra art!
  • Flat prices are decided on difficulty and how much I like them (wich is why they dont always have the same price asdfgh)
Quick conversions: 10/50/50k 75/375/375k 100/500/500k/1 150/750/750k 200/1000/1000k/2 300/1500/1500k/3


All 75/equiv each 1-Witchy Gastly:OPEN 2-Cosmog:@SpiritKitty666 3-Musharna:OPEN 4-Slurpuff 1:OPEN 5-Winter Sawsbuck:@Devil0356 6-Diancie:OPEN 7-Frillish:OPEN 8-Slurpuff 2:OPEN Volcarona:40 Turtwig:100

Pokemon Adopts

Open in a new tab for better res c': 1-TepigxCharmander: 10 2-BraixenxFlareon: closed 3-BraixenxKomala: 150 4-BraixenxVolcarona: 150 5-BraixenxSylveon: 150 6-CharizardxVolcaron: BraveHearted 7-SylveonxAlolan Ninetails: 150 8-SylveonxPachirisu: 150 9-Ghost Sylveon: closed 10-SylveonxMagikarp: 150 11-GardevoirxToxapex: closed 12-EeveexSylveonxGlaceon: 150 13-PurrloinxHonchkrow: 75 14-DelphoxxHaunter: 75 15-BunearyxGothitelle: 75 16-AudinoxCinccino: @Frankie G 17-CinccinoxSkitty: 75 18-BraixenxSwoobat: 75 1-SylveonxGogoat: Raiveon 2-VaporeonxPrimarina: Hifumin 3-EeveexDrifoon: 200 4-EeveexScorupi: 200 5-VaporeonxDewgong: Devil0356

Spoiler Adopts

Are you sure?

Please refer to these as Spoiler adopt (number) All 150 1-HatterenexSerperior:OPEN 2-HatterenexSylveon:@RubyIllustratiøn 3-HatterenexGourgeist:OPEN 4-WhimscootxWooloo: Frankie G 5-ScorbunnyxHatterene:@crownedkitty25 6-RaltsxHatennaxGothita: CLOSED 7-EspeonxHatenna:@crownedkitty25 8-Galarian PonytaxWooloo:@BraveHearted 9-Hatenna Gijinka:OPEN 10-Hatterene Gijinka:@Emberlynn 11-Shiny Hatenna Gijinka:OPEN 12-Goth Hatterene Gijinka:@RubyIllustratiøn 13-GardevoirxHatterenexGothitelle:@Kaotashimi Hatenna pony: 300

Non-pokemon adopts

If the images dont work just click the links! Purple Pink pony: 300 Happy purple pony: 300
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
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Since some people showed interested via the pool I figured I might drop this here. In the link you have access to a bunch of transparent pngs that are the bases for the adopts I've been doing. They are all based on previous adopt/art by me: Boop Feel free to use these for ocs, customs, adopts etc. The only thing you have to do is credit me for the base. If here on pfq mentioning my username is fine but if offsite please use my th or da. I use these on SAI with the pen tool for lineart btw If you have any questions please do so in a PM. Please dont post here to ask about it. Hope you guys will like them ^^
Sìnístea's AvatarSìnístea
Sìnístea's Avatar
aaaaaaa i'd ask for art but oml im broke rip Also mind if I DM you a question?

Art shop hub

pfp made by Nightmon
loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
loucariogirl's Avatar
Eliza, do some evil! Order: Special Potion Place: Simple Background The target: Fletchling Gijinka Specifications: N/A Payment: 500 gp Other:
I'm always looking for roleplays. Pm me if you'd like to roleplay with me! ChickenSmoothie/Flightrising/Toyhouse/Discord
Lia/Lou (Plus Ultra!)#0694
/Profile Picture
Official Bnha Manga
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Official BNHA Gif
BraveHearted's AvatarBraveHearted
BraveHearted's Avatar
Eliza, do some evil! Order: Summoning Place: N/A The target:

This New Guy

Art by ArtisticUmbresol
Specifications: He's a flygon base and fused with; froslass, darkrai and giratina origin form. Could he be using a dragon, ice or shadow type move? (Like dragon claw, shadow ball or blizzard) Payment: 200 ZC Other:
My Shop 🌸 Credits 473/500+
Queen Glimmer's AvatarQueen Glimmer
Queen Glimmer's Avatar
Eliza, do some evil! Order: Pixel Doll Place: Transparent The target: By Calcanthite (deviantART) || By goldspill || By DitkaSaysHi (deviantART) || By DitkaSaysHi (deviantART) || By me c: || By SilverKingRuadri Specifications: No other specifications. The references by DitkaSaysHi and by SilverKingRuadri are the most accurate. Pose is entirely up to you. Payment: 500 GP Other: She has a black stripe in the middle of her hair that extends from her bangs to the end. Many people forget that and just include the black in the bangs, but this isn't the case.
I glisten in the sun like a vampire. Avatar drawn by the amazing Novan-chan.
tiipsykat's Avatartiipsykat
tiipsykat's Avatar
Eliza, do some evil! Order: Pixel Doll Place: Transparent The target: Koneko1 - Koneko2 Specifications: She always either holding a pink lolipop or has one in her mouth. Payment: 500GP Other: Can't wait to see her! n.n
*blepping intensifies* avatar made by me of my oc Fwee. art shop here >clicky
Lv. 53 — 2,612 / 10,734
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness MAX
Lax nature
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
@1331, sure, np! @loucariogirl, BraveHearted, Qüëën Kläncë, all accepted! I'll add you guys to the slots~ @tiipsykat, aah really sorry but the 3 slots were taken before you :s I'm closed now, I'll be locking the thread so if you need me for something feel free to send a pm~
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
All 3 past orders are done~

Opening 3 more slots ouo b

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