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Housepets! enter the multiverse (THIS IS FINISHED. HOW DO I GET

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this is a fanfiction for Housepets! (my favorite media period) That I had on the official forums. Prologue: A man with hair the color of a stormy sea sat in a chair, looking at a series of screens filling the room with data such as simulated outcomes of intersecting universes, security cameras, digital blueprints, and dozens of data sheets. One such monitor was focused on a mechanism with purple electrical waves and protons jumping back and forth. He called someone on his phone, thin and black as night, "let's see what this can do, let's enter Babylon G, world 08. Yes, I like my puns; yes, that is the actual place, for some reason. Anyways, get that thing running, this world alone is not enough for me, I want more, more power, more- you know, I should probably stop monologuing. Also, you need to pump more air from above." The voice replied, "Okay, Collin, science is my profession, and you are paying me." Collin snapped back, "Then do IT, and don't say my name out loud." The phone line went dead, the mechanism's electricity went pure blue, and the protons went even faster, the facility flashed, and Collin was gone Chapter one: Enter the Heroes At brown dog with a light brown front body and a dark brown tail and ears with light blue eyes was shaking a lavender cat with a white front body (what is the correct term), when she would not wake up the dog yelled, "Grape! I heard the door knock, I didn't invite Tarot over, did you invite anyone? Oh whatever." Grape got up and said, "Max asked me out on a date to see the new Pridelands movie." Grape opened the door to see a light brown Pomeranian with a slightly lighter brown chest and face with yellow eyes, Tarot, and a black cat with a lighter black on the chest & face and light blue eyes, Max, at the doorstep, Tarot said, "There was a problem at the theater and some weird cat wants to talk to you two, that's about it." Peanut and Grape stared. Grape replied, "I'm gonna go back to bed." Peanut asked where the cat was, Tarot replied, "Out the steps and to the left, you can come out now, I know you're there." The cat, a red British Longhair with groomed fur and green eyes, reluctantly walked over and said to Peanut and the others, "Hello, my name is Collin, Collin Skye." Peanut replied, "Hi, I'm Peanut, are you new around here, you said you wanted to talk to me, also Tarot, why were you at the movie," Tarot stated "I wasn't, I foresaw that I needed to go there, even though that annoying cosmic game is over I still can foresee the future." Peanut nodded and asked Collin what he came to talk about, Collin replied, "You know how you went to the Galifrax dimension, don't ask how I know that, a man must keep his secrets, well, I come from another dimension because somebody messed with the entire space time continuum and threw various random people to various random places, I'm lucky I went to one I knew about, anyways, the multiverse is in danger, either that or someone who wanted to go to the universe of his favorite literature accidentally threw the multiverse out of control, probably the former one, so do you mind if I sleep here tonight, I can sleep in the basement, if you have one." Peanut agreed and showed Collin to the basement; they talked. "So Collin, do you know of any other person that went here, are we going to appear somewhere else? Is this an adventure!" Collin laughed, "I guess it is, you probably aren't going to be flung into another universe, but you might want to worry about more people appearing, it is the space-time continuum after all." later that night, Peanut thought about the conversation. Grape was fast asleep by then; Tarot and Maxwell had long since went their separate ways, he started to worry, a thing that was not usual for him, when someone knocked, Peanut opened the door thinking it was Tarot, it wasn't. He saw a mess of bluish gray hair before he was knocked out. End of chapter one. Chapter Two: Mansion of Insanity A scene quite similar to the beginning of the last day for Grape, she was being shaken awake, "Grape! Wake up! This is an emergency!" Yelled a red cat known as Collin. "Peanut is missing!" That woke the lavender and white cat quickly. She asked if he checked the whole building, he nodded. Grape articulated ideas for where he could be, for the rest of the morning they searched, Collin heard a sound in a garbage can, it was only a raccoon. At noon the two cats met up at the park, neither of them had found Peanut. A man carried a garbage bag with holes poked around it, they were too busy to notice what the man looked like, Collin ran after him. "Somebody stop these feral cats! Get them away, I say, Away!" He called. Collin cut open the trash bag, an unconscious brown dog fell out. "You stupid meddling little feral monsters!" The man shouted at them. The man's watch flashes and off they were. ~~~~~~~ When the two cats woke up, they were in an old, probably haunted, mansion with Peanut and the Human nowhere to be seen, a blonde haired person, someone they could tell was not the person they were chasing, walked up to them, "Who are you? You shouldn't be here, this place is haunted and just plain dangerous. Are you with Mario?" He asked. Collin took initiative of replying to the human, "I am Collin Skye, this is Grape Sandwich, we are looking for our friend Peanut, who is this Mario person?" "Okay Collin, I am Riba; I haven't heard of anyone named Peanut, Mario is this brown haired mustached person with a red cap and shirt, blue overalls, and red boots." Riba replied, "Oh, that Mario," Collin replied, "No, we are not with him, do you know where he is?" "Just down the hall on the second right door after the open one, and do not, under any circumstances, go in the open one." The cats nodded and went down the hall and entered the door they were told, almost as soon as they left a gray-blue haired man holding a bag walked from the open door over to Riba. "I need you to dispose of this, Permanently, very permanently." Riba took the bag. ~~~~~~~ Inside the room, as he said, a man that matched the description of Mario was looking around in a drawer, Collin lightly tapped his shoulder, quickly jumping back as the brown haired plumber sliced a knife through the air, "Who are you? What do you want?" He shouted, "We don't bring any harm, my name is Collin Skye, my friend is Grape, I am looking for our friend Peanut." With that out of the way Mario calmed down. "I need to go now, and you probably should too. This place is dangerous, very dangerous." He said, leaving. Collin and Grape continued looking around the room until they heard a scream. They ran outside and on the side of the wall where Riba was, there lied on the ground, the bodies of Peanut and Mario, and the scene was all out unsettling. Both Grape and Collin were terrified. Both feared they were next. Collin spoke, "We don't have much time, but we can still save them. Quickly though," Grape took a pair of scissors from Mario's pocket and cut off the end of his shirt sleeve. putting the sleeve on Peanut, Collin held it down. "What's the status of Mario? Collin asked, after a moment Grape spoke, "Too late, probably the first one attacked. Let's just hope we can leave soon." Collin took a small rock out of Mario's shirt. "I'd know this rock anywhere, we have a way out." He said. Thinking of nothing but Babylon Gardens, he dropped the stone, in a flash of light, they were gone. End of chapter two in case you were wondering... EXPOSITION DUMP! The rock Collin used is a magical rock that when it hits a surface, it takes nearby people to where they are thinking about, it works between universes. Jeffersonite. Named after Jeffery Davis Jefferson the third, a cross universe explorer and scientist. Chapter Three: Family reunion When Collin Skye woke, the expedition found themselves in the center of a large, tall, circular grayish room. Surrounding them are velvet chairs all around. Staring at the group was a rather short red haired human holding a violet rock with yellow spots. "Looks like somebody is messing with the continuum again, Collin, you better have a good excuse for this." The man said. "I'll tell you if you get rid of your fancy little disguise, I mean the magic." Collin responded. He thought of something that happened years ago. ~~~~~~~~~ A red furred cat similar to Collin in all but size, being a few inches taller, sat down on the floor staring at Collin, "I am going to go to a human city to become a scientist for a while, I'm being taken care of by mister and misses Jefferson. Only the Jefferson's and I, soon to also be you, know about what I am going to tell you, they won't know me as a cat, not even as Alan, I will be known as Jeffery Davis Jefferson the third, I will use a simple magic spell to keep my fur from growing and making my face look human, I just wanted to tell you and say goodbye little brother." Alan, the taller one said. annoyed, Collin replied, "I am three months older than you! I may be smaller but I am still older than you!" Alan just grinned. ~~~~~~~~~ The man snapped his fingers, his face started looking more like a cat and fur quickly grew. "I thought you would need me, little bro." Alan said, annoying Collin, "Come on, cheer up Collin, it was a joke." "An annoying one." Collin replied. Peanut had woken up and was messing around with a large stick, "Stop messing with my hiking stick!" Alan yelled. Peanut put it down and walked around, trying to think of what to do. "Why did you take us here?"'Collin asked, Alan replied, saying, "I know who is doing this, L did." Collin stared at him, "You mean Collin Lazareth Skye? Our cousin is evil? We need to tell Alain!" "You mean you didn't hear, he was killed. Nobody knows how, or why. I think I know where he is going, take this, or forever hold your peace." Alan held out the Jeffersonite he had, when Collin was about to take it, Alan dropped it on the ground. "This is merely the beginning." A familiar flashing filled the room. End of chapter three. Chapter Four: Until the End. Collin found himself on a pillar floating in a deep, dark abyss; the pillar was velvet with oranges and flowers scattered around it, in the center were two red cats seemingly falling, one facing north and the other facing south, he heard a voice, "So you finally come and fight, this will be too easy." Collin L, a human with gray-blue messy hair and wore a dark suit, stepped off of a platform, extending his left arm, a large object faded into his hand, it had the handle of a cutlass, two blade made of obsidian extended off the handle, merging into what looks like the teeth of a key. He charged at the red cat. The cat dodged to the side, this continued until the man threw his keyblade, knocking the cat to the floor; with all the strength he had, Collin made a slashing motion with his hand, right before his hand passed by the area where L would be, a sword like object, a brown cutlass handle with a long, sharp blade that was dark orange and a chain with a pidgeon feather at the end, appeared in a similar manner to L's, giving Collin an opening. Collin grabbed L's keyblade and ran past holding his keyblade outstretched to knock out L, he caught the keyblade and took back his own keyblade. Running away, L made a portal to escape, before Collin could reach it, it closed. He couldn't get out. ~~~~~~~~~ A young boy with spiky brown hair fought off various dark creatures with a keyblade, he found what they were after, a brown dog and a lavender cat, the dog stirred, looked around, and asked, "where's Collin, he was right with us, was he not? Did you see a red cat?" "No, I'm afraid not. I'm Sora by the way, what's your name?" The kid replied. "I'm Peanut," he answered. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find him." Sora reassures. "I need some sleep." ~~~~~~~~~ Nearby, Alan, being the first to wake up, had taken Collin into an alleyway; Alan tried waking him up but nothing woke Collin. Collin's body faded away, "Collin! No!" Alan screamed. Sora, Grape, and Peanut ran over at the sound. "Is this your friend?" Sora asked, Peanut replied, "No, Alan! What happened to Collin?" Alan got up and said, "H-he just dis-disappeared." "This can't be good." Sora said, many heartless came out of the ground, "Watch out, run you three, I can handle this!" He continued, Alan refused, he walked over cautiously to one of the Heartless, "Collin, I know you're in there, please come back, please big brother. Please." Alan hugged the Heartless, light enveloped it for a few seconds and when it dispersed, Collin was there. "Please don't squeeze me, I already had a bad day." "Having a little family reunion eh," a voice hidden in the shadows said, Collin L Skye, also known as L, walked over in a black coat. Collin ran after him and pulled out his keyblade, "Sora, I need your help! We can't let L get away!" Sora ran after and pulled out his keyblade, Collin continuously slashed at L while Sora used thundaga, then Sora used blizzaga while Collin threw his keyblade teleporting all around, then Collin used Zantetsuken while Sora glided, swooping down at L with his keyblade. Finally, Sora and Collin both attacked at the same time, L used reflect, knocking Sora and Collin back, with the last of his strength, Sora threw his keyblade. L faded away into nothingness. A voice behind them said, "Pathetic, completely and utterly pathetic, I don't understand what they saw in him." A red cat walked over, "Let's just hope that you aren't." The cat took out his keyblade, then suddenly just made it disappear. The cat stepped into a portal he had made. End of Chapter four. Chapter Five:Go Beyond! Plus Ultra! "Goodbye, Sora." I said, "We must get going, the cat told me of a new danger, and a new, efficient way to go where we need to go." I stayed silent and waited for a response until my brother broke the silence, "Mister Sora, I would like to go with you, on your journey, If you don't mind." "If Riku is okay with it. He's the one in charge; I'll go talk to him right now." Sora left, I decided to try my new method for crossing worlds, holding out the thing known as a keyblade, I gripped the handle hard with both hands, light shot out and formed a hole in the sky, I threw my keyblade, watching it open into a platform-like object that had my keyblade engraved in it. Pulling Peanut and Grape, I boarded the 'craft'. I watched Sora come back and leave, taking Alan with him. The craft flew through the wormhole. ~~~~~~~~~ "And the winner is... Shoto Todoroki!" Those were the first words I heard after I went through the portal, said by a voice akin to that of a steriotypical DJ. We were in a stadium like arena in between two people, a red and white haired boy who was standing up, 'He must be Todoroki.' I thought, and on the other side was a green haired kid who was knocked out, ice and water all over him. The people in the audience started shouting, "It's the League of Villains!" One said, "It has to be, they even used a portal!" Another shouted. A yellow haired man with strong noticable muscles even through his mostly blue outfit walked through the crowd to us, he had blue eyes but the normally white part was pure black. He said, "I do not know what you are doing here, but if you are a villain, I, All Might, will stop you." "Wait, wait, we're friendly, we just kind of... got here." I replied, mentioning other universes, or 'worlds' doesn't sound like a good idea, this might be a slight problem, "Why are you here, what are your quirks?" I remembered watching a show as a kid, with superpowers called quirks, and with All Might and Deku. "My quirk is animal sentience and portals, my friends both just have animal sentience, I am Collin A. Skye, a cat, this is Grape Jelly Sandwich, also a cat, and finally Peanut Butter Sandwich, a dog, we have come from far away on a long and tedious journey or something." "Okay, Collin, I wouldn't abandon anyone in need." As we were talking, a purple portal opened up, "Now that is the League of Villains, Everybody run!" A person in the crowd shouted, everyone ran out of the arena, many menacing looking people walked out of the portal, there was a blue haired human with glove like objects on his shoulders and his face, another one was a blond haired girl carrying knives and some weird things, there were also other people there, but I couldn't take my eyes off those two, they are the ones I need to worry about the most, "See, I can learn things through watching television." I said to myself, I grabbed my keyblade and ran after the League. "Stay where you are, Peanut!" I called. I jumped at a Nomu, a mindless giant monster, when I suddenly felt an acute pain on my leg, I ignored it and kept fighting. I stopped noticing the pain, but I felt tired, I collapsed. ~~~~~~~~~ "Collin! Collin! Are you there! Where are you!" I called, "Over here! I'm over here!" It was him all right, at least, I thought so. "What happened?" I asked, "Just some mindless monsters, nothing much, where's Peanut?" He replied, there was definitely something wrong, "You told him to stay where he was, I doubt you even are Collin!" I shouted, 'Collin' got angry and, when I blinked, there was a girl I recognized as part of the League of Villains, I clawed the human and ran away. Finding Collin behind some trees, I ran back to the arena, there was All Might, "We… need to go." I said, waking up Collin, "Quick, get us out of here!" I said, he opened a portal and we went in, Collin staying behind to get Peanut. End of Chapter Five Chapter six: it's not magic, it's bending "Cabbages! Get your cabbages here– oh no, my cabbages!" We were falling, I grabbed onto Peanut and Grape, we fell on a cart of cabbages owned by an old man wearing a green robe, "Stupid animals, you ruined my cabbages! My perfect cabbages, you monsters." I grabbed Peanut and Grape, trying to get them out, "Help! There's a mad cabbage salesman after me!" I said, I stepped on Peanut and Grape, waking them up, "Move, now, mad cabbage salesman." "You interrupted my nap" Grape retorted, I ran anyways, "Look! A flying buffalo." Peanut said when we got to the outskirts of this city, "Bison." I said, waving my arms, "A little help here! There's a cabbage salesman after us!" The bison lowered, "But it has to be the fire nation, just look at those funny costumes, only the fire nation uses such weird costumes." Said one of the people on the bison, "Have you ever seen the fire nation in uniforms like that." Another said, "no, but in those, yes." A gray-blue haired man wearing a dark red suit stepped from the shadows wearing a smirk, "There you are, the avatar and some friends, it's like popcorn." One of the riders of the bison jumped off and seemed to be using karate moves that moved the ground, the man dodged and threw fire at him, I kicked the human, he grabbed me and knocked me out. I remember bits and pieces, "Here is the avatar, I heard you were looking for him."… "kill Collin… turn his friends into Heartless." I struggled to get up, but when I did, I was in a cold room, there was a ferret I remembered, "Keene? What are you doing here?" I said, he formed an ice crystal around his paw, "I guess I was Keene, but no more, we are the Organization, all of your precious Babylon Gardens, gone, tied to the darkness to be consumed, all living there, turned into Heartless and Nobodies, even your family, your world, with Babylon Gardens, and Richmond Acres, all of your world, darkness, because, Collin, whether you like it or not. You. Are. A. Normal. Housepet. From. A. Normal. Pet. Family. So. Your. Mother. Is. Not. A. Famous. Cat. Your. Family. Is. Gone." He said, "What about Alan, he will stop you, save existence, was L even real?" I asked, "L was a normal cat, until he died, mister Rei took his place, laughed at by his girly name, pretty childish, if you ask me, but though Rei failed, Ixre won't, you will die, all will fall, and Alan is nothing to worry about, goodbye." Keene's Nobody stabbed Collin with a sharp icicle. End of chapter six Chapter Seven: The Organization Hello, I do not know who I am, nor where I come from, but somehow I know how to read, to write, to listen and speak, I don't know much, but I know a name, Grape, I am a purple and white cat with no name that I can remember, I was lost and hopeless until someone found me in this dark city, a brown dog who called himself Oxyej, a weird name if you ask me. He himself is okay, but weird at times. Another dog, with dark black ears and a lighter chest, who, in mind, is a lot similar to me, he has a name in his head of something edible, and we joined this group or whatever at the same time. Today is orientation day, the day where I get some answers, Oxyej and the new dog accompanied me, even though the former has already gone, the city always was in a perpetual night time, as we walked about the gray skyscrapers, Oxyej pointed out buildings of interest, the ones that looked interesting. "Over there is the dormitory building, where we sleep, and that short building is the cafeteria. Oh look, here we are, the meeting building, remember it by the red carpet out front and the pointed roof. Come on in." We treaded the carpet into the building and took a seat near the front. A gray blue haired human walked up on top of a stage behind a stone podium with a microphone, "Welcome, this is the World that Never Was, we are Nobodies, creatures that shouldn't exist, but we do, we will give you all names. We are here to make a land of order and safety for all Nobodies. We will give you tablets to do work, have fun, get announcements, and more. I hope you like it here." The leader walks down and passes out the tablets, they have a blue edge, a power button, and a button on the bottom side, it is about two feet tall and one and a half feet long, pressing the power button in the top right corner, it jumps to life. "Hello, Xapegr, welcome to the World That Never Was, I am your virtual companion." The unnamed brown dog did likewise, the tablet called him Txuepan. Oxyej led us to the dormitory building, I checked my tablet for the rooms, Xapegr and Txuepan: Room 793. Oxyej and Foxdi: Room 794. We entered the building and into the elevator, I pressed the 7 button and waited silently. End of chapter seven. link to the original post from the housepets forums
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Hawkfang42's Avatar
I mean, probably nobody cares but. Chapter Eight. "Txuepan, how's your drawing goin', is it good?" My roommate, Xapegr, said. "Eh, it's okay… hey, did you get a notification on your tablet, some sort of recon mission? Well this is interesting, another world, searching for more Nobodies." I replied, "Oh, I thought you already got that, I'm already set." Xapegr flicked his wrist and created a floating purple oval, Xapegr disappeared inside it, I followed into a forest, "Hey, Xapegr, who's that, a Nobody?" I pointed at a light brown furred ferret with yellow eyes, we walked slowly to it. "I have one!" someone called, the ferret disappeared and I blacked out. ~~~~~~~~~ "I have one! Sora, Riku, I got a Nobody." While I waited for them to come, I inspected the Nobodies, there was a brown dog and a- purple... cat... "oh no, oh no, oh no oh no oh no, this is bad, we need to end this, they've turned almost everyone into a Nobody, even Grape, this must end." Riku put his hand on my shoulder. "It's okay, Alan. We will fix this. No matter what it takes." Leaves rustled and a elegantly carved wooden crown keychain slid out, a voice called from the woods, "You're going to need it, he's coming." "Who is coming?" I replied, no answer, Riku knocked me down, before I could say anything, a spear flew overhead, a messy gray-blue haired 'human' slowly walked over, "I should have known someone would go and mess it all up, how about instead, I'll throw a spear to the throat." I grabbed the keychain, it glowed ant turned into a keyblade, I blocked his attacks, but he kept on dodging mine, I tried stabbing him, he rolled back but hit a tree, light came from the edge of the blade, suddenly, there was a flash of white, then darkness. End of chapter eight Epilogue: in the flash of light, a barrier of both light and dark closed off the worlds engulfed in darkness, Alan was lost forever, but. In a floating island in interdimentional space, three figures got up, a purple cat, a light brown dog, and a red cat. The End.

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