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Question regarding shelter eggs.

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Chirptune's AvatarChirptune
Chirptune's Avatar
do you guys know if its possible to get eggs youve released from the daycare from the shelter? im hunting an albino woobat and ive run out of daycare passes, so i released some of the eggs to the shelter, but cant find any. are they hidden for me, or did someone just get to them first?
brindlefinch's Avatarbrindlefinch
brindlefinch's Avatar
It's entirely possible; this is how most people hunt, actually. Breeding eggs to toss in the shelter to find again.
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jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
You can definitely find the eggs in the shelter. It's probably just a more rare egg compared to others. For example, in a single day, I get 600+ bulbasaur eggs. and I know of three other people also hunting bulbasaur, so you have to imagine that's at least 1000 eggs a day. The shelter definitely gets a little oversaturated with common eggs.
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Chirptune's AvatarChirptune
Chirptune's Avatar
thank you both for letting me know! :D

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