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My So-Called Enemy (Warriors rp signups) (Open!)

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Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
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The four clans are healthy in the forest, with plenty of young apprentices in each. However, all medicine cats receive a prophecy "When the time of darkness arrives, twinkling little stars will light the path. Those least expected will save all." The same night, apprentices from all clans receive a message from an ancestor, about traveling to a distant place to find a new home This mission would shape these apprentices' lives forever. Yes, I know that a lot of Warriors fans don't like travel books, but I think it's because nobody did any bonding with the other clan cats. This is pretty much the travel part of The New Prophecy but much more travelers, our apprentice characters, and they actually bond and become really close, even after the quest. We can roleplay from inside the clan during the quest, but nothing too big and no new prophecies until after. Rules: - No bullying or fighting OOC - No godmodding or anything of that sort. -No mating (meaning making of the kits if you catch my drift, you can have mates) or kitting (birthing) scenes Character refs can be whatever you want then to be, you can be as simple or complex as you see fit. Main characters are apprentices, but you can put in warriors and other ranks. When it comes to names or designs, go as wild as you want without something too insane, like a rainbow cat or obvious twoleg things. [Shadowclan Leader: Coalstar- M Deputy: (Open!) Medicine Cat: Mossyberry- F (Apprentice: Softpaw) Warriors Brightpelt- M Apprentices: Runningpaw- M Rustpaw- M Softpaw- M Sunpaw- F Darkpaw- M Maplepaw- F Flintpaw- F Flarepaw- M Queens Frostleaf- F Elders: Thunderclan Leader: (Open!) Deputy: Aspenfrost- F Medicine Cat: Rainbird- F Warriors: Tigerhawk- M Goldensun- F Forestfoot- M Briarstreak- M Lionnose-M Apprentices: Beetlepaw- M Peachpaw- F Blackpaw- F Firepaw- M Shinepaw- F Redpaw- M Queens: Elders: Riverclan Leader: Tinystar- F Deputy: Frostflight- F Medicine Cat: (Open!) (Apprentice: Shypaw) Warriors: Goosestrike- M Hazeltail- F Bravetail- M Apprentices: Lakepaw- F Ashpaw- F Riverpaw- M Sweetpaw- F Berrypaw- F Shypaw- F Cloverpaw- M Queens Sunsplash- F (Mother of Owlkit(M), Honeykit(F), and Driftkit(M) Elders: Windclan: Leader: Loststar- M Deputy: Crowfoot- M Medicine Cat: Tumblepuddle- M Warriors: Heroncloud- M Breezenose- M Sandyflower- F Mintleaf- F Hickorywing- F Apprentices: Ivypaw- F Thistlepaw- M Nettlepaw- F Maplepaw- F Ravenpaw- F Mallowpaw- F Whitepaw- M Queens: Elders: Raggedwing- M Outsiders: Pepper- F Rat- M
This was a picture of my OC drawn by my good friend Nintendo Fan!
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
More of my minor characters will have shorter bios (more to save time)


Name: Runningpaw Age: 11 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Clan: Shadowclan Appearance: Runningpaw is a tall, wiry black tom with amber eyes Personality: Runningpaw is like a very protective big brother. He's also very clever and quick on his feet.


Name: Rustpaw Age: 8 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Clan: Shadowclan Appearance: Rustpaw is a brownish-red tabby tom with baby blue eyes Personality: Rustpaw is a chill dude and very friendly. It's hard to make him angry, but easy to calm him down if you do


Name: Beetlepaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Clan: Thunderclan Appearance: Beetlepaw is a dark brown spotted tom with blue eyes Personality: He's very cautious and careful with his life, often anxious around large crowds, but is excited when it comes to serving his clan


Name: Peachpaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Clan: Thunderclan Appearance: Peachpaw is a short, fluffy cream she-cat with a lighter chest, and amber eyes Personality: Peachpaw is quite a feisty, yet naive romantic. She loves her clan but she wishes for a daring forbidden relationship, and often drags her brother Beetlepaw into her mischief of playing matchmaker


Name: Frostflight Clan: Riverclan Appearance: A silver-blue spotted she-cat with blue-green eyes


Name: Goosestrike Clan: Riverclan Appearence: Dark gray spotted tom with gray eyes


Name: Lakepaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Pansexual Clan: Riverclan Appearance: Silver-blue tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes Personality: Lakepaw is a clever she-cat, incredibly friendly and makes friends with almost anyone. Her clan duties bore her quite a bit, and she wishes for adventure.


Name: Riverpaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Clan: Riverclan Appearance: Riverpaw is a blue-gray tom with gray eyes Personality: Riverpaw is a very cautious and nervous mess. He tries to follow all the rules


Name: Ashpaw Age: 8 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Clan: Riverclan Appearance: Ashpaw is a silver she-cat with green eyes Personality: Ashpaw is quiet and shy, and seems quite shy. She has a secret urge for romance.


Name: Loststar Clan: Windclan Appearance: Light brown dappled tom with a white chest and paws; green eyes.


Name: Nettlepaw Age: 6 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Homosexual Clan: Windclan Appearance: Gray she-cat with a black tail and dark blue eyes Personality: Nettlepaw is clever, but most cats down see it under her legendary optimism and ambition to be a good warrior. She's very friendly and alert to other's emotions. You cannot hide things from her.


Name: Thistlepaw Age: 6 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Clan: Windclan Appearance: Thistlepaw is a big, spiky gray and white tom with green eyes. Personality: Much like his sister, he is excited to become a warrior and show the clans how good he is. He's a very good fighter, but aloof to techniques and watching your oppenent. He tries his best, though.


Name: Ivypaw Age: 6 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Clan: Windclan Appearance: Ivypaw is a black, gray, and white calico with ice blue eyes. Personality: Ivypaw has a sharp personality, matching her name. She's smart, but thinks she's better than everyone. She makes sure other stick with the rules, but doesn't follow them much herself. Very antisocial, and as a result, any attraction she could feel towards a tom could lead to obsession.


Name:Rat Clan: None (Rouge) Appearance: Dark gray tom with gray eyes and long, matted fur.


Name:Pepper Age: 14 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Homosexual Clan: None (Rouge) Appearance: Speckled dark ginger she-cat and gray eyes Personality: Seems violent at first, but is actually just feisty and so follows her brother's orders. All she really wants is a family.
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
I know how selfish this sounds but can someone join plz? I spent forever on this story and it isn't going anywhere, even on other websites I posted it too
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
I'd possibly be interested in joining, but I haven't really gotten into reading any of the books so my WC lore is pretty much non-existent. I do have a handful of WC OC's I made for old RPs, that Id use if you'd be okay with my lack of book knowledge. :/
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
Honestly, you don't need much book knowledge for this since you really only need to know the basics of semi-feral cats
Z3r0's AvatarZ3r0
Z3r0's Avatar
I think I'll try my best, If at anytime something isn't what's it's supposed to be (info, replies, etc.) let me know ^-^ I'll be editing them in shortly, I have to go gather all their info :/ I hope that's okay.



Name: Blackpaw Age: 7 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: Homo Clan: Thunderclan Role: Apprentice Appearance: Ref Personality: She acts very masculine and often comes off as male when you first meet her. She's not super obvious gay but she'll let you know if she likes you. She's an eager learner and will jump at the opportunity to do anything educational.


Name: Tigerhawk Age: 15 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetero Clan: Thunderclan Role: Warrior Appearance: Ref Personality: He's very stand-offish, but will protect his clan with his life. He like to remain un-attached to others when he can because he's had bad experiences in his past, which left him scarred for life.


Name: Crowfoot Age: 17 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetero Clan: Windclan Role: Deputy Appearance: Ref Personality: He can be agressive and unforgiving at times, but deep down he cares for others. He was cast out as soon as he could care for himself and was never taught any proper social skills, including on how to properly treat others. He just does what he knows.
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
Quick question before I fill some characters out would it be possible for a medicine cat apprentice to sneak away to join the journey?
Delhmos region lore! Delhmos rp coming soon! permission granted to use and edit Kinaster and kenyip. https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/2811939 https://pokefarm.com/pm/read/Sei
Rubyblaze22's AvatarRubyblaze22
Rubyblaze22's Avatar
Yep! I would love absolutely love that
Since it's mostly Apprentice based, most of my characters are focused and are Apprentices, but I'll add some grown cats too. Main characters:


Name:Softpaw Age: 13 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Clan: Shadowclan Role: med cat Apprentice Appearance: A dark brown tom with his left eye scratched and scared shut, and his other eye is gray. Personality: very hesitant and scared cat to almost everyone, but when it comes to helping and healing, He's serious and brave. Once you get to know him, he'll start showing his real personalty, very goofy, curious, and easily excitable. Other: Softpaw was found as a kit (about 5 moons) near shadowclan boarder almost dead due to his eye injury. He used to live in a lab facility with his cruel mother (who gave him his injury) before he escaped. He was mostly used in swimming and water experiments so he has a big fear of water and drowning. lastly, he is declawed, so he can't hunt nor fight and will rely on the others. since he's declawed, sometimes he has a dull pain in his paws when he walks, but doesn't bother him too much and won't complain.


Name: Maplepaw Age: 11 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: pan Clan: Windclan Role: Apprentice Appearance: an all black cat with yellow eyes. She's shorter than average cats. Personality: Maplepaw is more neutral, but a bit rash at times and very defensive about herself and her past. She's extremely smart and can be manipulative when she wants, but can be nice. Other: was a kittypet before running away and found by a windclan patrol and taken in (7 moons). sometimes she feels like an outsider and doesn't belong, but she loves her clan to bits. Maplepaw will often talk about being a kittypet and how her housefolk were her true family and that she misses them, but if you ask why she left, She will be defensive and rash and tell you to drop the subject. maybe if she grows close to someone, she'll tell you why.


Name: Firepaw Age: 10 moons Gender: Male Sexuality: pan Clan: Thunderclan Role: Apprentice Appearance: red orange tom with three white lines on his forehead, white chest and belly, a white spot on his back, and white tipped tail. yellow eyes Personality: very blunt and to the point and can be somewhat cold to others, but is actually a huge softie on the inside. takes everything very seriously and doesn't goof or mess around. Other: Others are afraid or misjudge firepaw because he doesn't express himself facially. he just has this grumpy blank look on his face at all times and talks somewhat monotone. He's also very violent in fights due to his (totally not evil) mentor. He is naive to his mentor's true nature. very passionate about his clan. The strongest of my characters.


Name: Sweetpaw Age: 10 moons Gender: Female Sexuality: pan Clan: Riverclan Role: Apprentice Appearance:

made by me!

Personality: A little shy but very kind! is quiet most of the time but very optimistic and a hopeless romantic. She tries her best to conquer her shyness by attempting to talk to others as much as she can. Other: As much as she loves swimming, She's best at hunting on land. her quietness makes her stealthy and makes hunting and listening very easy.
Other characters:


Name: Mossyberry Gender: Female Clan: Shadowclan Role: Med cat Appearance: dark gray with black spotes on her back, tail, and legs. brown eyes. Personality: takes no nonsense, and very hardy and strict, but can be kind sometimes. (mostly to softpaw, who she found and practically raised him)


Name: Goldensun Gender: Female Clan: Thunderclan Role: Warrior Appearance: Golden pelt with white stripes and green eyes. Personality: manipulative so everyone thinks she's nice Other: Firepaw's mentor
might add more if needed but hope these are okay!

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