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The Hybrid Virus

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LunaUmbra's AvatarLunaUmbra
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Levi smiled a little and nodded. "It's been a while since I visited Kanto." He said quietly, following Petal. He silently hoped that he didn't appear as awkward as he felt. He didn't know why, but he began to feel as though he had a fever. Levi was visibly shivering and sweating, seemingly out of nowhere.
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It had been a while since Ivy Lucifer had left her home island via boat due to Mewtwo's curse. Her Snivy, Lola, and her Hawlucha, Blade, had escaped alongside her. She was heading to Kanto, of where she had relatives."Oh man, what's gonna happen to the island...", she panicked.Lola and Blade let themselves out of their pokeballs and tried to calm her,laying a hand each on her shoulder. Ivy smirked at the attempt her partners made to cheer her up. A long cruise was ahead, but Ivy still kept her home in mind during it all.IVY STATUS:Infected(Snivy & Hawlucha).
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Ava Henson

{ Banette ( Ningyō lvl 67 ) Floette ( No Name, lvl 19 ) } Ava sketched something in her journal. She decided to stay home because she has a slight fever, and have mild nausea. She couldn't sleep so she drew Floette, her light orange petals look beautiful with her pastel necklace Ava given her when she caught her. Ningyo, her Banette, hovers in with a glass of water and some food. " Ban, et et. " Ningyo gave Ava the food. " No! I want berries! " Ava snapped and slapped the plate of food. Floette catches it, but half of the food was on the floor. What was that about... Confusion..? Ava thought curiously while apologizing to Ningyo. She reaches out to pet him but he was oddly gone... " N-Ningyo..? " Ava called for her pokemon. Status: Activated, early stages. Banette & Floette. Hybrid. The virus is still unknown to her, brush it off as a cold.
Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
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(I apologize for a sandwich post) Mia Farloe, a rookie nurse on her home island was on lookout for Pokemon who'd got injured in the rush to leave. "Jen, Muriah, you look as well. No Pokemon left behind!", Mia yelled as the team ventured over to the docking zone. A Purrloin was struggling to climb the ramp up and its Trainer unaware it was missing. However, Jen scooped the ailing cat up and back to its Trainer. "Nice one Jen! That Purrloin could of been long gone." She patted Muriah, for noticing the Purrloin in the first place. Mia Status: Infected by

Pages: 123··· 678

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