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The Hybrid Virus

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La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
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Petal, still uneasy about the news, recoiled in shock at the cry that reverberated out from the water's surface. Was that... Lugia? "Oh my Jirachi, this place is just a legendary hotspot! Next thing you know, Latias and Latios'll be zooming by with the Lake Trio on their backs!" Saber put his hand on her shoulder. [While this is overwhelming, I'm sensing some strong worry coming from other passengers. I think two of them are fighting? Should we get involved?] Petal shrugged. "It'll certainly keep my mind off things. C'mon, time to go bother people." Leaping up from her chair, she rushed off in the direction Serenity had tilted her head. "...stuff about a virus has to be wrong, right?" She knocked on the door. "Hello? I heard you talking about... a virus... Could I talk to you about it? My Pokemon found something wrong as well..."
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Luna stared in shock as Lugia blew past the ship. This couldn't be a coincidence, she thought. Concerned, the scientist shuddered as she thought about the possibilities. She looked up into the sky, searching for any sign of the escaped Pokemon, or any new legendaries approaching. The island still glowed in an eerie fashion, and although Luna didn't know what it meant she knew it couldn't be good for such a high concentration of power to be centered here.
Kennara Meilei - Status: Infected (Noividueye) Kennara didn't realize whe spoke out loud before the boy responded to those words. The Oranguru did seem alright as the boy responded to her original question. Though his explaination doesn't sound right considering what she saw. "Unless power plants had evil mutant children hidden in their depths that escaped, I don't think so," she countered, as calm as she could manage given the circumstances. Another knock on the door and already the Decidueye named Glimfeather went into the same pose as when the boy bumped into Kennara's door. "Glimfeather!" she scolded. "Put that quill down!" Reluctantly, the Decidueye returned to his original pose again. Turning to the newcomer, Kennara apologized for Glimfeather's actions, explaining that recent events got him on edge. "I'd imagine everyone's on edge after what just happened."

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La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Petal exhaled sharply. "Okay, so you were saying something about a virus? I don't know how true that is, but my Banette did find something. Could we come in?" She leaned against the doorframe, Saber by her side. Envie clung to her back like a misshaped backpack. "Envie here found some difference in my... Psyche? Aura? I don't quite know the right word for it..." The Banette waved, lifting her head. "Neh bette!" Petal inhaled before continuing. It was obvious she was a bit shaken. "And we were wondering if you guys had the same problem. Maybe Envie could check for the same thing in your... you know what, for now let's just call them souls. I don't know what else to." She looked at them, worry in her eyes. "Let's make sure this isn't as big as we think."
Kennara Meilei - Status: Infected (Noividueye) Kennara looked at the newcomer. Something different within the newcomer? Her mind flashed back to the boy with malice in his eyes, to the strange purple glow that had engulfed the island and its inhabitants, including herself. Maybe it'd be a good idea to check if the event had changed anything within her. Besides, this is her cabin, so she had more of a say in the matter. "Sure," Kennara replied, hesitation clear in her voice, as she motioned the newcomer to enter. "Come on in."
Fablehavenfan's AvatarFablehavenfan
Fablehavenfan's Avatar
Indigo was in her cabin on the boat. She sat down on the bed and tried to focus her thoughts. She was excited. And scared to death. What would her family think? Her mom and dad had gone a some trip, and, she didn’t know when they would be back, as, once they told her she would be staying home alone, she didn’t really listen. Now, she might never see them again. It’s ok she thought to herself You are a trainer, you aren’t supposed to be living at home anyway. Still, she was scared. She dug through her bag, which contained everything she needed: two extra sets of clothes, potions, a flashlight, some crackers, and her Pokémon’s pokeballs. She grabbed her Absol’s pokeball and let him out. “Absol!” He jumped on Indigo. “Why don’t we let Lucario and Zoroark out too?” She said, digging through her bag, and taking out the two Pokémon’s pokeballs. With a red flash of light, both Pokémon emerged. Saying their respective calls, they walked around, studying the small room. “What am I, chopped liver?” Asked Indigo, laughing at the two Pokémon, who had ignored her so they could study their new surroundings. Lucario walked over to Indigo and questioningly said “Lu?” “Oh, yeah, I forgot to explain. We are on a boat cause something happened and there was a weird purple glow and we were told to get on a boat to sail away to Kanto!” Replied Indigo. The boat lurched sideways and everyone kind of stumbled. Absol looked dizzy, so Indigo put him back in his ball. “Hey” she said “Wanna play Go Fish?” Indigo asked her Pokémon, pulling a deck of cards out of her pocket. The two Pokémon gladly agreed, so they sat down and started the game Indigo status - Infected (Absol) This probably sucks
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Kiuryos came over to the woman who had lost the shiny Umbreon and gave it to her. “Thanks so much!” she said, “By the way, I’m Serah.” “Nice to meet you Serah, I’m Kiuryos.” He started walking away to go to his room, but Serah caught up to him. “I just wanted to give you something to say thank you.” She handed him this sharp, pointed, rock looking thing and some sort of pokéball. “It’s a DNA splicer and a DNA Ball.” She said, “You can use it to fuse Pokémon and catch them.” “Thanks.” Kiuryos said, and he went to his room. Kiuryos Status: Infected: [Ditto].
scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
After a good ten minutes of trying to clear tension, N was finally on the boat. Poor Zekrom, it was hard to believe- all Plasma did was release useless, average pokemon. Now N had released a legendary for the safety of the island. Zekrom gave sad eyes, and N mouthed "I'll be back." Zekrom decided to take the pets from the people who wanted to. Kaji had found a few more hurt pokemon, and Allie put them right back to perfect help. She was clueless to Zekrom, being closer to the lab site if anything. Good idea? No. Good intentions? Yes.
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La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
(Sorry for late response) Petal stepped in, her Gallade silently following her. "Thank you. I was wondering if you'd felt anything different. I'm... unsure as to what happened, but I strongly believe that, if anything, it was caused by the strange boy. Would you be alright with my Gallade and Banette taking a look? They won't read your mind, just seeing if the same strange 'frequency' appears with you." She motioned to the mentioned Pokemon. "Envie has experience with souls and Saber can boost her power. I have a feeling they might find something, but I'm not quite sure. Whatever it is..." She trailed off, her words not needing to be spoken.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
((GUESS WHO'S BACK >:D)) Ophie had bid goodbye to Damien as she forcibly moved the angry Bluey back to her previous seat on the side of the ship. she kept Tuffy out to keep the struggling bird in check. Wiping a few stray tears from her face, Ophie looked over the edge of the ship into the water below. Oh! They were moving, and Ophie hadn't noticed. She bit her lip as she prepared herself for the journey ahead. Ophie Status - Infected

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