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Lost Hope

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Water was rising. The trees were blowing. "Hurry Up!" WingStar Shouted to BlazingTail and Joltkit "The Ship is Going Soon!" "I Can't! Joltkit, here, weights, like, a thousand pounds!" Jolt was sleeping, not aware what was going on around her. "Then wake Joltkit! She is much lighter when you wake her!" "It's impossible to wake her! You know that! He's one of your kin!" "I know, I know; but still, Still Try To Wake Him!" "Okay, then.. JOLTKIT, WAKE UP! YOU ARE IN GREAT DANGER RIGHT NOW!" "Ahh! Wah, wha?" Joltkit opened his eyes and looked up. He suddenly came aware that there was flooding around him. "What's happening?!" "We'll tell you when we're in safety; but for right now, we need to run.""okay!" Joltkit said happily. He jumped down and begain to run. Joltkit zoomed to WingStar, front-paw under back-paw. Once BlazingTail entered the storagespace, he said to WingStar "That's the fastest cat i've ever seen!"

Art By Me :3

Fetured Pokemon


Hello My name is Kitkatmeowzie, but you can call me Kitkat for short. I have a YouTube channel, a AJ account, a sister, and an Ego.
Plz no fake huggles! (I'm On Shazi's Side)
Kitkatmeowzie's AvatarKitkatmeowzie
Kitkatmeowzie's Avatar

Cast Of Characters:


Leader: WingStar (Tom Vaprion With Paw Birthmark On Tail.) Deputy: LeafTail (She-Cat Leafeon With No History Of Were She Came From And Why.) Medicine Cat: YellowNight (She-Cat Umbreon With Tree As Den.) Warriors: BlazingTail (Tom Flareon With Astralian Accent) IcePelt (She-Cat Glaceon With Sharp Claws (like, REALLY SHARP)) GemTail (Gets-Annoyed-Easily She-Cat Espeon) MoutainRoar (Bold Tom Espeon) VoleWisker (Playful Tom Espeon) Appritices: None, Really Kits: Joltkit, Brownkit, Scarkit, and Shiningkit.

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