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A question about deltas

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SapphireLime's AvatarSapphireLime
SapphireLime's Avatar
Does the delta typing on a Pokemon also affect the kind of Fields it likes? For example, would a delta water Dratini like being in a water typed field or would it still need to be in a dragon typed field?
brindlefinch's Avatarbrindlefinch
brindlefinch's Avatar
This post seems to imply that deltas in fields act like their non-delta'd forms would. Whether this is truly a bug or not, I don't know, but this is how it works right now, supposedly.
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I'm not sure about that. Right now most (if not all) of my Dark Deltas, which are in a Dark Field, are at Max Happiness, and I plunked them in there immediately after getting them. And many of them were originally types that would have no special effect in a Dark field, like Electric or Ground. So I just assumed it was the Delta type that mattered.
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SapphireLime's AvatarSapphireLime
SapphireLime's Avatar
I have this bug Delta litten who I placed into a bug-typed field, and it's at Max health. Since fire types don't like bug fields(Correct me if I'm wrong), then I think the Delta typing does affect the fields a Delta likes.
pheaux's Avatarpheaux
pheaux's Avatar
I did a bit of testing and, to correct my post in the other thread, if the delta type matches the field, then the pokemon does gain happiness. edit; just saw the other thread got deleted, but iirc it linked to a post of mine where I claimed only the original type matters.
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