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OPEN: Aster's Sprite and Banner Shop!

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Asteroid's Art Shop

Welcome to my shop! New things are still being added, so I will announce them here as they are coded. Be sure to sub to thread so I don't have to track you down. If you think there is something I could improve about a sprite I made, please point it out! I am always looking for ways to improve, so feedback is important.

Sprite Order Types

Limited Editions

From time to time, I will have limited edition sprites. This means that they are only available for a certain amount of time, and are made by someone other than me. Look below for current Limited Edition sprites. Current holder: NightVisions101 Type: Gijinka In this type of sprite, a trainer is fused with a pokemon. Example: Price= PWYW (minimum is 20k/equivelant.


I will make a banner to advertise something for you. It can be any sprite, including those not related to pokemon, pokesonas, or any sprite, really.


Style 1: Style 2: Style 3:


Pricing Guide: You may pay in any of the 3 currencies. I will only list the credits price, however. If you wish to pay in another currency, use the chart below to find out how much you need to pay. 5000=5=1 Normal Sprite: Min. 2500 Max. 5000 credits Advanced Sprite(Fusion/animated recolor): Min. 5000 Max. 7500 Credits Banner: Min. 10000 Credits Max. 30000 Credits

Other Accepted Payments

1 Box = any sprite 2 boxes = any banner 1 summon item = 3 banners


Depending on the complexity of the order, prices may vary. If we don't agree on a given price, we can negociate on the pm Types of sprites Recolor As you would expect, just a recolor. See crystal for an example Fusion Outline Animated Recolor Paper Crystal Lineless


Sprite Form

Order form: Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: Pokemon: (If PFQ exclusive or gen 7+, ask permission first} Details: Payment: Other:

Banner Form

** YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE TWO COLORS. ** Aster, I need a banner pls! Username: Pokemon in bottom right corner: Top/left Background Color: Bottom/right Background Color: Text: Text Color: Border color: Payment Method: Banner Style: Other:

VIP Program

If I either know you personally, know you well on pokefarm, or if you are a regular in the shop, then you will be a part of this program. VIP's recieve one free sprite and banner every week. VIP LIST: 1. MX 2. Monca2014 3. Kate1998 4. FrostNova
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
monca2014's Avatarmonca2014
monca2014's Avatar
Hi. Order form: Fusion Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: monca2014 Pokemon: Latias and Tornadus Therian Forme Details: Latias for base. Put the Tornadus Therian Forme wings, tail and fluffy in head at Latias.The wings let in green but the tail change the color for red. Payment: 7500 credits Other: Take your time
Order form: Outline Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: NightVisions101 Pokemon: Froslass Details: whatever you think looks good Payment: 5k cr Other: Take your time ^^ Also could I do the limited edition sprites?
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Ameyoru's AvatarAmeyoru
Ameyoru's Avatar
Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: Ameyoru Pokemon: Glaceon Details: Animated Recolor. Could you please make it shiny and if possible draw on and add a teal scarf (like a pokemon mystery dungeon one) (for reference: link) Payment: 10k credits Other: It's okay if you cant add the scarf, I just was hoping for an animated sprite of my sona :> Aster, I need a banner pls! Username: Ameyoru Pokemon in bottom right corner: Shiny Glaceon (animated please!) Top/left Background Color: Dark blues Bottom/right Background Color: (fading from dark blue to a lighter dark blue) Text: The Snowed-In Shop Text Color: Teal Border color: White Payment Method: 10k credits Other: Style 3 and some stars around the banner!
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Working on all 3. NightVisions, yes, you can host the limited edition. Ameyoru, Since the animation has over 100 frames, I cannot add the scarf. I would have to redraw it for every frame, and it would take much too long. I can make it shiny, however, with a palette swap.
MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: MX Pokemon: Delta Marowak (Permission HERE) and shiny gengar! Details: Yeah, just fuse 'em please! :) Payment: 1 box! Other: Your new shop is soooo pretty! Asteroid, I'd like a Custom Sprite! Username: MX Pokemon: Marowak (normal) and shiny gengar! Details: Maybe marowak is the base mon, and then gengar? Gen 5 sprites please! :) Payment: 1 box Other: Yay!
Thank you, and have a great day!!!
On it! Also: ANNOUNCEMENT! all finished sprites will be put into the finished sprites section in the main post. If you chec back within a day, your sprite will likely be finished. EDIT: Can you link to the sprite you want? As in give me the image link of the delta marowak.
MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
ok here: https://pokefarm.wiki/images/a/a6/Phantom_Marowak.png
okn's Avatarokn
okn's Avatar
I would like a custom sprite! Username: Okn Pokémon: Lyconroc (Dusk) Details: this but a sprite! Payment: credits! Other: thank you!
Aster, I need a banner pls! Username: 88penguintreats Pokemon in bottom right corner: Shiny Swablu (could I also request a Mightyena in the bottom left corner?) Top/left Background Color: Blue (#355AAB) Bottom/right Background Color: n/a (just use top color for whole banner) Text: Twiggy Treats Joint Shop Text Color: Black Border color: Dark Blue (#082668) Payment Method: 2 boxes Other: thank you~
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