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How do you choose your trainer gender/sex?

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catgnostic's Avatarcatgnostic
catgnostic's Avatar
i always went for neutral because short hair but after the update i had the neutral for like 30 minutes until wanting to change it a bit and now im using the female trainer! though i have a ponytail and i hate that so. changing that sometimes but yea went with female because im female (wow)
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I went with the female sprite on the old trainer customization, but I'm using the neutral one right now bc I hate skirts and don't wear them in real life. I was going to change the trainer sprite back to female but I don't want to pay 900 gp to do it lmao. (ik the price will drop back down to base price eventually tho)
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im a female but i like the male trainer because i loaf wearing hoodies and jackets sooo yeah plus i dont like long hair
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Rockman's AvatarRockman
Rockman's Avatar
I'm pretty surprised to see that I'm the only male in this thread so far to use the female avatar. Probably because I sort of prefer the longer hair options over the shorter ones totally not because of Zero from MMX and how it fits somewhat better with the female avatar.
In my opinion.
That being said, I'm not a big fan of the outfit on the female avatar, so I'm pretty excited for more outfits.
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CassieRose's AvatarCassieRose
CassieRose's Avatar
I picked the neutral base for two reasons. One, my chest is so small, it's barely noticeable. Two, it's more in the style that I would dress in.
Noon's AvatarNoon
Noon's Avatar
I'm female and identify as female, but im using the neutral base bc the female default outfit is a skirt.. ive never and will never wear a skirt.
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Goanna's AvatarGoanna
Goanna's Avatar
Lol, I'm the same as Noon! I'm a woman but the Neutral base has a far more appealing outfit. I would never wear a skirt lol
Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
I am non binary so I chose neutral. It looks like me and fits my dress style. Perfect! Can't wait for more hair styles to come out. Mine is longer than the crew cut but shorter than the shaggy one.
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SLIME's Avatar
i chose neutral because i'm NB and the outfit is fine too i Also wish there would be more hairstyles... i have short curly hair and i wish my trainer could too
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Went straight to the neutral pose because I'm agender, but I looked at the male out of curiosity and I am somewhat tempted to change?? I prefer the neutral long pants over the shorts, and the male hoodie over neutral's jacket. i'll probably decide once the price for the change drops back down for me. really leaning toward using that male one ;w;
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