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Nekøsoybean's AvatarNekøsoybean
Nekøsoybean's Avatar
Which is better? A joint shop or a singly owned shop? Also I'm looking for help on how to have a shop look aesthetically pleasing
chrisCrossed's AvatarchrisCrossed
chrisCrossed's Avatar
Just depends your own personal preferences. I personally prefer single owning a shop because then i don't get notifications for posts that aren't for me. And I don't have to worry about if my partner is open/reliable, since i have no partner. But plenty of people prefer joint owning a shop for their own reasons
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Nekøsoybean's AvatarNekøsoybean
Nekøsoybean's Avatar
@Chris good info to know but my shop winds up dead the moment i make it
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
Doing a joint shop could: - keep your shop bumped up if between the two of you you get more traffic than you would have alone - allow you to be in more than one shop, and specialize in each (Pokemon vs items vs services, etc - make sure you are the OP on only one shop) The trades forum always moves fast, so if what you have isn't in high demand, users don't like the prices, or you just don't have a lot you are selling then your shop won't get much attention no matter what :c TBH I don't browse the shops subforum much because I can't tell what everyone is selling based on the titles alone. So if you sell mainly one thing, make sure that's in the title so people know to look there?
Nekøsoybean's AvatarNekøsoybean
Nekøsoybean's Avatar
I'd honestly rather have a joint shop bc I don't items people want but i can't finding anyone who wants a joint shop- I might as well not do one

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