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New Legends (Pokefusion RP)

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"Syna, it's fine. Look!" She pulled a couple of Full Revives that she had made herself out of her bag, and gave them to each of Syna's family members. Unlike Revives, Kenna's Full Revives that she had made herself not only revived Pokemon but also completely healed them back to full health. "Whenever a Pokemon faints like that, they didn't die. They just need a bit of a nap to feel better."
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Syna stopped crying and hugged all her pokemon then hugged Kenna. She wanted to attack the girl again but wasn't sure if she should. Joltoreon didn't hesitate though, seeing his family faint for the first time set a flame off in him. He Attacked Marshmellow with watergun and thunderbolt together. Since use of items in a gym battle is allowed, Kenna's Full Revives were within the rules. Jolts used the water to amplify the thunder causing Arabella's last pokemon to faint. She was confused when the raven haired girl handed her a ghost badge. She figured it was a small token of her victory but didn't understand it's true worth. She clipped in onto the left side of her vest and smiled at Kenna and the pokemon. Arabella smiled at the bond between Syna and her pokemon. You're a good trainer. Where are you headed? Syna replied in her native tongue having been used to speaking with Kenna this way. "We don't have a set destination. We're just travelling to see everything. " Arabella understood bits and pieces of it, having spent a lot of time with pokemon herself. She didn't understand the full sentences but enough to get the gist of it. Mind if I tag along? she smiled. Syna looked at Kenna with a smile as well.
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Kenna looked towards Mewtwo, who had said nothing and his facial expression didn't change. Not that she was expecting him to be phased any, he never usually was. As she looked back to the trainer that had handed Syna her badge, she felt herself for the first time being on the defense about Mewtwo. "I don't see why you wouldn't be able to tag along. But who's going to take over the gym, now that you're travelling?"
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"Sabrina takes over while I am improving my team or finding new additions. She was in charge when we met at the tower when I went to catch new pokemon. It's good practice for her since when I leave she'll be taking over for good." She bent down to Joltoreon who was still rather angry but also partially proud for delivering the final blow. She reassured him she wasn't going to attack anymore and he sat down and looked at Syna. His posture and manurisms were much like a dogs and he was trying not to show how inflated his ego had gotten for the time being. What a remarkable pokemon. You have so many I've never seen before and they're all so deeply bonded with you. Incredible.
"..Fusions." Was all Kenna had said, in the way of explaination. She had one or two herself, but they were in their Pokeballs that she had made out of crystal, and were napping and didn't want to be disturbed at the moment. It was at the moment that it seemed she and Mewtwo were only just noticed by the gym leader. When she was asked who she was, Kenna adjusted her position and let out a deep breath. "I'm Kenna." She said, and she could feel Mewtwo physically prepare for defense. Which, given his demeanor and the rumors spread about him being the most heartless pokemon, she knew was surprising to anyone except maybe herself and Syna.

Pages: 123··· 131415

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