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A Falter In The Balance

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1. One character per person 2. Alright! So how how it's gonna work is I'm gonna be like the narrator. There will be rounds. You may post once per round. A new round starts as soon as I post. I give you a situation, and I make an outcome based on what you choose, and then you face the outcome freely. Ready? Let's Go! 3. No Mary-sues or God-Modding (Look it up) 4. This RP is rated P-G. 6. Keep it reasonable


Kanto. Johto. Hoenn. Sinnoh. Unova. Kalos. Alola. For centuries, Pokémon have lived in peaceful harmony together. However, the legendary Pokémon have been disrupted, and they are wreaking havoc among the world of Pokémon. A team of 4 Pokémon will team up and try to get to the bottom of these unfortuate happenings.

Accepted Characters

Shadow (MX)

Name: Shadow Gender: Genderless Age (Optional): N/A Species: Gengar Type: Appearance: Shiny Gengar! Personality: Very mischievous, but when it comes down to the serious stuff, Shadow is, well, serious. Shadow loves playing with friends and is always kind to pokemon, no matter what their species! (unless they're bad guys.) Ability: Poison Touch Moveset: Phantom Force, Sludge Wave, Venoshock, Shadow Ball Backstory: Shadow's parents are unknown. Shadow does not recall his family. He roams around (Kalos mostly, in Santalune Forest) searching for adventure and fun! Reside in (Region): Kalos Other: Shadow has high evasiveness because he can hide in the shadows!

Dusk (AsteroidPizza39)

Name: Dusk Gender: Male Age (Optional): 16 Species: Rockruff Type: Appearance: He mostly resembles the average rockruff, but has a weird birthmark across his front-left leg in the shape of a setting sun. Personality: Somewhat shy and not the best with others due to past experiences. Brave and courageous, however, he will stand up for his [very few] friends when they are threatened. Abilities: Own Tempo Moveset: Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Bite, Rock Slide (learned later, as he is currently not high enough leveled) Backstory: Abandoned as a young pup, he was outcast for his strange abilities to use both fire and thunder fang at the same time. Groups of fire fang pups and thunder fang pups were grouped together, but Dusk had been outcast due to not having a set group. Resides in (Region): Alola Other: N/A

Blade (Luxrayzzz)

Name: Blade Gender: Male Age: 18 (idk) Species: Shiny Umbreon Type: Appearance: Just a shiny Umbreon Personality: Shadow is very tough/bold. He has never shed a tear. He never converses though. He is also very courageous. Ability: Synchronize Moveset: Dark Pulse, Brutal Swing, Punishment, Night Slash Backstory: N/A Resides in (Region): Kanto Other: N/A

Snowflake (Hope Star)

Name: Snowflake Gender: female Age: 16 Species: Pikachu Type: Appearance: An albino Pikachu Personality: Snowflake is usually a gentle, kindhearted and willing to help her others but to foes, she has no niceness to them at all Ability: Static Moveset: Electro ball, Agility, Iron tail, Thunder Backstory: As a Pichu, Snowflake was always picked by her group for being an albino until she evolved into a Pikachu and ran away into the mountains and never returned Resides in (Region): Kanto Other: Snowflake doesn't believe she will ever make friends because of her coloring.
Thank you, and have a great day!!!
MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
ROUND #1 Each player: please make a small story of what your character is doing, like an intro. For example, "[enter name here] woke up to the sound of the trees rustling against his window..." Introduce the character, and his daily life. PLEASE INTRODUCE SETTING THOUROUGHLY!
Dusk woke up in the sacred shelter of Tapu Bulu. He always thought it was somewhat creepy to sleep in the same place as a legendary pokemon that could destroy a thrifty megamart in one move. Once he got up, he went back out into the desert. Wandering arund, he finally found some chesto berries. He headed back to the chamber, offered some to the Tapu's pedestal, and ate the rest. Then, he left the desert. There was this one trainer who he visited every day. He knew he was a friend f the Tapu, so didn't try to catch him, and Dusk wuld train against his pokemn as they trained against him. If he fainted, he'd bring him to the nearby pokemon center. He then proceeded back to the desert to find some wild pokemon to train with.
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MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
Shadow woke up. It was around 6:00 in the morning. Normal. Shadow's home in the Santalune Forest was... comfortable. Shadow was content with his life. He walked around, looking for one of his friends, a Marowak that always trained with him. He loved Santalune Forest, and the Pokémon that lived there. Once in a while there were some trainers who came by, but they never bothered him. Maybe that's because they couldn't see him? Anyway, he was going to scavenge for some berries as usual, and he was hoping Marowak would come with some Poképuffs that he got from kind people who though he was cute (or cool, in one case).
Hope Star's AvatarHope Star
Hope Star's Avatar
Snowflake woke up at dawn in the mountains by Pewter City she wanted to go down the to the forest to get so berries for breakfast before the the other Pikachus and Pichus noticed she was there know full well if she was that they most likely beat her up and take all the berries she had gather for themselves . Snowflake walked for thirty minutes, stopping outside the forest after a minute of hesitation Snowflake gulped and went into the forest .
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MX's AvatarMX
MX's Avatar
Since Lux can't really do this, I am going to continue.

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