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Victims of Plasma {RP}

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(sorry for the confusion kate) As Dusk took a better look, it seemed his cage had been unlocked. Very awkwardly, Dusk heard Sasuke's remark about Petal. "Who are you?" he asked to the mysterious person.
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The person is my character,not yours.My character is a guardian,protecting Pokemon of Unova.
Sasuke hoped that this was all just a dream,and just wished something would wake him up.Sasuke tried a battle with a wild Patrat,but Sasuke didn't get hit.
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Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
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"Sasuke, where are we?" Dusk was very confused. He wanted to know where he was, where the others were, and how to get back there. He went outside before finding a nice place to rest for the moment.
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The Blaziken and Sceptile slowly came out of their hiding place near the group with an old sling filled to the brim with supplies and food.
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Dusk gave up. He decided that since Sasuke wasn't attacking, there was no need to.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Sasuke decided it wasn't worth his time to battle them.He followed Dusk.Sasuke yawned because it was so boring.They hadn't done anything in forever,and they needed excersize.
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Nightstorm had already set out to find something for her and Spooky to eat. The scraggy was right behind her, holding on to the tip of her wing. "Nightstorm?" Spooky looked up at his adoptive mother, his eyes wide and nervous. He held up the loose skin around his waist and feet with his other hand, trying to keep pace with the larger mon. "Yes?" Nightstorm looked down at Spooky, a soft smile on her face. The little scraggy looked back up at her. "Is our trainer ever gonna come back for us?" Suddenly, Nightstorm froze. Her feathers puffed out a bit, and a scowl crossed her face. "No." She replied bitterly, her feathers flattening against her head. "Why not?" Spooky had tears in his eyes as he asked. They'd stopped moving entirely, and Spooky was nervously clutching his loose skin. "Because she's a coward. She left us here because she didn't have the guts to stand up for what she knew was right." Normally, she wouldn't be so blunt, and harsh, but this topic was a pretty sore spot for her. "Oh.." Spooky looked away, and they started their travels again. Vixi was currently curled up in a tree, the small hole in the trunk loving adequate shelter for the young pokemon. She watched the forest silently, her paws hanging from the hole. She was forced out of the tree by her growling stomach. Vixi trotted through the forest, her nose twitching as she searched for food. She eventually found a good spot, and promptly face planted into the bush, sniffing around for the best berries.
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
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Sasuke just went out of the forest,placing arrows on the ground leading to the exit.The young female trainer told Sasuke about the dangers of Unova,and how she would protect Sasuke.Sasuke saw something on the trainer's neck familiar,a moon-shaped necklace.It was replaced with a P shaped necklace in the past.In a tree,Dusk saw the necklace in a bushy tree.Sasuke grabbed the necklace,and broke it.Team Plasma was gone.That,Sasuke knew.
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(Just to clarify, Ren accepted me over pm) Marina never really knew she had spent around a week passed out in a well, yet alone noticing her trainer, Holly, was missing. She must of been devastated as the young Buizel was incredibly hungry. She clambered out of the well, almost losing her mind in hunger. Luckily enough, a small sack of Pecha and Cheri berries and a familiar looking doll...they were Holly's. The doll was Marina's, so she picked both items up, before whispering to herself; "Well...this doesn't help. At least i got food. I better find some other people. Holly being missing leaves me empty inside." @Anyone willing to encounter Marina
Thanks to everybody who clicks me! Please join my new rp.https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/221868/Delmont-League-A-Trainer-RP-Open
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