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Nobility RP

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Tempest flashed Lunara a toothy grin. "Coming from you, how could I refuse?" She purred.
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SkyFoxWillow's AvatarSkyFoxWillow
SkyFoxWillow's Avatar
Lunara stretched flashing her fangs toward her former student, "I'll be nice, and not you put you on Curse." (Curse since Lunara is a ghost type would be quite OP)
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"I was judged for what I looked like. I was hated because I was different. I was hunted because I flew. But I will fly, no matter the cost. And I will help others fly as well. Even, if it kills me."
Tempest let out a hearty chuckle. "No curses? Those are acceptable terms."
SkyFoxWillow's AvatarSkyFoxWillow
SkyFoxWillow's Avatar
Lunara said wryly, "If I were to use curse, the battle would be over in minutes."
"Not if I could defeat you before the curse K.O'ed me." Tempest says with a bold flick of her tail in Lunara's direction.
SkyFoxWillow's AvatarSkyFoxWillow
SkyFoxWillow's Avatar
Lunara cracked her knuckles and snarled, "You wanna mouth off like that? Come on. I'll show you why I'm third in command."
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
((Still waiting on a reply for Aphid, so I'm gonna repost. Aphid let out a frightened squeak, before realizing who was talking to her. She slowly sat up, still shaking a bit. "H-hi.."
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
SkyFoxWillow's AvatarSkyFoxWillow
SkyFoxWillow's Avatar
Justice smiled, "Hey there. Aphid right? I'm Justice."
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Aphid slowly nodded, and kneaded her paws against the ground. The useless wings at her side quivered nervously, and she just seemed jumpy in general. "Even home is better than this..."
SkyFoxWillow's AvatarSkyFoxWillow
SkyFoxWillow's Avatar
Justice sighed and picked her ears up at the sounds of sparring. "Wanna watch?"

Pages: 123··· 910111213

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