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PurpleTartan's AvatarPurpleTartan
PurpleTartan's Avatar
Hello, I was hoping I could buy the following pokemon from you LINK LINK, the the Eevee/Glaceon breeding pair and the Larvestra/Volcarona breeding pair. If my maths is correct that should be 10gp altogether? Thankies in advance :3
Sanguine's AvatarSanguine
Sanguine's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Kaolin

I had a check through, I only have 2 flying and 1 fighting immediately RTE. Also have one Mantyke that you'll need a remoraid to evolve, and 18 Riolu. I'll do 2k each for the immediate RTEs and 1k each for the rest, let me know what you'd like.
May I get the 1 immediate fighting rte and the 18 riolu for 38k credits? ^^
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Yep to both of you, please send labelled trades with payment and I'll send when my slots free up c:
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could i have the kenyip pair, 98% growlithe pair, lillipup pair, vivillion pair and the highest nido pair for 1 med. gem? sorry to see you go.
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Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by scørkaji

could i have the kenyip pair, 98% growlithe pair, lillipup pair, vivillion pair and the highest nido pair for 1 med. gem? sorry to see you go.
Sure please send a labelled trade and I'll send when I can ^^
Mewie's AvatarMewie
Mewie's Avatar
Hey, can i sell you my 133 Normal Small Gems, 2 Medium Normal Gems and 38 Small Psychic gems?
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Lance09's AvatarLance09
Lance09's Avatar
Could I play Accessory Roulette?
Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
Could I still play accessory roulette?
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DarkRabbit's AvatarDarkRabbit
DarkRabbit's Avatar
Hi there :) How much for you're Raikou and mew ? if you're selling them.
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
Hi you guys, not buying sorry, not doing roulettes anymore, and @darkrabbit sure thing you can just have them :P

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