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Sparky's Shop (Boxhunts, gems, delta's , shinies and buying)

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Sparkys's AvatarSparkys
Sparkys's Avatar


Welcome to my shop! So I decided to create a little shop because I was tired of having to make threads left and right to sell my extra goodies. So here goes !

Rules(must read)

  • All PFQ RULES apply
  • I can't stress this enough no SPAM
  • Please Sub. to the thread
  • First come first served( I update after every transaction to avoid confusion) **If i ignore your request completly several times there is a reason and you should pm me about it, I also reserve the right to refuse any offer even if it's fair

Shinies and Albinos UFT

Current hunt (Exeggcute)
3840 EHP
3840 EHP
5120 EHP
5120 EHP
Rare genders have an add-on of 20gp/5zc/1box/5k credits Fletchling=3840 EHP Nosepass=5120 EHP Exeggcute=5120 EHP

Extras shiny/Albino Legendary,variant,exclusive

Shiny Albino
8 boxbox 15 boxbox
800zc 1500zc
4000gp 7500gp
4,000,000cr 7,500,000cr
Rare genders have an add-on of 500gp/100zc/2boxbox

Delta's UFT

Regular S/A
2 boxes 1 boxbox
10zc 80zc
50gp 400gp
50,000cr 400,000cr
Now for the goodies!
***Note!!! Will accept Albino Radars as form of payment at 130,000 value*** *Medium gems are only for sale when paying with zc for 4zc each otherwise they are up for swap. *Gems up for SWAP 1:1
Normal x0 x0
Fire x6 x10
Water x6 x1
Electric x4 x0
Grass x131 x115
Ice x1 x0
Fighting x1 x1
Poison x4 x0
Ground x5 x4
Flying x4 x15
Psychic x113 x70
Bug x8 x27
Rock x4 x0
Ghost x2 x5
Dragon x-362 x0
Dark x9 x5
Steel x-402 x0
Fairy x10 x0
Box hunts! I will hunt 1 boxbox for each person but you can order again after it's completed, this shortens the wait time for others that want to order. Prices: 100zc/600gp/600k credits per boxbox (if you pay 220zc you can order 2 boxbox's in one slot)
Cute Box
Dainty Box
Deluxe Box
Glittery Box
Gorgeous Box
Hard Box
Heavy Box
Light Box
Nifty Box
Pretty Box
Shiny Box
Sinister Box
Total: 4
Hunts slots: 1.Kiko713 600gp boxbox 2. 3.WinterNight 4. 5.

Dex Trades-1 box /10gp/ 2zc

Rules Dex trades are temporary trades used to gain a dex entry, therefore my Pokémon should be returned as soon as possible. It's not allowed to take any items from the Pokémon or evolve them. There is a reason why I don't evolve some Pokémon and I like to keep them that way. Shiny Slowpoke,slowbro,slowking Vanillite Vulpix,Ninetails Igglybuff,Jigglypuff,Wigglytuff *Shiny saiyan Rattata line(full line) Albino Slowpoke Pichu Azelf* Vulpix,Ninetails Early Bird Natu* Melanistic Vulpix,Ninetales Nincada Stufful,Bewear Igglybuff,Jigglypuff,Wigglytuff Crabrawler,Crabominable


Currency available: 4705851500 0 Conversion : 1zc/5gp/5000creds Things that I can buy from you: Gems at 5gp per medium Relics (coppers at 10gp, silvers at 20gp ,golds at 40gp..ect.) Summons at 150gp Ultra beasts at 75gp Evolution stones at 1gp per Dragon evolutions at 3gp per Prices in gp but equivalents in other currencies accepted as well.

Swapping Chicken Smoothie for PFQ

Here is a link to my profile :sparkys Everything I have is in my swaps groups,rares as well. Pick everything you want and send a trade on CS and then a trade on PFQ with your offer. Accepting anything in offers, even evo items...just be fair with your offer value.

Credits and Advertizing

credit to Ryukowolf for my shop art (permission granted to use) and the extensive guide to bbcodes for all the coding in my shop also all sprites come from the PFQ wiki./ If you like my shop enough to advertise here is the link :


Snowpix - Made by Chronos
Thanks to Zanitha for making my snorpix(fusion sprite) for me as a gift and to Zorualord14for my Goldpix trophy
BoiBoiBoi's AvatarBoiBoiBoi
BoiBoiBoi's Avatar
if your open can i get a shiny saiyan rattata for 150gp
Sparkys's AvatarSparkys
Sparkys's Avatar
Sure thing, is there a specific one you would like?
BoiBoiBoi's AvatarBoiBoiBoi
BoiBoiBoi's Avatar
any will do ^^
A shiny Faemueno and male shiny Saiyan Rattata for my Fire Fang and Rock Statue, please?
Sparkys's AvatarSparkys
Sparkys's Avatar
Sure thing! Sending them now
Käwíwí's AvatarKäwíwí
Käwíwí's Avatar
Hello! May I get her for 3 boxes and 60gp if mixed payment is ok? Thank you. :33 Edit: Also are you accepting credits as a payment? If so may I get her aswell for 72 GP and 78k credits, if not I understand.
click my babu
Sparkys's AvatarSparkys
Sparkys's Avatar
Trades sent! *update* added a new section to the shop, I am quitting chicken smoothie and I am open to all offers for pfq things.
Sparkys's AvatarSparkys
Sparkys's Avatar
Hey, I'm back~ How much would it be for a requested hunt? I have a 99% breeding pair for the pokemon you could use

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