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The Summoner & The Ditto [CLOSED]

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eeveedacat123's Avatareeveedacat123
eeveedacat123's Avatar
Can I sell you 1 steel medium gem, 1 fighting medium gem, 5 small ice gems, 5 small ground gems, 7 small rock gems, and 7 small ghost gems? for a total of 12zc?
SaltyUwU's AvatarSaltyUwU
SaltyUwU's Avatar
Hiya! Can I get these from your bogo sale? 2 shiny Caterpie for 30 gp 2 shiny alolan Ratatatattatattas for 30 gp 1 shiny Caterpie and 1 shiny Rookidee for 30 gp 2 shiny Bellsprouts for 40 gp Another 2 shiny Bellsprouts for 40 gp The total should be 170 gp! I don't care about the natures too much, but if you have ones with a sweet preference I'll take em.
Hypatia's AvatarHypatia
Hypatia's Avatar
No problem, understand! Can I have this Ryukuza girl for 200k credits?
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Veggiesaur's AvatarVeggiesaur
Veggiesaur's Avatar
Can I get... Shiny Bellsprout and Shiny Spheal for 40gp Albino Spheal and Albino Applin for 100gp For a total of 140gp Any gender/nature will be fine ^^
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eeveedacat123's Avatareeveedacat123
eeveedacat123's Avatar
Can I get a shiny pinsir for 50gp too?
Hetus's AvatarHetus
Hetus's Avatar
Hey! <3 Can I sell 4 Thunder Feather and 3 Fire feather for GP?
Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
Hi Labu! I'd love to buy some things from you lol: 3 shiny bellsprouts (if possible 1F and 2M) for 2 frags plus 80 gps and if I understood well I can have 3 more shinies: the two spheals you have and a crawbrawler Plus 1M and 1F shiny schyters and 2 shiny pinsir (1M and 1 F too if possible) for a kane idol! For a total of 2 fragments, 80 gps and a kane idol! (let me know if I had mistaken anything! xD)
VampireDame's AvatarVampireDame
VampireDame's Avatar
Hello Labu, ^^ would you swap your 78 med. Electric Gems for my 23 med. Ice, 39 med. Ground and 16 med. Rock Gems?
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TBA ^ ^ \(ㅇㅅㅇ❀)/
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BunnoBlizzard's AvatarBunnoBlizzard
BunnoBlizzard's Avatar
Hello! I'd like to buy...: 1 Shiny female spheal for GP
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