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The Crossbreeds

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◇°Characters°◇ Kat - Mew/Charmander/Pikachu tribrid, female Jay - (Credit to TaoMemberJay) Kyurem/Luxray/Victini tribrid, male Arya - (Credit to AryaFire1) Milloetta/Growlithe/Rilou tribrid, female Forestfire - Natu/Mantine/Shaymin tribrid, male Amber - (Credit to AmberBolt) Manaphy/Absol/Amuara tribrid, female ◇°Chapter One°◇ A Pokèmon streched out in the sun. His blue-black fur stood out in the huge amount of green. Near him was a group of Luxray. There was only one difference- the lone Pokèmon had two silver winglike shapes on his back and some patches of red fur. Not far from there, another Pokèmon was cheerfully bounding through the daycare's yard. She was light pinkish-purpleish with a catlike appearance, exept for a lightningstrike tail, with a pink flame burning on the tip.

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