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Playground of the Legends V3 Setup Thread || Main Thread

Places of Interest

School Store (Northern part of the cafeteria) - The only place you can do any amount of shopping. The store sells almost literally everything and they accept orders free of charge. Female Dorms (Far east wing) - Where the school's females sleep. Aside from the large common room, there isn't much to see. Male Dorms (Far west wing) - Where the school's males sleep. Like the girls' dorms, there isn't much of general interest aside from the common room. Gracidea Garden (North of/behind the school) - Behind the school is a massive garden filled with flowers and other small, well cared for plants. There are paths winding all around the space and a running water fountain sitting in the center. Illumise Forest (Southeast of the school) - This strange forest was given it's name by the unexplained sweet scent that it has.Scattered through out are berry trees of all varieties from oran to enigma. In between the trees runs a long, pure river that feeds into the sea. Watch for heavy rains! This nameless river is known to flood! Windy Moor (Southwest of the school) - There is an open moor to the southwest of the academy. There's little of interest on it except for the little observatory and the gazebo. Volbeat Beach (Far south of the school) - The beach past the forest was named for the lights that appear there at night. Though they are similar to the glow of Volbeats, they appear to have no source. The water is clean except for the salt, but there is no documented life within it save for some assorted saltwater plants. Place (Location) - Description

Clubs, Groups, Activities

(Topic) Club/Group - run by xxx. Meets on day(s) at times near location.

Dorm Rooms

Male Rooms

1. Z & Kelly 2. Tempest & Narukami 3. Kyubi & xxx 4. Jakob & Volt 5. Pintu & xxx 6. xxx & xxx 7. Vesper & May 8. xxx & xxx 9. Jirachi & Noah 10. Heatran & xxx

Female Rooms

1. Arianna & Leliana 2. Reikuro & Clary 3. Yuki & xxx 4. Ayumu & Carrena 5. Angel & Jerah 6. Angie & Syd 7. xxx & xxx 8. Crystal & Janie 9. Victini & Azalea 10. Alsafi & Eliza

More School Information

=> The school is two stories connected by spiral staircases and a grand staircase at the main entrance. => Despite Arceus being the only real teacher, there are many classrooms throughout the academy. => The school also features other necessities such as an indoor gymnasium, auditorium, and a large library. => There is no sort of ceiling outside. If one flies high enough up, it can be seen that Mew's garden is actually a floating island. There is nothing else but clouds for as far as the eye can see in any direction. It is not recommended to try and leave, but should an attempt be made, an invisible barrier will teleport the escapee back to the island. => Due to the island being so isolated, the view at night is beautiful! Less light pollution means more stars and galaxies are visible. => The dorm rooms are rather modest with two single-person beds, a circular table with chairs, and just enough storage space for two. => For privacy and general ease, each room has its own simple, single-person bathroom. => To encourage socializing, the common rooms are outfitted with a variety of extra comfy places to sit and/or study/read/whatever as well as various things to do. => Just outside each common room is a hot spring. I'm more than willing to answer any questions if you think I missed anything or you would like more information!
Current Event(s): Mew's voice echoes through the minds of every human and legendary in the Garden. Come, friends, to the grand foyer and you will find the answers you seek. It's clear she's beckoning everyone into the strange building. Condition: It's bright and sunny outside. The air is warm, but not unbearable. There is a soft spring breeze blowing occasionally.
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"Mnh.." Angel frowned slightly, stirred from her slumber by some sort of unknown force. "What in the world is going on..?" She got up from the ground and rubbed her head. Oh heck no. Humans and Legendaries were gathered wherever they were. "You have gotta be kidding me." The large dragon instantly flopped onto her back with a thud noticeable to others.
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Leliana had been dozing rather peacefully when she suddenly felt a sharp jab in her side. She sat up with a start, sighing and leaning back when she realized the cause. "Really, Buddy?" she groaned, shaking her head at the Bunnelby that just tilted his head innocently at her. She nearly laid back down when the normal type gave an urgent tug on the sleeve of her jacket. "Bun bun!" he cried, pointing off to the side. Leliana's gaze followed the stubby paw. A desk? What was so important about a desk? It took a few moments for her to realize what he was getting at. "W-wait, what happened?! Where the stuff are we?!" she cried, scrambling to her feet. "Bun!" Buddy replied with a shake of his head. "Remind me to never leave you on guard duty..." Leliana grumbled, surveying the area. They appeared to be in a classroom of some sort, though she had no memory of ever going to the Trainer School let alone falling asleep there. The room was dark and there didn't seem to be anyone in it but herself and her Pokemon. "Uh, hello? Is someone here?" she called out hesitantly.
Dialga was roused from his unsolicited nap by a dull thud. His expression contorted with slight annoyance as he rose to his feet. His deep crimson eyes finally opened and that was when he realized he was no longer in his home dimension and for some reason or another, Reshiram was there? "Must you insist on being so loud?" he grumbled lowly. "What is this, anyway? Where are we?"
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Janie looked around, panicked. Where was she? What just happened!? Her hands flew down to her side, glad to find her two pokeballs. She released Auburn and Rosie. "Okay, good. You're both okay." Auburn nuzzled her, and Rosie chirped happily. Noah sat up, rubbing his head. "Ughh.." He relaxed into a sitting position, and Frostbite quickly climbed onto his shoulder, making a happy, purring sound. "Hey girlie." He smiled at the pokemon, who glanced suspiciously at the newcomers. Syd slowly came to, groaning with irritation. "Ugh.. my head. Wait. Where am I!? What the heck!?" She looked around, instinctively calling out Ribbons and James. The eevee and shiny male nidoran looked equally displeased at the relocation. "Okay, anyone have a clue where we are!?" Eliza looked around, having woken up quite a bit ago. Lemon had fallen asleep on the faux flower placed in her curly hair, and Gelato was perched on her lap, growling protectively. ((EDIT: WHOOPS
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Alsafi hovered above the group, her eyes studying each and every one of them. It seemed like there were a couple of legendary dragons there, Dialga and Reshiram, but the Flying and Dragon type seemed more interested in the humans than the other legendaries. On the ground, a Shaymin timidly peeked it's head out of a nearby bunch of flowers. It's green eyes quickly took in the sight in front of it and seemed a bit more panicky than before. A blonde female nearby watched the poor Shaymin panic and frowned, pitying the poor mythical. She'd go help it, but she decided otherwise, making the safe assumption that she should let it calm down first....
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(( i'm not super sure where anyone is at so i guess Jirachi's just kinda doing his own thing for now xD )) Jirachi woke slowly, sitting up and yawning before he finally cracked open his dark eyes. He stretched a bit before he got to rubbing the sleep dust out of his eyes. "Has it been a thousand years already..?" he murmured sleepily. His jaws parted in another yawn before he lifted himself off the ground. He didn't recognize his surroundings, but that wasn't anything unusual; he was known for his sleep travel. If he had to guess, he was in the backyard of some rich person or another. A large, ornate building stood in the background and there was a big fountain not far from where the Wish Pokemon had woken with paths winding off from it in various directions. Everywhere he looked there were well cared for flowers. He recognized a lot of them, but he couldn't name them. Curious, and mostly unconcerned with his current location, Jirachi moved to inspect the flowers.
It was bright suddenly. Too bright. Darkrai's azure eyes blinked open slowly, a pained grunt leaving him in response to the intrusive rays. Raising an arm to shield his sensitive eyes, the dark type got up. His first thought was This is not Newmoon Island. His eyes narrowed with a mixture of confusion and suspicion as he realized he didn't remember falling asleep. Had he been attacked? Captured? A quick survey of his surroundings revealed that he was outside. A wooded area stretched off in one direction and in another stood a very large, ornate building. There was a sweet scent on the breeze, but there was not a human nor Pokemon in sight. He thought he heard voices, though. Horribly confused and on edge, Darkrai decided to investigate the sound. As appealing as the protection of the forest seemed, he didn't expect it would hold the answers he sought.
(uhm Smol I don't think the legendaries are human yet ^^') "Ah bugger off old man." Angel grunted. She had covered her face with her wings. I was supposed to be sleeping for at least 10 years. Why was I woken now? I was having a good dream.. Sure, her thoughts were childish, but she really was having a good dream. "Only thing I'm concerned about is that there are humans.." Her sleepy eyes had turned almost hostile as she glanced around at the group.
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Angie was lost. Like always. She had been wondering around, meaning to do... something, but she has forgotten what. She now stood in Arceus knows where, her Totodile tugging in her arm, trying to direct her ti where she had been going. Angie, however, was having a conversation with her imaginary friend, Brianna. Mouthing words, the two girls (or one) were talking about the weather and if macaroons were overrated. Totodile sighed, and went to look around, pulling the spaced out Angie and her conversation away with him. +#+$-$78#(#:179@0#!;$-$&$78#92::#&$7$8($:$-7$(#+(39#+:$-$7 Heatran, however, was enjoying slumber, having not been awakened for... a few months. There had been a commotion where he had been woken up for a while, but now he was resting. His Magma Stone in place, the only thing that could wake him up now was someone moving the said stone, and that didn't seem to be happening... quite yet. Little did Heatran know, he was about to be woken up, and he was not a morning person. At all. Seriously, don't wake him up. ((totally not casually referencing the Pokémon manga with the commotion Heatran was in))
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The last thing that the Zekrom remembered doing before opening his eyes in some unfamiliar landscape is take a long nap after he had soared through the relaxing sensation of thundering clouds for who knows how long. As the dragon awoke, he begun to slowly unfold his arms and uncurl himself. He raised his head, studying his surroundings with his bright red eyes. “....”
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Angel removed her wing tiredly and looked around once again, avoiding any eye contact with humans. She caught sight of a familiar-looking figure and felt she could've cried if she had the shamelessness to do so. "Thank Arceus Zekrom's here as well.. I would've lost my mind."

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