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Lucky Shelter Grabs

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Altrian's AvatarAltrian
Altrian's Avatar
Found a Glastrier, Bunbori, and a Delta Apocolypic Growlithe today, made my day =D
ev the cat's Avatarev the cat
ev the cat's Avatar
found this little buddy, i love him
avatar is from lavendertowne's unfamiliar comic
Mienshao's AvatarMienshao
Mienshao's Avatar
Managed to snag a missing totem yesterday :D
Violet ✦️ 21+she/her️ ✦ Chinese linktreetoyhousediscord
Ottery's AvatarOttery
Ottery's Avatar
Got this cute delta the other day: "Yo dawg I heard you like ghost types so we got you a ghost that ghosts while it ghosts!"
Art by me!
S O U P's AvatarS O U P
S O U P's Avatar
I found a legendary, Regieleki. I was shocked someone put it in a shelter. Too bad it doesnt count as summoned because I didnt summon it lol.
pfp by the creators of ATLA
Stumpios's AvatarStumpios
Stumpios's Avatar
Got this guy back when I was ELEVEN. Dang. Just came back to poke around and happy to say I still have him... he was my pride and joy back in the day lmao
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
i found a lvl 100 mewtwo. any ideas on how many zc its worth? just got 3 mewtwo and celeb
BioShocking's AvatarBioShocking
BioShocking's Avatar
Sorry to double post, but: !!! (Posts merged by Staff)
Icon by Jellybones!
doodlings's Avatardoodlings
doodlings's Avatar
being one of my most favorite pokemon, plus a delta, i snatched him.. and i still dont remember why i named him bencenest. i remember that i accidentally evolved it when i didnt want to, and i was so mad but i learned to love torracat greatly, too :]
profile picture by creambevroe named: gingerbrave adopted at the pokémon orphanage

Pages: 123··· 676869

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