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šŸ‘½The Final FrontieršŸ‘½(A Sprite Shop) closed

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POLL: Do you like the new name ? :D

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Total votes: 16

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Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
~ Hello and welcome ~ ~ šŸ˜µ ~
Payement table:
Username: Payement: Payed?
1.teto 30gp no
2.SleepyBop 10gp no
3.PurpleQuartz 50kCr no
4.KAKarma 600gp no
5.SoulfulPoetKat 1DarkZ yes
6.IceBite 10gp yes
7.Kazooie 100gp yes
8.EvilAngel 15GP yes
Rules: ~All PFQ trade rules apply. ~If you want to request any edits made to a Generation 6 and 7 or PFQ sprite (egg sprites,variants, megas, and exclusives please provide a permission from here ~Megas where introduced in Generation 6 so you always need premission for a Mega sprite ~Please don't request more than 2 at a time
Orders: (maximu 5 slots for waiting right now)
Username: Category: Character:
1.StarlaSketch Pokesona Eirlys
3.Moomintroll FromScratch Scamps

What i can do(Examples and Prices):

Add Wings (5gp/1zc/5kcr)

Recolor (10gp/2zc/10kcr)

Partial: Full:

Rainbow (15gp/3zc/15kcr)


Fusion (30gp/6zc/30kcr)

Gijinka (50gp/10zc/50kcr)

If you want a specific trainer sprite to be addited please prowide the picture if not i will chose one i think will look good

Pokesonas (100gp/20zc/100kcr)

Just describe to me what you want and i'll do my best

Existing character eddit (150gp/30zc/150kcr)

Just specify what character would you like for your sprite to look like :D

Mature +18

Trainer eddit (200gp/40zc/200kcr)

Just provide an example image and i'll do my best to make it look like your character as much as posible :D

Sprite Drawn from scratch (500gp/100zc/500kCr)

Just prowide a picture and i'll try my best to do a version in sprite/pixel format :DD

Alternative Payments:

Currency is welcome, as for items im most in need of: Any Summon worth 200gp/40zc/200kcr Boxes worth 25gp/5zc/25kcr Any gem worth 1gp/0zc/1kcr Any Medium Gem worth 10gp/2zc/10kcr Any Large gem worth 100gp/20zc/100kcr Any fragment worth 70gp/15zc/70kcr Any Z Cristal worth 500gp/100zc/500kcr *If you want to pay your order with any of these items but the item is more worth than the order i will write down how many currency you still have left to spend in my shop For example you have an Ancient Drive and want a Trainer edit, youy will stil have 300gp/60zc/300kCr left to spend on future orders :D

Users and how much currency they have left to spend

1.AudreyC27:50gp/50kCr/10zc 2. 3.


Regular Sprite Form: [b]Hello i'd like to order sprites![/b] [b]Sprite you're requesting:[/b] [b]Any Details or notices:[/b] [b]Sprite premission(if needed):[/b] [b]Can I use your sprite as examples in my shop:[/b] [b]Exact Payment:[/b] Gijinka Form: [b]Hello i'd like to order Gijinka sprites![/b] [b]Gijinka details:[/b] Male or Female?: Any specific trainer sprite?: Exact Payment:

If you wanna help me and advertise my shop :D


Scyther Shop Banner: [url=https://pfq.link/~LpVL][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Shadarin/FinalUltimateBANER.png[/img][/url] Space MoffCat Shop Banner: [url=https://pfq.link/~LpVL][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Shadarin/SpaceCatBaner1.png[/img][/url]
If you have any questions please PM me , I'm happy to answer and help with what I can :D
avatar credits
avatar is official Blizzard art
~ Sprite Premissions ~ Shop Arts Made by Me
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
Let's give this a try XD
Hello i'd like to order sprites! Sprite you're requesting: An existing character edit for this child: Any Details or notices: Nope, it's up to you Would you mind if i use your sprite for examples: Not at all, go ahead ^^
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
hi , thank you for being the first to order , but what character would you like ? :O
Hey, it's no problem :) whatever character you think would suit them best
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
uff, okay , i'll do my best :D
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
@LeslieMicomrick Okay sooo first thing that pooped into my head was Sailor Moon XD

It's kind if messy but i hope you like it XD

sorry this was the best i could do XD



QUOTE originally posted by Shadarin

@LeslieMicomrick Okay sooo first thing that pooped into my head was Sailor Moon XD

It's kind if messy but i hope you like it XD

sorry this was the best i could do XD


Oh wow I love it x) but how much do you think would be good to pay? I'm not sure how difficult it was
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
oh yay im so glad you like it XD , well since i'm still in practise it's PWYW :D and i enjoj doing this so it was not a bother XD honestly the hardest part was worrying that you won't like it
awe well I'll put together what I can for it ^^

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