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Animela's Art Emporium v.2
  • Chibi
  • Pixel Art
  • Sprites
  • Lick Icon
  • Gift Boxes
  • Forms
  • Introduction


Chibi, otherwise known as "Small child" in Japanese, is an Art Style that refers to more Child-Like proportions. In lamen's terms, big head, small body. Offered is the Artist's Normal style as well as an additional "Towergirls" Style.


Normal: X - x - X - x - X Towergirl: X - x - X


Flat Color: $10 // £7.83 // 500zc // 1500gp
Full Color: $15 // £11.75 // 750zc // 2250gp

Valentines YCH

See Promotion Post Here

Pixel Art

Pixel Art Refers to larger Pixeled Drawings as seen below. They can be anything and any size larger than 100x100px.



Pixel Art is $15 750zc // 2250gp) depending on Size and Complexity.


The Sprite types offered here do not use a base of any form and instead are "drawn" normally. Pricing: $5 // £3.87 // 250zc // 1000gp Simple Animation: +$2 // £1.57
1-2 parts moving, Blinking ect
Complex Animation: +$5 // £3.87


Pokemon Style Personal Style Stream Avatar "Stream Avatar" is an Avatar Program used during Streams for user interaction with the streamer and other users. These can be either used as Stand-Alone sprites or fully working Avatars to either use in your own or have uploaded for Streamers who provide Custom Avatars for their Subs. @SoulWesson
Pricing: $5 // £3.95 Each or $15 // 11.85 for Working Set(Idle, Jump, Run, Stand, Sit) (250zc // 750gp Each) Custom Animated +$5 Single
5+5=$10 Total
, +$5 if added to Working Set
If the Working Set is Purchased, it only costs $5 to add an Additional Sprite+Animation

Lick Icons

Lick Icons started out as this little cat base. I first started making them on Pokefarm in 2010 when I opened my first shop here. Over the years I started scratching my own base and improved on the way I make them. For Sentimental Reasons and large Demand, I still offer them.


Pricing: $4 // £3.16 // 200zc // 600gp Additional Animation
Other than the normal Licking
: +$2 // £1.55 // 300gp

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are a small spriting style that uses a personal base from 2012 and tends to be really Popular. Any character can be set into the box to be giftwrapped, with or without the bow.


Pricing: $4 // £3.16 // 200zc // 800gp Simple Animation: +$1 // £0.79 // 150gp
1-2 parts moving, Blinking ect
Complex Animation: +$2 // £1.55 // 300gp

Order Forms


[b]Ani, Chibify me![/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Pixel Art

[b]Pixel Pixel~[/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character/Object Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Stream Avatar

[b]Ani, I feel like Running[/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Single or Set[/b]: [b]If Single, Type?[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Sprites (Pokemon Style)

[b]I need Pokemon Style Sprites[/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Type[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Sprites (Personal Style)

[b]I need Personal Style Sprites[/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Type[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Lick Icons

[b]Hey! Lickies![/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Background[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:

Gift Boxes

[b]Wrap me up![/b] [b]Username[/b]: [b]Character Image/Reference[/b]: [b]Extra Comments[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]:
Hello there and Welcome to Animela's Art Emporium, v.2
More like v.6 at this point if you include old Pokefarm
My Last Shop was closed down due to some unforseen circumstances over a year ago. But now I'm back and ready to roll.

Basic Rules

1. Please don't Rush me. I am a parent, she takes priority. 2. See my Drawing Lists for Things I'll do. 3. See my "Copyright" Clause for permissional things if you're worried
It's pretty basic, do what you want, ect
. (Below) 4. I retain the right to work on Orders in any Order. Sometimes I like to do all the Quick Stuff in a row just to get them over with and make a Post with Multiple Orders in it 5. I retain the right to deny any orders given. 6. I please ask, don't drown me. Give others a Chance! Per Person Limits per Post: - 3 Total - 1 Digital/Chibi If you need more than this because of a project, please Contact me to make a Contract. 7. Deposits are only accepted with Paypal/Cash Orders. - See my "Payments" section for Accepted Payments. 8. I stream semi-regularily on Twitch.Tv @AnimelaKunti. I may work on Comissions from here, over there. If I am not allowed to work on your Piece Publicly, please let me know ahead of time, otherwise I may automatically start if I'm working on Orders in Livestream.

"Copyright" Stuff

This is a General Copyright Message for those who find this kind of stuff important. If you Require Proof of Permission to use a Piece that you Ordered and Paid for Here, This Artist deems that Screenshotting this message and the rest of the "Clause' is enough proof of this Artist. Linking this Thread should also work. In the event that this thread no longer exists, link the Artist's userpage from here or Deviantart Paid Rights After a Commission is fully Paid for, the Owner of the Artwork Gains permissions to the Following Rights: Display within Posts, Roleplays, anywhere you'd display stuff ect Resdistribution/Reupload on Character Websites Give permission to another user to use the purchased Artwork under their terms. Usage in various things such as Avatars, Post Backgrounds, Signitures, ect ect ect The Art Owner is not allowed to Claim they made the work themselves. If edits are needed because there is something wrong with the Artwork, redlining is okay but please allow the Artist to make the final Edits. Just let the Artist know there is something wrong. Please do not re-upload to Deviantart, it may accidently get flagged in their Copyright System. You can Favorite it there instead. Artist Rights The Artist Retains the Rights to: Display Artwork as part of their Gallery, Examples, ect. Upload to general Gallery websites as part of their profile. (Deviantart ect) - In the case that the Artwork needs to be delay-posted in the case of Gifting or Spoiler Work and/or is not for public viewing, please let the Artist know ahead of time. The Artist will not Claim to Own the characters within the Artwork unless the characters actually do belong to them. The Artist will not claim to have designed the characters unless a character was requested to be designed. Unpaid Artwork In the case that the Commissioner refuses to pay what was agreed for a completed Art Piece they will be put into a private List and refused any further exchanges. The Artwork will be filed away and will not be allowed to be used by the Comissioner whatsoever. If an Original Character Design was Requested to be Designed but was not Paid for, Character Design Rights overturn to the Artist.
Basically, If you make me create a character that was not made before, I can use that character for future things if you do not pay for it.
Freebie Artwork In the case that The Artist says themselves that an Art Piece will be "Free to Use", anyone may use this Artwork with the same rights as the "Paid Rights" section.
This may happen when I occasionally draw Generic Character Artwork/Fanart for myself or if Generic Character Artwork/Fanart was refused payment.
In the case that someone has refused payment on a paid piece, they will be denied access to the Freebies List.

Drawing Lists

I will Draw

1. Humans 2. Furries 3. Pokemon 4. Ponies 5. Animals 6. Basically anything with a reference. 7. I can Animate stuff

I will not Draw

1. Complex Machinery 2. "Hate" art 3. Politics
Art Types All of these should have their own Tab above. Digital Artwork - Chibis Pixel Art - Sprites(Base) - Sprites(Scratch) Lick Icons - Gift Boxes Payment Types
Will Always TakeMost AcceptOccasionallyPlease Do Not Offer
Paypal/Cash Zophan Canisters Shinies Sylestia Gold Origami Goldeen Summons Large Gems Boxes Gold Poke Art Trades MegaStones Credits Berries Throw Away Items
My Prices are Listed in USD & GBP in most places. Please use the Chart Below if you need help Converting for Payments made with Digital Goods

Conversion Chart So Far

Noting: Since I normally give to PFQ Customers but have not lowered my Cash Prices this time, I am giving a Discount to PFQ Items so please do not use these values outside of this thread. $1 = 50zc ish $1 = 150gp $1 = 1 Large Gem $2 = Boxbox
Summon Chart
Low Favour - $1
Neutral - $2
High Favor - $3
Need - $4
Most of these I only need Once.
Super Common/Low EHP Shiny: $2 Normal Shinies: $3 Exclusive-Type Shiny: $6 Shiny Legend: $30 (No Regis)
I already have them all
^ Meloetta, Xerneas, Zygaurde, Cressalia or Shaymin: $40 ^ Arceus: $50 MegaStones(x)
: $2 MegastonesQ: $3 MegaStones(L)
Used on Legends
: $4 Albinos: $6
I don't really like Albinos so if I do accept them, I will sell them.
Melanistic: Offer, I never really decided my Standing on them so I may or may not accept depending on Looks and if they've been revamped already.

Price vs Style Summery

Please see Coversion Chart for Making Swaps

This Summery is to help make it easier for those who don't feel like using the Conversion Chart and doing as much math.


Basic: $15 // £11.75 // 750zc // 2250gp 5 Shinies 3 Exclusive Shinies (Varient/Fakemon) 5-7 Summons 15 Large Gems Extra Character: $7 // £5.48 // 350zc // 1050gp 2 Shinies 1 Exclusive Shinies (Varient/Fakemon) 3 Summons 7 Large Gems Background: $10 // £7.83 // 500zc // 1500gp 4 Shinies 2 Exclusive Shinies (Varient/Fakemon) 4-5 Summons 10 Large Gems

Pixel Art

Average 150x150px Canvas $12 // £9.48 // 600zc // 1800gp 4 Shinies 2 Exclusive Shinies (Varient/Fakemon) 4-5 Summons 12 Large Gems

Scratch Sprites

$5 // £3.87 // 250zc // 750gp 2 Shinies 2-3 Summons 5 Large Gems

Lick Icon

$4 // £3.16 // 200zc // 600gp 2 Shinies 2 Shinies 2-3 Summons 4 Large Gems

Gift Boxes

$4 // £3.16 // 200zc // 600gp 2 Shinies 2 Shinies 2-3 Summons 4 Large Gems



As some might know, most of my stuff can be animated for an Extra Fee. Usually this is 50% of the inital price. Pixel Art: $2 Simple $6 Complex Sprites $2 Simple $4 Complex Gift Box $1 Simple $2 Complex Lick Icon/Emoticon $2 Fusions/Chaos 1 Box Price Conversion Guide: $1 = 1 Summon // 150gp // 50zc $2 = 1 Summon // 300gp // 100zc $4 = 1-2 Neutral+ Summon
Please check Summon Chart
// 600gp // 200zc $6 = 2 High+ Summon // 900gp // 300zc

What to Help Advertise me?

This is my Banner!


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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Waitlist & Finished
  • Waiting List
  • Finished

Waiting List







Doctor Sawbones

Nye Chao - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Sweetie Twirl Giftbox - Asked - Posted - Just Picture Nia Giftbox - Asked -Posted - Just Picture Stardust Giftbox Asked - Posted - Just Picture Rea Giftbox Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Kit Giftbox Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Chibi & Wolf - Asked - Posted - Just Picture Anthro Lizard Monk Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Giftbox Asked - Posted - Just picture Trade Shop Item Icons - Asked - Posted


LucarioxHoundour Fusion - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Lick Icon Ribbon - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Lick Icon Asked - Posted -Just Picture



Flaf Pixel - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Skitty Giftbox Asked - Posted -Just Picture Whimsicott Giftbox Asked - Posted -Just Picture

4. SwirlingInferno

Espeon OC Scratch Asked


Berry Giftbox - Requested - Posted - Just Picture


Custom Buggy Nidorino Edit - Asked - Posted - Ver.1 - Ver.2 WoobatxSlowpoke Fusion - Asked - Posted = Just Picture DratinixCharmeleon Fusion - Asked - Posted - Just Picture Gensire - Asked - Posted - Just Picture Cacturne OC Scratch - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Aries Lick Icon - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


Dark Espeon Giftbox - Asked - Posted - Just Picture Dark Espeon Pixel - Asked - Posted - Ver.1 - Ver.2 Dark Espeon Sprite - Posted - Just Picture


Redd PIxel - Asked - Posted - Just Picture


DinGo Pixel -Asked - Posted - Just Picture
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Current Promotions
  • Valetines Chibi YCH

Valentines Chibi YCH set


This years's set of Chibi YCH // Cash/Paypal Only Will be offering these here and through stream @ https://www.twitch.tv/animelakunti for the next month. Get 15% off if you order during an Active Stream with the Keyphrase "Puppod is Life". PFQ Promotion only. Make sure I am currently streaming at the channel listed above and alert me in chat that you want a "YCH Chibi & The state the keyphrase". I'll let you know to give character details so I can start. I will usually work on these in stream automatically. These items do have customization options other than just your character so look for them under each YCH Type. For display purposes these are watermarked. These will be Full Color/Full Shaded Chibis. These are not one time use so a discount has been applied. Couple: $20 Couple comes with two characters and a background(optional) Heart. Heart colour can be chosen at will. Chocolate Nom: $10 Chocolate Nom features 1 Chibi and a box of chocolates. There are two preset expressions (Chocoalte delivery & Chew) but any expression is applicable. Cupcake Chibi: $15 Cupcake Chibi features 1 Chibi and a Premade Cupcake Base. Colors for Cupcake filling, Wrapper, Icing and Sprinkles(Optional) are all customizable. One preset Pose available but a different one can be requested within reason. Ferals as well as Biped can be used in this one.
SpookyZephyr's AvatarSpookyZephyr
SpookyZephyr's Avatar
Hey! Lickies! Username: SpookyZephyr Character Image/Reference: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/-.zephyr.-/folder/533948/Aries Background: Your choice Extra Comments: My pricing comes from a commonly seen conversion scale 1ZC:5GP:5,000 Credits 100 ZC costs 1 pound so ill base it off of that Payment: 1580 GP I have some sommons too
Icon made by AeroPawsta
Gilgex's AvatarGilgex
Gilgex's Avatar
Hey Animela long time no see. Glad you were able to open your art shop again. So I’ll put up a request. Ani, Chibify me! Username: Gilgex Character Image/Reference: X Extra Comments: Can you please add a black wolf. Have it sitting behind the guy, and he’s relaxing into the wolf. Payment: You didn’t exactly put it into GP or any other form of payment. Except for cash which I don’t exactly trust exchanging online. So I can offer you summon items, shinies/albinos, and GP.
Avatar by: Animela

Art by Animela


Art by Nobita

X, X

Art by Inkrunner101

Art by Amethyst

X, X
Let's make the word Trump a swear word.
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@SpookyZephr I'll accept

Ramble Ramble I like Books

Yeah I admitted in the accepted payment types section that everything would be Marked in USD and GBP until I figure stuff out Because I don't know the exact conversions between Physical and Digital. It's been a while since I've been here after I basically lost my mind to a Battle of Baby Hormones and MS coming together and beating the tar out of my brain. I had not only gone into the Art Block version of Coma but my focus was about that of a... Well... ADHD child on a severe red dye run let loose into a epileptic factory. The idea being that I'm putting down what I normally charge(though in some cases it's cheaper than what I charge elsewhere) but letting people offer what they think is Equivalent. I marked the Fusions and Chaos that I threw in for Giggles in a Box price because I don't feel comfortable taking anything not digital for them as I didn't make their bases myself or didn't make my own version of said bases.(Unless I'm strictly using the 6-7th gen sprites I made only, for Fusions) But anything else I really had no idea for. I did get back into art after finally getting my focus back but I was taking orders through Discord and Twitch for the longest time. It wasn't until Recently that I was ready to come back to the much bigger public of Pokefarm. Conversion-wise, it also doesn't help that I didn't know them very well before I poofed either lmao. Time just made it worse. Anything in the Payment Types section at the bottom of the introduction is what I would suggest Offering. I may take things outside of it if I forgot about it but they probably wouldn't be as important.
Gilgex's AvatarGilgex
Gilgex's Avatar
Oooh, well I’m a huge derp. I’m really sorry about that. *is embarrassed now* I guess I could offer a summon item, and 1500 GP.
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@SpookyZephyr How's this?


@Gilgex I'll get started on that now.
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@Gilgex Ihave finished with your order I wasn't sure what you meant entirely by "relaxing" into the wolf so hes sorta just standing/leaning against it .

how's this?

Gilgex's AvatarGilgex
Gilgex's Avatar
I’m happy, and yet unhappy. The wolf looks more like a fox than a wolf. Due to its overly long tail, and huge ears. Plus the eyes I’d rather have the wolf’s eyes look like the guys left eye. I’ll still pay still, just critiques. Thank you for the picture.

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