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King K's oddities (0 auction 3 adopts)

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Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar
-An odd coloured Kinaster with a crown sat of a fluffy tall chair. Behind him was a room filled with odd little creatures- Hello and welcome to my little store. As you can see there are some oddball creatures who would love homes. Maybe adopt one or two? Hey! before you buy or auction on any of these creatures read the rules!

Auction rules

Before you start bidding your stuff on the art please understand these guide lines! 1. All PFQ rules apply here 2. Please be nice to one another. I don't want rude people on here. It upsets me if you disrespect me, others, and whatever else. 3. No fighting. Friendly competition is ok but, don't go too far. 4. Make sure you specify which adopt your auctioning on 5. Make sure you sub here!~♡ 6. When bidding don't only just use shinys and albinos. The limit of shinies is 3 and the limit for albinos is 4 per auction. ((As much as I want to get all the special Babs I need other stuff too ya know ;w;)) make sure you check my fields to see what I don't have. 7. Please listen to these rules! Any questions or concerns please PM me. Do not ask questions on here unless you want to know the highest bidder is. 8. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST. I WILL IGNORE IT. UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO FIX IT. 9. Please use the forms! It makes it easy on me since I'm always off and on here.

Adopt rules

1. All PFQ rules apply here 2. First come first serve! 3. There is a 2 adopt limit per batch! (if i have a batch of Glitchos your allowed to buy 1 to 2 adoptables) 4. All adopts will have a watermark (if i make one). I will pm you your adopt without the watermark
If there's any questions please pm me!
Hello I'm Mitchell. Visit Hexel's Shops there quite nice. Oh? You don't know who Hexel is? Well this user used to be BloodyScarlett!
Hey! I'm Jade! Admin loves to chat! So if you want, give her a friendly hello!
Hallo! I'm Angel! I want to credit all these cool artists who made us, and banners! These are made by an awesome sprite artists, Lord Magikarp and William Allen! They all have a shop you should visit! Gezie drew Hexel's icon
help hexel get hypermode
Zophan Canister
54/2500 ♡♡my journal♡♡ ♡♡My trade shop♡♡ ♡♡Temp lineless art shop (wip)♡♡ ♡♡Random Adopt and Auction shop♡♡
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar

Auction side

Current Bid

End Date: Starting bid: 100zc/500gp/500k cred/$1USD Restrictions: must have currencies and/or usd in this bid The minimum amount to add to this bid is 50ZC AB: $6 usd or equiv

highest bidder

click here


Click The spaces in the shinies and albinos to get more info 5k cred/5gp/1 ZC= 1ZC Summons= Click here to see Shinies__
2,560- 18 ZC 3,840- 24 ZC 5,120- 28 ZC 6,400- 30 ZC 7,680- 34 ZC 8,960- 38 ZC 10,240- 44 ZC 20,480- 88 ZC- ledendary* 30,720- 132 ZC- legendary* Fakemon- 90 ZC Albinos and shiny exclusives are double, shiny variants are 1.5x, albino exclusives are 4x, and albino variants are 3x *I might raise these if needed
and albinos I don't have= varies T'ment tokens= 30 ZC each Melan= wins automatically ((If you give me a melan I'd probably scream)) Mega stones((this includes vouchers))= click here to see Boxes= 7 ZC Boxboxes= 150 ZC Premium boxes= 350 ZC 10 pack of daycare passes= 20 ZC 60 pack of daycare passes= 40 ZC $1USD= 100 ZC (I doubt anyone will use this but it would be nice ;v;) Shiny Charms= 150 ZC Über charms= 200 ZC Shiny charm box= wins automatically ((I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED)) Hypermode 28d= 500 ZC Hypermode 180d or 365d= automatically wins ((you would give me this for my art??)) Z-Crystal shard= 40 ZC Z-Crystal= 280 ZC Lucky seal= 100 ZC Lucky egg= 32 ZC Super lucky egg= 160 ZC Egg pass= 100 ZC

Auction Form

[centre][b]Hey King K, I'm bidding on (insert name of character)![/b] [B]What are you bidding?[/b]: (ex: 100k credits and mega stone voucher 1) [B]Total cost in ZC?:[/b] (ex: 60 ZC)[/centre]
Happy Bidding!~♡
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar

Adopt Side

Current Adopts for Sale

just some dog adopts! 1 left

BIOHAZARD, Cupcake, and Speckle Soldsold Price: 75ZC or equiv!

Adopt Form

[centre][b]King kin! I want (insert name of character)![/b] [B]Payment[/b]: [/centre]
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar

Misc. Side

Sold auctions and adopts

Forgot to save your adopt? well, no worries! all of your adopts will be here with your tab!




Given to shinx


Quiet kara





Doctor Sawbones








Advertise me?


permission to use kinaster for this banner is here


If you want to be advertised pm me!
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar
Haha. i made adopts! buy them!
Cerberus's AvatarCerberus
Cerberus's Avatar
King kin! I want Cockatiel! Payment: Slowbronite + 235k cr (if my maths is right, which I know it’s prob not)
Icon is a screenshot of Cullen from Dragon Age Inquisition 🐍 Cerb's Colourful Adopt House 🐉 | Looking for Leafeon Adopts & Customs | Potato Soup PWYW Art Shop
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar
it would be 250k cred ^^
Cerberus's AvatarCerberus
Cerberus's Avatar
Oof rip my maths. I'll send the payment now!
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar
Hexel's AvatarHexel
Hexel's Avatar
Bump and some more adopts are up! buy away!

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