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Welcome to my shop of things! Have a look around. (Just uh, be mindful of the construction area over there.)


1. All PFQ rules apply 2. Label your trades so I don't get things mixed up 3. Additional bits in their relevant sections 4. Please be patient and wait for me to post a response to your trade offer. Depending on mood i may not respond right away. 5. Set up trades within 3 days of my acceptance, Or else the trade will become void. 6. Subscribe to this thread as my responses will be made here. You may unsubscribe after our business has concluded if you like. 7. It takes like 2 seconds to pop open the prices tab. Actually read it before asking what prices are *Rules subject to updating as needed

Prices and Hunt info

Current Hunt:
30 15ZC or 150GP

30 15ZC or 150GP

50 25ZC or 250GP

50 25ZC or 250GP

100 50ZC or 500GP

100 50ZC or 500GP

60 30ZC or 300GP

60 30ZC or 300GP

100 50ZC or 500GP

200 100ZC or 1000GP

200 100ZC or 1000GP

200 100ZC or 1000GP
Normal Koroku, one of the following: - DayCare Pass - 20GP -1 Medium Dark, Water or Fire Gem -1 Relic Copper -10,000 credits


3000 ZC

Summons UFT

Summons are tradeable for 50ZC, 500GP, 1:1 other summon

What I have

Region Summon Item Quantity
Kanto Ice Feather 0
Thunder Feather 0
Fire Feather 0
Cloned Sash 0
Origin Sash 0
Johto Thunder Fang 0
Fire Fang 0
Ice Fang N/A
Tidal Bell 0
Clear Bell 0
GS Ball 2
Hoenn Sapphire Orb 0
Ruby Orb 0
Jade Orb N/A
Mage Orb N/A
Rock Statue 0
Ice Statue 1
Steel Statue 1
Red Soul Dew 0
Blue Soul Dew 0
Wishing Stone 0
Helix Orb 1
Sinnoh Adamant Orb 0
Lustrous Orb 0
Griseous Orb 0
Kagami 0
Magatama 0
Kusanagi 0
Magma Stone 5
Gold Statue 2
Lunar Wing 0
Nightmare Shroud 0
Sea Crown 1
Gracidea Seed 2
Azure Flute 0
Unova Victory Medal 1
White Stone 0
Black Stone 0
Gray Stone 0
Cobalt Epee 0
Terracotta Epee 0
Viridian Epee 0
Fujin's Lamp 3
Raijin's Lamp 1
Inari's Lamp 2
Music Box 0
Ancient Drive 1
Kalos Life Antler 0
Death Wing 0
Order's Crest 0
Diamond Tiara 0
Komainu Figurine 0
Alola Ku Idol 0
Kane Idol 1
Lono Idol 0
Kanaloa Idol 1
Soul Heart 3
Eclipse Flute 0
Spectral Leiomano 0
Beast Ball 0
Black Prism 0

Wanted Summons

Ice Fang Jade Orb Mage Orb

Box Boxes

BoxBoxes available: 24 (auto-updates) Price: 120ZC per BoxBox

PFQ Exclusives UFT

Current species Available: Koroku For these I want one of the following: - DayCare Pass - 20GP -1 Medium Dark, Water or Fire Gem -1 Relic Copper -10,000 credits *only the ones in the UFT field apply.
Full Incense

Full Incense


(: 0)

An exotic-smelling incense that gives a feeling of being bloated.

Sells for 48,000

Lv. 100 — +5,627,651
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness MAX
Hardy nature
Sumeragi's AvatarSumeragi
Sumeragi's Avatar
Shiny Koroku for 550GP?
Michi-the-Kid, Accepted and added to the list.
200zc for a shiny spot?
Kanaloa Idol
Have 30
Goal 250
Have 2497
GOAL 4,300
Avatar made by Muskka Was commissioned by me!
StarscreamsGirl, added.
Revan's AvatarRevan
Revan's Avatar
2000GP for an albino + shiny spot on koroku?
Avatar by Domino and used with permission
PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
200zc for Koroku Spot?
'You are too late, I'm afraid. This flower's already dead'
Pokesonas Karyuu Yurui Comic Avatar is drawn by Tsuzera and used with permission
c r e d i t
Reshiram sprite is official. Coding and template is by TheFabuTor for free use
Dêrêk-J's AvatarDêrêk-J
Dêrêk-J's Avatar
200zc for a spot for shiny koroku?
Credit for : Avatar taken from here(Official Art)
My Pokesona Made by Bunneeh for my use only
All added, and for now this fills the shiny list.
PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
Hello I dunno if amount counts as shiny list fill, may I get another Koroku for 2 ice Fangs? If not thats fine :3

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