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(Nyeowr, guess who has a snarky Cinccino and just got her very own Quibbit? THIS BEAVER!) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED Soon, Cinzilla, rolling a cart full of hay, was strolling past the Tepig and Emboar, as well as the Miltank and Primeape from before. A Delta-Fairy Lycanroc was present as well. Cinzilla whimpered as she carted the hay to the barn. "Stay cool, Cin," whispered Vivi from inside the hay. "Stay cool-darn it Frostpeck!" The Torchic'd frozen a corner of the hay. Luckily, the 6IVs didn't notice. "You said 'Stay cool'," he whimpered. "That was aimed at Cinzilla!" she hissed. Eventually, Cinzilla carted everyone into the barn without the 6IVs questioning her. Everybody leapt out-except for Shade, who crawled out. "Great work, Cin!" praised Vivi. "And nice work on the rest of you for not freaking out." "That was because we couldn't see," Shade pointed out. Cloud bleated his agreement. "Well, we didn't blow our cover, and that's the important part," said Vivi. "Who cares why we didn't blow it?" Soon, each of the Deltas had helped in getting to the generator. "Now, we blow this Genesect-forsaken place sky-high!" declared Vivi. But just as she and the 3IVs charged their attacks, Tepig and Emboar arrived in a giant drill. "Where do you think you're goin'?!" challenged Tepig. Vivi was the only one left to challenge them-the 3IVs had fled. Again. Even Shade.
Profile pic made by Fennekava. To mods: I'm back home! Pokemon of the Day!
Lv. 20 — 272 / 1,261
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Hasty nature
(Thanks to La.ti.as for helping me come up with Conan's last name-Conan Claiser. Assuming Pokemon take the last names of their Trainers, that makes Rai's full name "Rai Claiser".) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED "Okay, guess it's up to me," said Vivi. "Get ready for a Vivillon-style-!" "YEEEEEEEK!" yowled the Eevee-turned-Vivillon as she was thrown skyward. She landed among the 3IVs. "Guys, we were right there!" yowled Vivi. "We could've never beat Tepig and Emboar!" said Frostpeck. Cloud agreed. "Oh come on guys," said Vivi, "we can do it!" The rest of the 6IVs arrived. "Let's do this!" yowled the Vivillon. And then the others tried to hide behind her. "Oh come on, guys!"
CHAPTER VI CONTINUED The Pokemon leapt into battle. Vivi and Frostpeck took on Tepig and Emboar, Shade was fighting the Lycanroc, Cinzilla fought the Primeape, and Cloud took on the Miltank. Vivi initially struggled against the Tepig, until Frostpeck managed to set up a hailstorm. The Vivillon and Tepig tussled for a while, while Frostpeck froze the Emboar in place to let the hail do its work. Eventually, Vivi threw the Tepig at Emboar. Shade used her Dark-type trickery to make Lycanroc slam into them after. The Miltank and Primeape soon followed. "Now, let's go take out the generator!" roared Vivi. The group used the hole the pigs had made to get in. Cinzilla used Dragon Tail to demolish the generator. The generator's destruction caused Vivi to finally revert to Silver. The 3IVs' jaws dropped. "Yeah, I'm an Eevee," said Silver pridefully. "Silver's gonna regret missin' the corn festival!" Rai said proudly as he and Conan returned to the cart. That's when they witnessed the Pokemon from earlier playing football with Silver and the 3IVs. Rai buried his face in his paws. Conan dropped his corn-flavored ice cream.
(Mroooow La.ti.as helped me again with naming, this time for the names of Conan's friendos.) CHAPTER VII: Conan's Playtime "Conaaaaan, whyyyy do we have to visit your high school?" wailed Rai. Silver relayed the Pikachu's complaint. "My old friends and I are having a midsummer reunion!" explained Conan cheerfully. "Conan!" called a voice. Three boys, all around Conan's age, ran over. One of them held a racket... "Lucas! Matthew! Andy!" Conan called happily, as the boys broke into a group hug. "I'm out," said Rai. Silver jumped and ran after him...
(Guess what? La.ti.as is going to be writing a bonus chapter! Technically it's more based on the show than the fic itself but hey! She didn't wanna write a whole fic. And it was this one that inspired it! Don't know when she'll write it, but no pressure on her!) CHAPTER VII CONTINUED The duo of Pokemon split up. While Rai was more concerned with finding the cafeteria, Silver just wanted to be helpful to someone. On the way, she passed a clown parade. "Clowns? Really?" she muttered. She left quite quickly. That's when she saw a group, preparing to throw water over a sleeping companion of theirs. Silver, deciding to have a little bit of fun, slunk away to turn into Brianna, and proceeded to use Sparkling Aria. It was considerably weaker than normal, but it still soaked all the humans. "What is wrong with that Primarina?!" cried one of the humans. Brianna winced. She hadn't meant to take it that far. As she fled, she noticed the clowns from earlier...
CHAPTER VII CONTINUED Silver hid in a tree and watched. One of the clowns seemed to be practicing juggling. He almost dropped a ball, but the lead clown grabbed it before it hit the ground. "Careful, you idiot!" he spat. "If you drop one of these gas bombs, you'll hypnotize yourself!" Silver couldn't stop herself from gasping in surprise. She fell out of the tree when the lead clown threw the ball at her...
(Just poking so the thread doesn't get deleted :3)
CHAPTER VII CONTINUED About an hour or two later, Silver was awoken by a very-ticked-looking Vaporeon. "What were you thinking?!" he screeched. The Water-type slapped her with his tail. "Wha...what happened?" asked the confused Eevee. "YOU LET MY TRAINER GET HYPNOTIZED, YA SLOWPOKE-HEAD!" the Vaporeon yowled. "What?!" "I know about you from Melissa," explained Vaporeon, "AND YOU COULD'VE STOPPED THIS." "Who's Melissa?" was Silver's response. "The Minccino you played football with!" "Oh, her." "WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP US?!" "I was hypnotized too," explained Silver. "But don't worry, I'll go help now." "I'm coming too!" Silver nodded and turned into Vivi, then picked up Vaporeon and flew off...
(bulbasaurOWO recommended the Growlithe) CHAPTER VII CONTINUED When the Vivillon and Vaporeon got to the stadium, they realized that every single human present was hypnotized. Including Conan and his friends! "Silver!" called a familiar voice. Vivi dropped Vaporeon and landed next to him to speak with Rai. Standing next to him were a Growlithe, a Banette, and a Riolu. "Rai, are you okay?" she asked. "MY TRAINER ISN'T!" shouted Vaporeon. He gestured to a Trainer in front of Conan and company-all wearing blank stares. The Growlithe, Banette, and Riolu all looked sadly at Conan's companions, and Vivi realized they must be the Pokemon's Trainers...
CHAPTER VII CONTINUED "We've got to save them!" cried Rai. "I know," said Vivi, and she promptly flew into a dive-bomb on the lead clown below. The other Pokemon charged down after her. Growlithe hit one clown with Ember. Banette struck two to the ground with Night Shade. Riolu struck with Force Palm, while Rai used Double Kick. "When'd you learn THAT?" asked Vivi. "A while ago," Rai said slyly. The battle raged on... (yeah again short post sorry)

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