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Appearances Are Decieving

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(Nyeowr, guess who has a snarky Cinccino and just got her very own Quibbit? THIS BEAVER!) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED Soon, Cinzilla, rolling a cart full of hay, was strolling past the Tepig and Emboar, as well as the Miltank and Primeape from before. A Delta-Fairy Lycanroc was present as well. Cinzilla whimpered as she carted the hay to the barn. "Stay cool, Cin," whispered Vivi from inside the hay. "Stay cool-darn it Frostpeck!" The Torchic'd frozen a corner of the hay. Luckily, the 6IVs didn't notice. "You said 'Stay cool'," he whimpered. "That was aimed at Cinzilla!" she hissed. Eventually, Cinzilla carted everyone into the barn without the 6IVs questioning her. Everybody leapt out-except for Shade, who crawled out. "Great work, Cin!" praised Vivi. "And nice work on the rest of you for not freaking out." "That was because we couldn't see," Shade pointed out. Cloud bleated his agreement. "Well, we didn't blow our cover, and that's the important part," said Vivi. "Who cares why we didn't blow it?" Soon, each of the Deltas had helped in getting to the generator. "Now, we blow this Genesect-forsaken place sky-high!" declared Vivi. But just as she and the 3IVs charged their attacks, Tepig and Emboar arrived in a giant drill. "Where do you think you're goin'?!" challenged Tepig. Vivi was the only one left to challenge them-the 3IVs had fled. Again. Even Shade.
Profile pic made by DreamThief. To mods: Sometimes I play this on vacay so I have a different IP adress PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR THIS. 70% of the world thinks warrior cats is stupid. 25% say who cares. Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover warrior cat book and slap the other people saying, "Starclan is out for revenge!” Flare, the Wary Fire Eevee! Jolt, the Hyper Electric Eevee! Leaf, the Jumpy Grass Eevee! Glacier, the Aspiring Ice Eevee! Umbra, the Quiet Dark Eevee!
(Thanks to La.ti.as for helping me come up with Conan's last name-Conan Claiser. Assuming Pokemon take the last names of their Trainers, that makes Rai's full name "Rai Claiser".) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED "Okay, guess it's up to me," said Vivi. "Get ready for a Vivillon-style-!" "YEEEEEEEK!" yowled the Eevee-turned-Vivillon as she was thrown skyward. She landed among the 3IVs. "Guys, we were right there!" yowled Vivi. "We could've never beat Tepig and Emboar!" said Frostpeck. Cloud agreed. "Oh come on guys," said Vivi, "we can do it!" The rest of the 6IVs arrived. "Let's do this!" yowled the Vivillon. And then the others tried to hide behind her. "Oh come on, guys!"

Pages: 12

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