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Free-to-Use Pride Banners!

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EeveeBailey's AvatarEeveeBailey
EeveeBailey's Avatar
So, for Pride Month, I decided to make some simple banners for people to use in their forum signature if they wish to do so. They are completely free to use... all that I ask is that you let people know where you got the banner in case they want one of their own! ^v^ If you don't see something that suits you, you can make a request, but keep in mind that since I am also a college student who also deals with mental health issues and IRL obligations, I may or may not be able to fulfill them quickly depending on how busy I get. If you're put on a waitlist, please be patient and I'll get your request done whenever I have the time and energy. If making a request, kindly check in the Requests section to make sure your combination hasn't been done already -- since all banners are non-commissioned, you are free to use them even if somebody else made the request (unless otherwise stated). Most sections are alphabetically arranged (although the standard LGBTQ+ Pride flags come first in the Simple Orientation section) except for the Requests sections, which are in order of when they were completed. To code one of these banners onto your signature or About Me section, simply follow the link for the banner you want to display, copy the link in the address bar, then paste it between the [img][/img] tags. UPDATE 23/Sept/2020: Just wanted to give everyone an update. I'm currently in my new school, and the coursework and work-study program here is kicking my ever-loving behind right now. I'm still accepting requests for the time being but keep in mind that wait times may be a lot longer since I'm a lot busier and not checking PFQ quite as often. I'll get to them eventually as time allows, but it won't be as fast as I have in the past few years.

NOTICE: Regarding the lesbian and bigender flag designs...

Due to some concerns about the creators of the "original" (lipstick) lesbian flag and the original bigender flag, I have incorporated alternate designs for both. The originals remain because I had them up for some time before finding out about this and because some people had requests incorporating those designs and I don't want to accidentally break any links (for the record: both people have had postings on social media insinuating problematic things, such as racism or exclusionism). If you are requesting a custom pride banner that incorporates either a lesbian flag design or a bigender flag design, please kindly let me know which one you would like for me to use!

Simple Orientation Banners

LGBTQ+ POC Pride - Link LGBTQ+ Pride / Gay/Homosexual - Link Straight Ally - Link Abrosexual / Abroromantic - Link Aromantic - Link Asexual - Link Bisexual / Biromantic - Link Ceterosexual / Ceteroromantic - Link Cupiosexual / Cupioromantic - Link Demiromantic 1 - Link Demiromantic 2 - Link Demisexual - Link Fictoromantic - Link Fictosexual - Link Fraysexual / Frayromantic - Link Gray Aromantic - Link Gray Asexual - Link Lesbian 1 (Original/Lipstick) - Link Lesbian 2 (Sapphic) - Link Lesbian 3 (Modified) - Link Nebularomantic - Link Omnisexual / Omniromantic - Link Polyamory - Link Pansexual / Panromantic - Link Polysexual / Polyromantic - Link

Simple Gender Banners

Agender - Link Androgynous 1 (Horizontal Bar Flag) - Link Androgynous 1 (Vertical Bar Flag) - Link Bigender 1 (Original) - Link Bigender 2 (Modified) - Link Demiagender - Link Demiboy - Link Demigirl - Link Deminonbinary - Link Gender/Pronoun Apathetic - Link Genderfluid - Link Genderqueer - Link Intersex - Link Neutrois - Link Non-Binary - Link Transgender - Link

Asexual Orientation Banners

Biromantic Ace - Link Heteroromantic Ace - Link Homoromantic Ace - Link Lesbian Ace 1 (Original/Lipstick) - Link Lesbian Ace 2 (Sapphic) - Link Lesbian Ace 3 (Modified) - Link Omniromantic Ace - Link Panromantic Ace - Link Polyromantic Ace - Link

Aromantic Orientation Banners

Aro Asexual 1 - Link Aroace 2 - Link Aro Bisexual - Link Aro Gay/Homosexual - Link Aro Lesbian 1 (Original/Lipstick) - Link Aro Lesbian 2 (Sapphic) - Link Aro Lesbian 3 (Modified) - Link Aro Omnisexual - Link Aro Pansexual - Link Aro Polysexual - Link

Requests (Part 1)

Pansexual/Panromantic Genderfluid (Requested by BatWink) - Link Heterosexual Demigirl (Requested by theéspëtåles) - Link Bisexual/Biromantic Genderqueer (Requested by EstreIIa) - Link Pansexual Transgender (Requested by theéspëtåles) - Link Fictoromantic Genderqueer (Requested by Zorovern) - Link Demisexual Straight Ally (Requested by Eeveelover35) - Link Straight Ally (Alternate: Heart) (Requested by Eeveelover35) - Link Agender Asexual (Requested by Delta1413) - Link

Requests (Part 2)

Bisexual Genderfluid (Requested by ThunderGod) - Link Homosexual Transgender (Requested by Cydric) - Link Asexual Nonbinary (Requested by Cydric) - Link Asexual Demiromantic (Requested by FlärînãFåïry) - Link Bigender Bisexual (Requested by strawberrymilk) - Link Omnisexual Demiromantic (Requested by Angelicspectre) - Link Nonbinary Pansexual (Requested by Erezinet) - Link Abrosexual Gay (requested by Jïnxïsmë) - Link Abrosexual Bi (requested by Jïnxïsmë) - Link

Requests (Part 3)

Demiromantic Lesbian (requested by merinqüe for 13utterscötch) - Link Agender Pansexual (requested by BlazeTheLion) - Link Transgender Bisexual (requested by Alex Gachas YT) - Link Nonbinary Pansexual (Star) (requested by YÉËtüSYøÌñKúS333) - Link Nonbinary Pansexual (Heart) (requested by YÉËtüSYøÌñKúS333) - Link Transgender/Genderfluid (requested by Alex Gachas YT) - Link Genderqueer Homosexual (requested by Nosifer) - Link Gray-Aromantic Asexual (requested by RubyIllustratiøn) - Link Polyamorous Pansexual (requested by Nowaya) - Link Biromantic Demisexual (requested by caninecherries) - Link

Requests (Part 4)

Neurodiverse Genderfluid Pansexual / Polyamorous (requested by bunifu) - Link Asexual Demigirl (requested by kjokjo75) - Link Neurodiverse Genderqueer (requested by Nosifer) -Link Polyamorous Panromantic Asexual Genderfluid (requested by Raiveon) - Link Androgynous Agender (requested by Raiveon) - Link Demiromantic Demisexual 1 (requested by Raiveon) - Link Demiromantic Demisexual 2 (requested by Raiveon) - Link

Neurodiversity Pride Banner

Option 1 (no gradiated colors) - Link Option 2 (dithered color gradiant) - Link

Pending Requests / To Be Added

Custom Banners: For Icecreamsami: Transmasculine w/ panromantic (reference: https://www.deviantart.com/pride-flags/art/Trans-Man-Transmasculine-1-543925972) For RenCringe: Deminonbinary flag base / Bisexual flag in circle / Dithered gradient neurodivergent symbol overlayed on circle For caninemachine: Transgender / Biromantic (heart) / Neurodivergent (option 2) For Cryptid1369: gray ace/biromantic/genderqueer To Be Added: Orientations -Penultisexual/romantic Genders -Perospike*** -DemiGenderfluid*** -Pangender (note to self: see flag in post https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/5529859) ***Proper references needed Potential future category: Demisexual (maybe also demiromantic?) orientation banners as separate listing (similar to ace/aro categories) (List last updated 23 Sept 2020 19:02 server time)

Avatar and Banner Info

Forum avatar is my Ace Sylveon Pokesona, drawn and gifted by MarchNemesis, a member of the Pokemon Uranium Creators Collective community on Discord. Full size image + credits can be found here. Banner is my own design. I have more free-to-use pride banners here!
These are done really well, thank you.
Sprited by Zephyria
Sprited by Zephyria
Sprited by PaulG33ks
Lunaress's AvatarLunaress
Lunaress's Avatar
I'll be using the bisexual banner in my sig ^^
"We are dust and shadows" Avatar by Aquamarine96 Journal
snompeitö's Avatarsnompeitö
snompeitö's Avatar
I'm going to use the hetro. banner in my about me, thanks for making these!
all socials are in my about me
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geck's Avatargeck
geck's Avatar
love these!!! i'll be using the nonbinary one in my sig <3 <3
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Waterclaw's AvatarWaterclaw
Waterclaw's Avatar
i'll be using the nonbinary banner in my signature :D
my children nonbinary signature banner is made by eeveebailey
Birdleap18's AvatarBirdleap18
Birdleap18's Avatar
Using the pan one, thank you so much!
(Profile drawn by me on Medibang Paint)
BatWink's AvatarBatWink
BatWink's Avatar
Gosh, I really love these, they're so cute!!! And I love that you include all kinds of identities, including aro/ace (I've seen a surprising amount of ace exclusionists) I was wondering if you could make one with the genderfluid flag with a pan heart or circle on top? :-0 In your own time of course, there's no rush if you want to!
EeveeBailey's AvatarEeveeBailey
EeveeBailey's Avatar
@BatWink Requests up! One pan genderfluid banner... I also made a basic genderfluid banner for anyone who wants to use it as well... Both of these, as well as the links for the uploaded image, have been added to the OP for convenience. Also, I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out of love and appreciation to everyone who are using these banners, to those who have posted in the thread and to those who maybe are too shy to speak up. You all are amazing and valid and beautiful people, and I'm happy to help you all express yourselves and represent your fellow LGBTQIA+ peeps here on Pokefarm! ^v^
snompeitö's Avatarsnompeitö
snompeitö's Avatar

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