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Free-to-Use Pride Banners!

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EeveeBailey's AvatarEeveeBailey
EeveeBailey's Avatar
So, for Pride Month, I decided to make some simple banners for people to use in their forum signature if they wish to do so. They are completely free to use... all that I ask is that you let people know where you got the banner in case they want one of their own! ^v^ If you don't see something that suits you, you can make a request, but keep in mind that since I am also attending college this semester, I may or may not be able to fulfill them depending on how busy I get. To code them onto your signature, simply follow the link for the banner you want to display, copy the link in the address bar, then paste it between the [img][/img] tags. UPDATE 24/Jun/2019: Happy Pride Month 2019, everyone! I'm thrilled that this thread has lasted a whole year and is still being visted and getting requests... y'all are awesome, beautiful people, and I'm happy to help you embrace your identity across PFQ. Stay proud! ^v^

NOTICE: Regarding the lesbian flag designs...

Just wanted to add a little note / disclaimer regarding the lesbian banners... you may notice that there are now three different pride flag options for lesbians under the Simple, Asexual, and Aromantic sections. The reason for this is because it was brought to my attention that the creator of the original flag has said things on her blog that come across as racist and exclusionary; two different designs have been proposed (and suggested by PFQ members for this thread). One is by someone who took some inspiration from a Sapphic love poem, while the other is a modified version of the original design that incorporates orange tones. I'm offering all three designs since the original pink flag is still widely recognized among the LGBTQIA+ community as the lesbian symbol while the new ones haven't been officially adopted by the community yet (although the modified one is becoming widespread on social media), and because removing one of these could break links that PFQ users might be using for their profiles or forum signatures. This way, people can use whichever design they feel most comfortable displaying. If you are requesting a custom pride banner that incorporates a lesbian flag design, please kindly let me know which one you would like for me to use!

Simple Orientation Banners

Gay/Homosexual - Link Lesbian 1 (Original/Lipstick) - Link Lesbian 2 (Sapphic) - Link Lesbian 3 (Modified) - Link Bisexual - Link Polysexual - Link Pansexual - Link Omnisexual - Link Abrosexual - Link Polyamory - Link Asexual - Link Demisexual - Link Aromantic - Link Demiromantic - Link Straight Ally - Link

Simple Gender Banners

Agender - Link Bigender - Link Demiboy - Link Demigirl - Link Genderfluid - Link Genderqueer - Link Non-Binary - Link Transgender - Link

Asexual Orientation Banners

Heteroromantic Ace - Link Homoromantic Ace - Link Lesbian Ace 1 - Link Lesbian Ace 2 - Link Lesbian Ace 3 - Link Biromantic Ace - Link Polyromantic Ace - Link Panromantic Ace - Link Omniromantic Ace - Link

Aromantic Orientation Banners

Aro Gay/Homosexual - Link Aro Lesbian 1 - Link Aro Lesbian 2 - Link Aro Lesbian 3 - Link Aro Bisexual - Link Aro Pansexual - Link Aro Polysexual - Link Aro Omnisexual - Link Aro Ace - Link

Requests (Part 1)

Pansexual/Panromantic Genderfluid (Requested by BatWink) - Link Heterosexual Demigirl (Requested by theéspëtåles) - Link Bisexual/Biromantic Genderqueer (Requested by EstreIIa) - Link Pansexual Transgender (Requested by theéspëtåles) - Link Fictoromantic Genderqueer (Requested by Zorovern) - Link Demisexual Straight Ally (Requested by Eeveelover35) - Link Straight Ally (Alternate: Heart) (Requested by Eeveelover35) - Link Agender Asexual (Requested by Delta1413) - Link

Requests (Part 2)

Bisexual Genderfluid (Requested by ThunderGod) - Link Homosexual Transgender (Requested by Cydric) - Link Asexual Nonbinary (Requested by Cydric) - Link Asexual Demiromantic (Requested by FlärînãFåïry) - Link Bigender Bisexual (Requested by strawberrymilk) - Link Omnisexual Demiromantic (Requested by Angelicspectre) - Link Nonbinary Pansexual (Requested by Erezinet) - Link Abrosexual Gay (requested by Jïnxïsmë) - Link Abrosexual Bi (requested by Jïnxïsmë) - Link

Requests (Part 3)

Demiromantic Lesbian (requested by merinqüe for 13utterscötch) - Link Agender Pansexual (requested by BlazeTheLion) - Link Transgender Bisexual (requested by Alex Gachas YT) - Link

Avatar and Banner Info

Forum avatar is my Ace Sylveon Pokesona, drawn by one of my Discord friends, Bayneko, as part of an OC giveaway. Full size image + credits can be found here. Banner is my own design. I have more free-to-use pride banners here!
These are done really well, thank you.
Sprited by Zephyria
Sprited by Zephyria
Sprited by PaulG33ks
Lunaress's AvatarLunaress
Lunaress's Avatar
I'll be using the bisexual banner in my sig ^^
"We are dust and shadows" Avatar by Aquamarine96 Journal
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
merinqüe's Avatar
I'm going to use the hetro. banner in my about me, thanks for making these!
but it was just a misunderstanding...right?
geck's Avatargeck
geck's Avatar
love these!!! i'll be using the nonbinary one in my sig <3 <3
yeeter skeet delete my feet
Waterclaw's AvatarWaterclaw
Waterclaw's Avatar
i'll be using the nonbinary banner in my signature :D
my children nonbinary signature banner is made by eeveebailey
Birdleap18's AvatarBirdleap18
Birdleap18's Avatar
Using the pan one, thank you so much!
(Profile drawn by me on Medibang Paint)
BatWink's AvatarBatWink
BatWink's Avatar
Gosh, I really love these, they're so cute!!! And I love that you include all kinds of identities, including aro/ace (I've seen a surprising amount of ace exclusionists) I was wondering if you could make one with the genderfluid flag with a pan heart or circle on top? :-0 In your own time of course, there's no rush if you want to!
pfp art by me! (twitter tumblr) pm me about s/a/m bait! Genderfluid/Pansexual banner by EeveeBailey
EeveeBailey's AvatarEeveeBailey
EeveeBailey's Avatar
@BatWink Requests up! One pan genderfluid banner... I also made a basic genderfluid banner for anyone who wants to use it as well... Both of these, as well as the links for the uploaded image, have been added to the OP for convenience. Also, I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out of love and appreciation to everyone who are using these banners, to those who have posted in the thread and to those who maybe are too shy to speak up. You all are amazing and valid and beautiful people, and I'm happy to help you all express yourselves and represent your fellow LGBTQIA+ peeps here on Pokefarm! ^v^
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
merinqüe's Avatar
Do you mind making a Hetrosexual Demigirl banner :O

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