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Pony109gold's AvatarPony109gold
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Make melmetal breedable with ditto and see who notices first.
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Replace all pokemon sprite on site with Munchlax dressed up in the pokemon's costumes.
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QUOTE originally posted by ThePhantomWolf

They should give out a delta melan female lefty delphox for MCW
I only read at first "Delta lefty delphox" and I found it even more funny. "Eyy, congrats getting 10k interactions, here a regular delphox :D"
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Add a Pokemon Brick Bronze event, giving out a CS hoopa as a prize. Side note: Give anybody who names a random Loomian Niet a shiny cs.
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You get what you give in WT. If you put in a Sassy, you'll only get Sassy. Rinse and repeat.

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QUOTE originally posted by Maleficent

You get what you give in WT. If you put in a Sassy, you'll only get Sassy. Rinse and repeat.
Give your Pokemon, get your Pokemon back. XD Add a "mod for a day" event where people are entered into a drawing pool and one person is randomly drawn and given unconditional mod priviledges. Doesn't matter if they're a kid or adult, someone who happens to be inactive or someone who wants all the power in the world. Mod for a day! :D :D :D
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Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
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Increase your melanistic chance by 10000000000% on your birthday
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