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bugaboo's Avatarbugaboo
bugaboo's Avatar
no worries at all ! ~ thank ya for lettin me know - && wishin ya luck with the hunt ♡

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Zicø's AvatarZicø
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yes, and thank you for linking! i'll get those over to you soon
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
hello, just found your shop, do you have an art shop? just wondering because I kinda want to use your template.
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
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QUOTE originally posted by DanielTheCake

hello, just found your shop, do you have an art shop? just wondering because I kinda want to use your template.
hi, thank you! i used to have a coding shop (nothing here is really art, just magic little codes telling them how to look) but i got overwhelmed and had to close it. i am actually currently recoding this one, and once i get my breeding pair fields in order, i should be able to finish fairly soon. all that's to say, sorry, this shop's code is not for sale. if you'd like to discuss a commission, feel free to pm me!
Labu's AvatarLabu
Labu's Avatar
160 zc for the thunder fangs and clear bell?
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100ZC or 450gp
80 ZC or 400 gp
50 ZC - 250gp
70 ZC or 350 gp
60 ZC or 300gp
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
sure! send a trade?
PunPun's AvatarPunPun
PunPun's Avatar
Hi there! Could I get two shiny rowletts, one for 40k credits and the other for 40gp? (I know this sounds complicated but I didn't have enough for both with gp I sowwy)
Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
mixed payments are fine! i'll send them over :-)
Zlyveon's AvatarZlyveon
Zlyveon's Avatar
Hey zico! I have two g seeds for gp!
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