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Little Things That Bother You, on PFQ [V2]

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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
I’m going to have to lock this thread for the time being. While we appreciate feedback and staying in the loop on just what is bothering individuals on PFQ, it helps us to fix things and stay in touch with the community. Lately, however, this thread is doing the reverse of this, where users and staff team don’t even wish to look inside this thread due to the hostility that is coming out of it. It's a problem when the very developer and staff admin can't even step onto their own property due to hostility from the userbase. The same goes for the everyday pokefarmer, their opinions, they, themselves are not your punching bags. Come on, guys. I know this thread is for your complaints, but there’s a fine line between complaining and then offering ways of improvement and open discussion, to what we have now – this isn’t on. We’re better than this. I’m locking this thread – the last thing I wanted to do, though I have joked about it. People need to stop and think if they can be given an outlet such as this and respect their fellow person and the community without it becoming an epicentre of rage. When I feel that the situation has calmed down I will tentatively reopen this thread in hopes that people will be able to complain and well, something positive can come out of the negative. If there are concerns about the actions taken, please report or contact me if you wish to talk about the state of the thread. For those who celebrate Halloween, have a great Halloween – those who don’t, have a nice day/evening/morning. And finally, thank you, all of you who did your best to stem the tide and actually treated this thread how it should be treated and your fellow pokefarmer, thank you, truthfully. Edit; an add-on to explain why this thread is pinned as apparently that's a big issue? This thread was pinned because the previous thread was just as active regardless of it lacking a pin. The other thread was also user owned and was subject to a mass amount of drama that had to be overseen by a staff member pretty regularly. We made it staff owned because that individual could simply go and lock/delete that thread at a whim. The thread itself is actually useful from a developer standpoint. It gives people the full opportunity to speak about what bothers them, these little complaints - these true complaints result in optimisation and change. Pinning a thread and having it staff run doesn't automatically mean we 'enjoy' it and that we're endorsing it. We're allowing people the opportunity to say their opinions about features and for others to discuss and agree - this core concept is the base of a community. And as stated before, it was also a thread that a user made that was very popular. Removing it entirely and saying 'no' would have made a big impact - the thread and the concept of the thread was a big part of the discussion forum. However, people have taken it one step further from its original intended purpose that we desired. Instead, people took it upon themselves to complain and then others complained about them complaining - others scream and just like to be snide and hateful, practically taking other peoples opinions and doing the equivalent of spitting on them. A place to vent isn't toxic, it's how you go about using it and how people treat it that make it toxic. Snarling at one another and beating one another's opinions with 'talks' that fail to fall into the line of decency and are just pure maliciousness passive aggression masquerading as 'bluntness' - that's what makes this thread toxic. And if this means I have to lock it. Then so be it. Another add on for why this thread was pinned was due to people making duplicates for some bizzare reason??

From November 1st; thread locked for indefinite amount of time.

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Pages: 123··· 101110121013

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