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DeathlyZeref's AvatarDeathlyZeref
DeathlyZeref's Avatar
May I buy 6 boxes for 120 GP? I do need them asap this time, hopefully not a problem!
Pity, no stars. I hoped there'd be stars.
@DeathlyZeref No worries! I'll start up the trades! ^^
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bump! I would also like to mention that I have updated the dex trading part of the shop and it is now open. I'll get to the off-site trading part soon.
DeathlyZeref's AvatarDeathlyZeref
DeathlyZeref's Avatar
5 more boxes for GP please?
@DeathlyZeref They're coming your way! ^^
DeathlyZeref's AvatarDeathlyZeref
DeathlyZeref's Avatar
Could I pick up 10 boxes for 200 gp?
Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
Hello, are your gems available for outright sale? If so, could I buy your steel gems for 32GP?
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@DeathlyZeref Sure! Send the trade when you're ready! @Delta1413 Ah yes they are. Send the trade when you're ready. ^^
Greetings! Could i Purchase 7 of your Boxes for 140k Credits? =w=
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@RubyIllustration Sure! ^^ Send over a trade when you're ready! I would also like to mention that I have added limits on buying for boxes and gems so as not to completely drain me from them.

Pages: 12345··· 343536

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