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Shadow Force [PMD][Actual RP]

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The younger Pokemon gave a confused look in the direction of where the other Pokemon had been before heading in a run for the guild. She had no idea what a guild was, but it sounded like it was a nice place. Maybe they'd help her find her herd! She eventually made it over there and noticed the line small and then sighed. She was absolutely tired and probably wasn't thinking rationally. Her top priority right now was to get some rest, and joining the guild would hopefully give her a place to stay, right. She looked ahead and just hoped she wasn't too late like the other Pokemon had warned.
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From the soft light of the sun beaming down on the dirt pathways, the lined bushes, and grass that made up the land of the town, the buildings and bustling people on a busy day to the face of a young puppy standing in the crowd. It was clarly super busy, and a mess at that. There was a strong tempature gathered around due to the mass of pokemon, and time of day. Along with this was a bundle of noise, from creatures speaking with one another to shopkeepers, the bustling of feet, wings, and tails, and breathing. The young pup, tried to look over the crowds and follow the path quietly, making sure their soft golden fur didn't brush amongst locals, and non locals alike in fear the static could cause anyone harm. This was to no avail, as mons would bump into her, or the other way around. Traveling along, it was clear it would be better to take a different path to her destination- perhaps one of the back pathways along the tall grass where the pup's electricity would be slightly reperessed by the blades, then again she wasn't tall enough to see over the grass, and the rockruff closed her pale blue eyes to think of a better solution as she dug her furr paws into the dirt. Her goal was to sign up as an adventurer for the guild. Following the other mons was a good idea since they were also heading that direction, but many of them were also heading to there jobs, homes, or other places in the town. The only thing the little thunder pup could do was keep following the pup, making a guess at what building was where she needed to go. Hope filled Emiko's eyes, and determination followed her feet.
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A pokemon fusion rushed up to the sign up table. “Can I sign in?” he says.
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A certain hybrid Vulpix enters town in a sort of bouncing motion. She pauses at the destroyed festival, mouth open, before resuming her bouncy approach to the Guild. She almost bounced her way right into a golden Rockruff, at whom she tilted her head before going around her, making a cheerful greeting. "Hi!" Meanwhile, what appears to be a Mienfoo with blue eyes quietly walks along, and stops entirely upon seeing the destruction. She rubs her eyes briefly before continuing. She'd heard of the Guild, and stands for a few seconds in front of the large tree, trying to talk her nervous self into entering.
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Tightly strung in the paws of a small grey rabbit like creature was a cotton soft scarf. Long ended and frayed, the rainbow striations were dull and burned at the edges. The creature held it tight to the grey fur of it's chest, and re-clasped the satchel that hung around it's waist for good measure, despite it mostly being held up by a rather fluffy tail just fine, the bunny seemed uncomfortable, and wanted it to be a tad higher. Finally he adjusted the goggles that sat a top the creatures head, and wrapped the old scarf around his neck. He had been waiting around the entrance the the guild sign ups for a long time now, patiently waiting his turn to be evaluated by the guild leaders. He presumed that he would have to be paired with some one who he didn't know, but he was fine with that as he didn't know anyone anyway. Perhaps he could make a friend, or they would laugh at him for his inconvenience. Alex shook his head, whatever his team had in store he wold do his best no matter what that may be. He was certain that joining a guild, and building a friendship will help him find the mon, or mons, responsible for the disappearance of his sister. For now he'll just wait his turn in line.
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The very moment Aeron turned to face the Guild building; she was promptly greeted by a hole. A literal, gaping hole in the front wall. It was quite a big one even, easily tripling her height. If she had eyebrows, they would’ve probably flied off her head by now. She gaped at it for a bit, noting all the cracks around it and then the chunks of wood and stone that littered around in a wide arc. One time some guy complained about the door being too big for him. Which, granted, would’ve been an issue if it were his house in the process of construction instead of a guild capable of housing large Pokémon. Maybe this will fit his tastes now… Aeron let of a chuckle, an humorless thing before she shook her head and, without a second thought, stepped inside through the ‘new door’ Inside things appeared almost as messy as outside; more littered debris, bits of damage on the wall and the floor and the marks of what she guessed were charred marks of an attack of some sort. A fight definitely happed here, she concluded bitterly. Aeron would be a complete fool if she were to deny Tony’s involvement with this mess at this point. She then remembered the announcement made about a reunion or something. With a sigh that ended sounding more like a disgruntled growl, Ron realized she didn’t want any involvement with the aftermath. Heading to the stairs and staying inside her dorm seemed wonderful, way better than listening to the blathering of angry and shocked guild members. She could just pretend to be asleep and listen to all the gossiping it would surely bring tomorrow. Some movement to her left alerted her of a few ´mons standing near the entrance door. Well, more like one inside and one just outside, close enough for her to properly tell which species they was. Standing near the first step of the stairs, Ron took in their looks: she could vaguely recognize the red turtle inside as one of the many kids that wandered around, but the Mienfoo outside gave no such spark. She… really was in no mood to deal with kids –well, she never was, but the guild brimmed with them so it was inevitable. But both seemed to be waiting for something –someone? – and with everyone else outside and dealing with the destruction, she guessed it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Even give directions so they would scurry off elsewhere to look whoever they want to find. It was after a short moment of pondering that Ron finally gave up and began her approach towards the younger ´mons. Without nearing either of them in particular, she made no effort to silence her steps, claws hitting against the floor in a series of sharp taps that, unfortunately, got almost drowned in the low drone of the townsmon. To make up for it, she stopped near the middle of the hall and, in a loud hoarse voice said ‘’you guys looking for someone? Because I’m pretty sure everyone else’s just outside busying themselves with the mess in the town.’’


A smirk threatened to crack her otherwise inoffensive façade and she had to force it down along the incriminating questions that quickly formed. Quyn instead opted for a tactful retreat, replying with a ‘’Yeah, of course. I’ll wait with the rest then.’’ and tacking on a polite nod and a small smile she hoped would appear poilte enough. Her eyes briefly met those of the yellow Shiftry and she let her smile drop a fraction, simply giving an acknowledging nod before moving away to the end of the line. It wasn’t fear or anger what made her mind buzz and her wingtips move in jagged, sharp twitches every so often. Oh no, it was the chance that, maybe, just maybe, a random guy from this remote town would know of her. A few ´mons walked off and the line moved to fill the emptied space accordingly. The corners of her mouth quirked a little bit. Some part of her wondered if perhaps the Smeargle guy confused her with someone else. A likely outcome, probably, given the slew of ´mons he may have dealt with today. Since the guy seemed to be a guild member of some sort –what with that weird badge and the booth they’re in–, that may not be the case, right? Plus, it sounded really, really boring and Quyn hated boring things. The line eventually got short enough for her to hear clearly what the guy and some other ‘mon talked about. Something she promptly dissed in favor of glancing in apparent indifference at the former as he went on. The perfect chance to memorize his looks, she realized, just in case she needed some questions answered. And considering how much the Shiftry from before kept staring at her, the Fomatis guessed she’d have to memorize that face too. As yet another ´mon she didn’t care about walked away, some kid tried to pull what she did just a while ago –albeit more openly excited about it. Quyn stopped a giggle from escaping her mouth and glanced with newfound amusement at the interaction about to happen.


With no sign of the Fomantis just outside the crowd, Galbin turned back and began another round of looking around mostly empty booths and crowds of busy Pokémon. With the sun beating down on em and the heat increasing the more crowded the streets got, Galbin could feel the sweat gathering around eir head and plastering the short fur of eir face. Slowly and after some more wandering around, ey worried ey may no longer look for Quyn safely; at least, not without the risk of getting quickly dehydrated. The Numel took refuge under the shade of a large stand just as a group of Pokémon passed by in apparent hurry. Ey followed them by sight before they ultimately blended with the bustling street, then turned to give a better look at the stand. The place seemed mostly empty; its owner probably swept away in the commotion along with the kids that may have been there. Kids, because it looked like it held some sort of competitive play there, with shelves full of toys and other trinkets as well as… a pool? Galbin blinked, and approached the thing with the caution one would give to a dangerous object. It was, indeed, a pool. Full of water even, ey noted upon peering inside and staring dumbfounded at eir reflection for a little longer than deemed necessary. Stepping into cool, highly refreshing water right now sounded utterly wonderful. Galbin couldn’t do that; not here, not now. So ey instead turned back with a reluctance ey should be ashamed of –maybe, probably? – and leaned against a wall to keep on the lookout, all while pretending ey didn’t even see the pool in the first place.
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Lillie looked in the town. "Hmm, this Z crystal there, this Z crystzl there-" She stopped. A huge shadow entered her territory. Who was it? "Oh, just some squirtle or something" Lillie said. She heard it again, what was it?
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Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness MAX
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Vulpy paused upon encountering Mischief, but deemed watching a conflicted Mienfoo less than worthwhile entertainment. Bouncing cheerfully inside and ignoring the chaos, she rather loudly (not to mention cheerfully) asked "Who do I talk to so I sign up to join the Guild?" A moment later Mischief realized her hesitating could lose her a great opportunity (either to settle down or choose a good mark). She rushed in and nearly crashed into Vulpy. She looked around. Something was wrong. Maybe it has something to do with the mayhem outside? She decided to pretend she didn't care, and mentally shifted her viewpoint so she didn't. Her talent helped her stay out of trouble until she moved to a new town. She had heard the question, but quickly discovered the answer with a glance. "I'd put my money on the line over THERE." She approached and found herself somehow behind the Vulpix. Clearly they were enthusiastic about joining the Guild. Of course, with what Guild membership had for benefits, it was easy to want to join a Guild. Vulpy cheerfully waited in line, her tails moving like a metronome. Her body shook with barely-restrained excitement and a touch of nervous tension. But mostly excitement.
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Dusky had been exploring the strange new town for a while, and had been fighting back the impulsive desire to steal that most of his bloodline (excluding his father, obviously), we're born with. He wanted to make a good first impression. He would probably get kicked out of the guild for something like stealing, anyways. Dusky spotted some other new pokemon, but felt far too hesitant to strike up a conversation. He found a small corner in the festival, hearing snippits of gossip from the chaos that went down. Something about a rhydon. Well, that was all he cares to hear, anyways. He unpacked his small knapsack and ate the supply of berries inside. The journey here and everything that led up to it had left him utterly exhausted. Honestly, he just wanted to sleep. Chime had finally worked up the courage to sign up, and had been enjoying the festivities, for the most part. She didn't have any money, so she couldn't do much of anything, but it was fun to watch others win prizes and have fun. She'd heard about the big spooky fight, and just the thought of something like that left her incredibly unnerved. She wondered what would've caused something like that.. (I'll introduce Silver later. I've been having a huge lack of motivation lately.)
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(Slightly earlier) Ms. Drampa was briefly interrupted by the acquisition of a Zunamo hat. "See you later, then? It was good meeting you." (Around now) (for Galbin) Something splashed in the pool. Turning around would reveal soft blue exoskeleton and a pair of curved mandibles poking out of the water. "Hullo... is it over?"

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