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Shadow Force [PMD][Actual RP]

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Snowdrift tilted her head, her pointed ears flopping to the side. "Why're you looking at me funny? You're weird." She said, though she still maintained the posture of excitement and hyperactivity she'd kept the entire coversation. ((I'm sorry my replies are so short ;-;))
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
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Baske buzzed to a halt between Edaerith and Abagail, staring up at the latter. "Are you finished?" Judging by tone, the smallest 'mon wasn't actually asking.
"Well that was admittingly frightful..." Baya gasped, grasping his chest and feeling his own thumping heart. "She gets more 'lively' by the day. It really makes me worry..." he continued, talking low enough to where only Pokemon near him could hear. Bayaruel cleared his throat and held his hand up to gather the attention of the murmuring crowd. "Excuse me dear citizens! Do not worry about the safety of your children! We will take utmost consideration to their well being by making sure their work around the guild will be in no way harmful towards them. They will only be able to go out on actual missions when they've proven they are ready to enter dungeons." It was never really a strict policy that the guild lived by. Before then, all a child would have to do is look old enough to enter a dungeon, and prove it knew what a battle was. No one ever seriously got hurt this way thankfully, so they never saw a reason to chance the method. Now, with dear Abagail instilling fear in to the townsfolk, Bayaruel realized that they had to be more cautious about these things. Times are changing, the wild Pokemon are getting more dangerous. Children who wish to enter dungeons have to show that they can take a few hits while dishing out twice as much back. They can no longer take the easy way with their Guild Member's lives at stake. Abagail had already teleported out of sight as the small Zunamo asked her their question. Even if she had sticked around to listen, she would of still teleported away right after telling Baske where she can go take a hike. Child or Adult, you were going to be treated the same way no matter what by her. Mr. Damian had already signed up Simmia, and was now on to the next Pokemon that was behind her. There wasn't many Pokemon in the line at the moment, as the Loudour known as Samba hadn't started announcing to everyone that sign-ups were ending. Still, Simmia walked away with a smile. That Smeargle had used his tail in place of a pen; rather strange of him to do so, but given the fact the Litwick hadn't seen no sign of another writing device nearby, it was probably the best he could do. Judging by his Blue badge covered in more blue paint around the copper edges, Simmia was aware that he wasn't the other Guildmaster or another higher-up. Once again, strange, but she didn't ponder on it for much longer, as she realized that now she had to wait until night for them to make the announcements they so desperately wanted to make. And waitting to her means time to sleep. And that's just what she was going to do. But, what if she was still asleep when the guildmembers entered the building and she was sleeping outside? Uncle Reuniclus would think she was already inside when he left, making her have to go the way he went and have to face him with the news that she missed the announcement. Well, screw that. Her little tush scuttled towards the front door of the agency, and she went on inside. Looking around for a place to put herself into as to not accidently trip someone like she has seven times before, she went to a potted plant next to the entrance to the mapping room and hopped on to the dirt. Not exactly private, but it would work with the nice shading the flora gave off.
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((This introduction got too long so I'm cutting it in several parts... Anyway, here's part 1 finally)) ''You know, I hoped for a better welcome here...'' Quyn’s voice echoed through the street they currently stood on, the smile she carried on faltering due to the sheer emptiness of the place before them. No low drone of murmuring crowds, no shuffling of busy feet against the ground and no sight of a single ´mon scurrying around, just nothing. It was as if everyone had left –fled? – in a hurry, or simply vanished altogether; the booths at its sides serving as the only indication that there was, in fact, a sort of festivity held today. Galbin frowned beneath their bangs, taking some steps closer to stand beside the Fomantis and give a better look at the horizon. Stands with bright, cheery ornaments and colors lined across the street, some surrounded with foliage and others free of it, which obscured the view of the houses and establishments behind them and the intersecting streets that crossed it. On the distance, the huge tree the kind merchant Cotonee they encountered in the forest described as ‘the hallmark of Havenwick’ could be seen. Meaning that they’ve arrived at the correct town, so… ''This is weird,'' Galbin began, voicing their concern, ''we’re at the right town but… it is as if no one lived here...'' ''Yeah...'' she stepped ahead and whirled her head absently at the place. Letting out a noise of frustration –or amusement? –, she half-turned back to say in a tone that, indeed, sounded pretty amused, ''If it weren’t for that nice girl back there, I’d swear we’ve just arrived at a ghost town'' A shudder coursed through Galbin’s body, flattening their ears against their skull. ''I… really hope not; we’ve had enough fighting as it is...'' That earned a snort from the Fomantis, whose attention was drawn to her side. ''I don’t know, Galb,'' Quyn shrugged as she strolled closer to one of the stands, ‘’I’m itching to blow some steam right now. A ghost or two right now doesn’t sound half bad,'' she whirled to flash them a friendly smirk. Which only caused then to, subtly, recoil futher. Thankfully, Quyn seemed to drop the issue with a shrug. They saw her hop onto the countertop with spread wings and perching there to peer inside in search of, well, anyone really. Deciding to do the same –and ignore her comment, Galbin approached a different booth and, standing on their rear legs, they leaned on its counter to get a better view of the place. All the Numel found was an abandoned booth, several utensils scattered unceremoniously over a table along with a large plate that held a few dark slices and a half-cut larger piece of what appeared to be a cake of sorts. An approaching light flutter of wings brought their attention to their side, where Quyn had just landed on the countertop to look in there too. ''Found anything here?'' she asked, her interest falling on the table. Galbin shook their head in response. Removing themselves from the counter, they then moved away a bit from the stand in order to glance again at what little could be seen of the inner town, all while saying ''maybe they’ve all stayed in their homes? Or gathered somewhere else?''
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The Mayor allowed for the Ninjask to catch up to him so that the Pokemon would lead the way. This was something he should of done at the start, but he truly didn't want to stay any longer at that "screamo concert". He remained silent through the little stroll towards Tony despite the weight that he had on his mind. This Ninjask was not the right Pokemon to release such baggage upon. Finally, they had made it to the Rhydon, who was still struggling against the paralysis with slight huffing from the nostrils and mouth as every step was a constant battle against his body to function properly and not stay stuck in place. "Alright, then. What do we have here?" said Mayor Lickilove, picking up his pace as he spotted the Rhydon. Giranite's voice picked back up. "Well, that's just obnoxious..." He paused for a moment. "It... seems like she doesn't quite enjoy being at the guild. I suppose it's none of by business as to why she's here despite that, but don't you all think it'd be better if she made friends? Maybe then she wouldn't be so grouchy..."
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A mysterious pokemon has arrived at Havenwick. "Spooky or Chatty must be around somewhere, at least according to the frozen grass..." She said as she walked into town and spotted the group of pokemon, so she walked up to one of them, who was Sylvia. "H-hello there!" the mysterious pokemon said. "H-hi! My name is Sylvia." Sylvia said. "N-nice to meet you Sylvia. Im looking for t-two of my friends, A blue cloaked snorunt n-named Spooky, and a normal skitty named C-chaton reguleir.." She said. "Sorry, I haven't seen them, though I have seen an icy blue skitty wearing what looks like a blue snorunt's cloak." Sylvia responded. "Thats p-probably not them, Im going to go ask around a bit more." She responded "A-alright, just be a bit careful, as there is a rather mad Rhydon..." Sylvia said. "Wait... I didnt get her name!" Sylvia thought to herself. "And I did not know that there was another pokemon as shy as me..." She added to her thought. Phantom was napping in the hotel room when she decided to look out the window and see what was going on outside, when she saw the plaza and how it was a bit of a mess and wanted to go help with clean up, but she also noted that at this point in time it could be a bit dangerous as she spotted the rather mad Rhydon. She then decided to go back to napping. (Woah this was the most text I think I have made for this roleplay)
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Iski nodded in response, then pondered over the turtle’s question and lowered his head a little, staring at the ball on his paws in the absent way he did whenever he fell in thought. He didn’t consider any of that yesterday, his mind buzzing instead with her words and the sign-ups that ran today. But considering what the turtle had just said, well, the Gardevoir’s demeanor could perhaps be the one of a lonely ‘mon. Being in a place you didn’t like without anyone to speak with freely, to consider their friend… That part, Iski realized, he could relate with. Now, lashing out at others wasn’t the correct way to befriend them. But maybe, just maybe, this was the only way she knew of expressing her loneliness? He knew once a ghost who wanted friends but their way of showing so was by pranking them in rather mean ways. ‘‘Yeah,’’ he finally said, turning his gaze back to the red turtle after a rather long, awkward pause. ‘’She may need a friend...’’ - The buzzing of wings alerted Dirk of the Ninjask’s return and he watched them hover closer to the Cradirig while sparing a glance at the struggling Rhydon –or perhaps at the shimmering protective barrier formed ahead of him. Both seemed to exchange some words, but Dirk couldn’t discern any of it; a disconcertingly familiar voice deftly tore his gaze away from the talking guildmates and swiftly –and just as alarmingly- placed it on the source. The grip on his badge tightened as he froze in place upon confirming his presence. Such was his luck that, instead of bringing a Guild Administrator or a Guildmaster at least, the Ninjask seemed to have notified the Mayor and now his approaching large and round figure added an extra weight to Dirk’s already crushingly heavy load of responsibilities. Trying to hide his dismay as best as the situation allowed, he took in a shaky breath and decidedly kept his sight and attention on the badge firmly held on his left hand while his right one pulled at his hood in an effort to block the Mayor from view. If he just couldn’t mess up before for the sake of the ‘mons around, now he couldn’t afford to slip the hold on the barrier shielding Tony for a single bit. Ms. Lilianth, of course, took the Mayor appearing with far more ease than he could even muster on his best day, thought there was some confusion -or maybe just nerves?- in her eyes and the first slow, hesitant steps she took. ‘‘Mayor, sir,’’ she trotted over and addressed the Lickilicky with a slight bow of her head and an even voice, ‘‘We’re currently keeping the situation in control, and await orders from the Guildmasters to proceed further.’’

Galbin + Quyn (Pretty long)

A loud groan from inside the booth was her reply –why was she inside the booth? –, followed by a ‘‘we’ve came here only for the food and party. Galb, I swear, if we have to go around knocking door after door...’’ They weren’t too thrilled by the idea either, but it seemed better than just wandering aimlessly. Plus thy both had a better chance to run into an inhabitant of this town who knew what was going on. ‘‘No, we don’t have to do that,’’ they slowly approached the stand once more. ‘‘Not you, at least’’ ‘‘Ugh... Fine, I guess,’’ Quyn conceded begrudgingly, leaving the stand before Galbin could even look at her doings inside. To their surprise, the Fomantis had jumped off with a few slices of cake under one scythe and now offered another one with the other one. ‘‘Anyway, here!’’ Horror slowly dawned up on them at her actions –and how nonplussed she seemed on the whole thing, like she’d done something completely innocuous. ‘‘Quyn, did you...’’ their voice came out as a small, shaky thing. ‘‘We... We could get in trouble for this...’’ ‘‘Relax! No one’s around to see us!’’ She gestured with the mostly free scythe at the street that, true enough, stood empty except for the two of them. ‘‘Besides, I’m sure we could’ve got these for free anyway, so it’s not like we’re stealing or anything’’ A part of them really wanted to argue with that logic, that it would be theft if the one handing them out wasn’t around. On the other hand the scent wafting from it was tempting and they’ve gone for a while without a meal –plus a hungry Numel loses energy faster than most other Pokémon and that was a mistake they wouldn’t make anymore. Sensing their hesitation, Quyn waved the bit of cake in front of them as if trying to get their attention while saying ‘‘So, are you letting it go to waste? That’s not really your style, Galb. I believed you to be the type to not let chances like this go away’’ Letting out a soft ‘urgh’, Galbin gave in and leaned to grab the slice from her and eat it in a single bite. They ignored the widening cheeky grin painted on the Fomanti’s face in favor of actually enjoying the offered cake. It was pretty spongy and recently made, probably, with a strong but not overpowering fruity taste that they could recognize yet not name. With a satisfied hum, Quyn picked a slice from under her busy scythe to herself and gave it a tentative bit. She then stared at it in wide-eyed wonder before directing it at them while raising the now bitten slice so it was at her eye level. ‘‘This is one really good snack!’’ she exclaimed after a hasty swallow. ‘‘We should take whoever cooked it with us. They’ll make a great third partner!’’ The way she said it made Galbin wonder if she was truly serious. Maybe not, but they felt the thought of it should be stopped before it was too late. ‘‘I don’t think they’ll like that,’’ they kept their stare on the many building stretching across the street, noting how well kept they all looked. ‘‘Anyone living in such a nice place wouldn’t abandon it to join two random homeless wanderers...’’ Not to mention we’d look like kidnappers, Galbin kept to themself, deciding it best to not voice that out, Taking away anyone we deem useful to satisfy our greed. Hey only reply was a snort and a muffled ‘‘Yeah, probably not the dream life for a town guy, huh?’’ as she chewed the mouthful of cake that she’d just shoved in her mouth. She let the issue drop at that and Galbin promptly followed her example. They continued strolling past empty booths and occasionally stopping in front of houses that stood weirdly devoid of Pokémon –they ran out of slices quickly so, finding her scythes free again, Quyn snatched an allegedly free map of the town and some candies from one of the booths, to Galbin’s dismay. Eventually though, a crowd of what they supposed were the inhabitants could be seen in the distance and their murmurs began filling the air as soon as the travelers slowly drew nearer. Relief flooded the Numel –they weren’t in a ghost town, after all– which promptly turned into a pang of unease that settled on their chest the moment they stepped into the bustling crowd. Quyn, on the other hand, seemed to brim with excitement by the quick glances she threw around and the bright grin plastered on her face. Among the shuffling and hushed voices of passing people, they heard four ‘mons on their left talk loudly and animatedly about a ‘rampage’ of sorts and a ‘trashed plaza’. Galbin waited to be at a safe distance from the group before they turned to ask her if she heard it too, only to find the space she stood in at their left empty. They blinked at it in puzzlement, stilling for a few seconds before alarm bells began ringing on their head. ‘‘Quyn?’’They called loudly enough to be heard close by but not so much as to earn the many stares of the crowd. ‘‘Quyn?!’’ Something must have caught her attention enough for her to run off without notice, something not dangerous, hopefully. Otherwise she would’ve warned them about it –or so they liked to think; the truth is that she’s quite the unpredictable ´mon and a troublemaker to boot. They turned back to where the group stood in case that was what distracted her. But no, the four Pokémon continued chatting on just as loudly and lively without a Fomantis nearby to interrupt them with rapid-fire questions. - Quyn stared in a mix of unbridled awe and a pint of curiosity at the booth across from her. It was noticeably larger than its neighbor ones and adorned in such a distracting, brightly colorful way that made her eyes shine –it also said something about sign-ups, but for what she didn’t know. She tore her gaze from it regardless, directing it then to the several Pokémon –mostly kids, she noted with a confused hum– that had formed a queue to its counter, where a Smeargle with a blue stain on their ‘hat’ attended the first in line and her interest increased tenfold. Maybe he’s around here? She wondered. This does look like its sort of thing, whatever it is. Seeing no use in wondering any further, she approached the Pokémon closest to her in the line and, putting on her most friendly smile, greeted them with a raised scythe and a chirpy ‘‘heyo!’’ before dropping it and, in a lower inquisitive voice, added ‘‘any idea of what this sign-up thing is for?’’
The Mayor Lickilove gripped at the ends of his yellow bow tie and straightened it out, despite it having looked at a perfect angle before. "Ah, yes. Well, thank you for doing said duties of 'keeping the situation in control', but I will be the one of taking your guildmate. Your Guild leaders are occupied at the moment with a frightened mess of townsfolk caused by.." he paused to clear his throat, "... your friend here." He began past the Cradirig and took note of the other guildmembers surronding the purple Rhydon. "Please friends. Let me take him from here, and I will take my utmost care of Tony." He bent down at a slight angle and pat the Rhydon, only to have it recoil from his touch with a mouthed yelp. "Hmmm? That's strange... Why is he so frightful?" the Mayor asked with wide-eyed surprise.
Abagail rubbed at her face darkening face. It took everything in her power out there to not lose her cool in front of the townspeople she was desperately trying to convince. But, as her lack of fighting other Pokemon continued, the more eager her Spiritomb side came to do things in it's own way. Abagail let out a roar of frustration and buried her face in to her hands, still glossing over what she said, and what she planned to do from there. First things first, she had to relieve some stress by fighting, but she wouldn't be able to do that back at headquarters, lest there would be the chance that Edaerith would catch her. Before, her and a few other Pokemon secretly had bouts in the backyard and nearby field to strengthen their power, and for Abagail's thirst for combat to be quenched. But now, just the sight of her using her psychic or ghostly moves, and the Mawile may send her on her way, and that would NOT do well for her plans. So, she just had to train outside of the boundaries of the town, which leads her to where she teleported to now. Lifting her head from her palms, she looked around at her surroundings. "Will-o'-Woods. What a nice place... when you're an overeager adventurer trying to seek the secrets it holds in." Her explanation was followed by a huff. "On the bright side, a bunch of weak Psychic types live here." Her thoughtful mouth rose to a grin. Yes, her Sucker Punch and Ominous Wind would do her nicely against those wild fools. In no time at all, she'll be back to the way she felt before.
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"Is she always like that?" The Zunamo circled a few times. "I don't understand, why... it doesn't matter." She landed at Edaerith's feet. "She's not chasing me off like that." (And if anyone wants to interact with Loamling, feel free. He's somewhere around here.)

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