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Shadow Force [PMD][Actual RP]

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RP Set-up here: Link Everyone who has been waiting can now join in! Introduction: In the quiet, peaceful town of Havenwick, the winter is coming to a close. The snow is melting, the flowers are springing up all over the grassy fields. The townspeople are welcoming of the warmth, and the town is bustling with activity. All is well in the start of this new year. The Alliance Expedition, run by Bayaruel the Sableye and Edaerith the Mawile, have encountered their least busy season. The kids are in school, the snow is melting away, and people are running their businesses, cutting short their exploring time. As the start of the first flower blooms in the town square's mysterious tree, new suspicious pokemon have started showing up in the peaceful town. Most of them speak a marbled, mumbled language that no one can understand. They all seem to be driven by some unknown task and have started to reek havoc amongst the mystery dungeons that surround the town. What's worse, is some of the townspeople have started to join their mischief! The Alliance Expedition must put a stop to this madness as soon as possible before the town is consumed. The amount of requests has piled up, so recruitment has been opened to anyone who can help. Can you make a difference? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Pink Sableye was at work, sweeping up dirt and trash off of a neatly looking wooden bridge, which laid across a moat filled with fresh, sparkling water. This moat lead to The Alliance Expedition, a place where Pokemon help other Pokemon with problems they can't seem to fix. This Sableye in particular had screws for eyes and on the back and front of his body. The early morning sun gleamed off of the Sableye's silvery screw eyes, but he didn't seem to notice said thing, and just kept upon doing his work. This Sableye's name was Bayaruel, or Baya, as he prefers people call him. Bayaruel was trying to make himself helpful with doing small chores around the Expedition area, for they didn't get a lot of business with everyone milling around within the safety of Havenwick, or so they think. Bayaruel swept a few more bits of dried mud and scraps of garabage in to the waste bin nearby next to the bridge. He grasped the handle of the Sableye-sized broom and carried it back inside, to it's proper destinated area where he kept all the cleaning supplies, a closet just right next to the front door of the Building (Because where else do you think he'd put that type of stuff? We're not animals or anything...). He did a huge stretch, throwing both of his arms into the air and leaning a little back, easing the tension in his neck, shoulders, and spine. He hurried on back outside through the front door and sat on a railing of the bridge, giving himself a little break from all the work he had done. Bayaruel watched as Pokemon bustled around the walkways in front of the expedition, everyone always had places to be. Bayaruel sighed, and began to get lost in his thoughts. He wondered intensely about what Edaerith was going to make for breakfast.
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Edaerith shuffled to and fro, reading in one of her beloved books as she often did. With a soft sigh, she closed the book and set it on her desk for another time. She slowly shuffled out the door, locking it with her silver key around her neck. Her library was private quarters, but there was the guild library just down the hall. With a swift motion, she hurried down the corridor to the kitchen where she would find the ingredients for the guild's breakfast. It was a slow morning and the few guild members there were had rushed off for work. It seemed to be that just Baya and her were left to enjoy breakfast together and take care of any new recruits that might happen to show. She shuffled around and prepared a hardy meal of some pokepuffs and apples and set them on a silver tray. She picked it up, and after setting it on her head, swiftly moved out to the corridor to where she knew she would find Baya outside, enjoying the day. She hurried outside and smiled, seeing the pink Sableye off in his own daydreams, "Baya, I have breakfast!" she called as she approached, taking the tray off of her head, "Any new recruits yet?"
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The sudden noise of her yelling snapped Bayaruel right out of his day dreams, and made him jump right up, facing Edaerith. "Oh, Evie! You caught me in the middle of my thoughts, but it seems like they're real, because breakfast!" He hopped happily off the railing and eyed at all the nummy food she brought out on the tray. "Uhh.." He looked back up at her. "What was your other question? Oh yeah, new recruits! Nope, none so far. But it is just the beginning of the day, so we just need to give them some time to get the courage and dedication to come and join our wonderful Expedition!" He cleared his throat and eyed back to the food. "Now, what did you make for breakfast?" He asked with a slight drool starting from his mouth.
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Melon quickly shuffled out of her house, saying goodbye to her Lileo friend. She scattered to the Guild, flapping their wings as she went. ((am on wii u,))
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"Pokepuffs and Apples," Edaerith smiled, "Eat up!" she grabbed a puff off the tray and nibbled on it, looking out across the town from the edge at which they sat. She spotted the Eevlet and nodded in her direction, "Here comes someone Baya, would you rather eat or introduce?" she asked, looking at him.
Bayaruel turned to where Edaerith was looking, where the Eevelet was. He quickly turned back to the tray full of food, and an even more obvious look of hunger spread across his face. He didn't even need to contemplate with himself about what he wanted to do as he grabbed an apple, and began chomping it. "Why not both?" He said chuckling with his mouth full. He quickly swalloed the chunk of apple and turned to the direction of the streets again. He took a few steps forward towards them and stood right at the middle of the bridge. He took another bite of the apple.
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Vimmick popped his head out of his shell and moved to the commotion, moving up a bit but standing silently. He moved up onto his tail to get a better view of the room to make sure that things were safe and there were no intruders. 'Always on alert.' he said to himself.
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“Bye Mason, stay safe.” Said Mr. Smith as he waved goodbye to his son. Mason waved back and started to head out of the Bakery with his backpack. He walked across the road and already some of the nearby Pokémon noticed the pastry smell wafting from him. He had just finished helping his parents this morning with some Pokepuffs that were missing from the customers’ order. But the smell had cling onto him like glue, so everyone knew he out and about. Mason kept his head up high and continued on, despite a Pichu, a Cleffa, and a Igglybuff following after him. They were hoping to get some of the tasty treats he must had. After a bit of walking and weaving through the crowds, losing the little trio. He saw the guild and stopped right in front of it. (The guild... maybe I can join them when I’m older. Maybe in the meantime I can ask them to advertise the bakery.) he thought.
An oddly-colored Growlithe paused for a moment, his weariness showing in the sweat trickling down his face. He had been walking along the road, not bothering to use his wings to fly, lest he startle too many Pokemon along the way. However, as the Growlithe looked ahead, he saw the destination he had been wanting to go to, right in front of him. Excitedly, he spread out his wings, shaped like an Aerodactyl's wings, and took off into the air with an elated bark of joy. This Growlithe's name was Apollo. Some time later, Apollo spotted the Guild and began to circle it from overhead. He didn't quite want to land yet, so he stayed in the air, observing the building and paying attention to detail. He relished the fact that even he had heard of the guild and what was happening to the town around it, when he had been out of town for a long time, traveling around. As he thought about this, his wings began to tire. Apollo sighed, realizing he was reaching his limits in his stamina, and descended. Landing on his four paws, the Growlithe looked around to see no one about, folded his wings in neatly to his sides, and slowly made his way away from the guild. He would find a place to grab a bite of food and rest for some moments. The Guild can wait, he told himself, calming himself.
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Edaerith set the tray upon her head and followed Baya, seeing more pokemon gather around. She gave a faint smiled, ready to put on the Guild Leader facade, "If you are a pokemon here to join the guild, please pass through and into the lobby. There we can speak about the enrollment process! If you are here to solicit and sell things, I'm sorry but we have no need for your goods. If you're here about a job posting on our bilboard, please post it quickly so we can work it. Those of you who are new recruits, please approach at once." she said in oe large breath. It was a speech she had repeated many times before, usually to deaf ears.

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