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POLL: Who is your favorite Ace Attorney character?

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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Howdy! I'm Chicken! 24 | nonbinary
the closest i've gotten to a definition of my gender is "not a girl"
| they/them
he/him is okay but i vastly prefer they/them
| asexual
i am also extremely repulsed
| androromantic
i'm romantically attracted to men
I'm an artist that loves to draw characters and fanart. (I sometimes post art here??) I am currently in my last semester of college for a bachelor of studio arts degree! I started HRT
hormone therapy, specifically testosterone injections
on January 28, 2020. I kinda play PFQ out of habit, but I do love it here. I love the make-number-go-up-ness of hunting, haha. For long-term goals, I want to have a full jolly-male dex and all wishalloy badges. [I've also had the usernames 'thedorkychicken' and 'Kiryu' before!] On most sites my username is 'thedorkychicken'! (though I'm on PFQ more than any other site, haha;;)

comprehensive-ish list of places you can find me

furaffinity: thedorkychicken toyhouse: thedorkychicken AO3: thedorkychicken twitter: thedorkychicken instagram: thedorkychicken furvilla: Chicken dappervolk: Chicken (#1972) twitch: thedorkychicken picarto: chickenscribbles I also have a list of mature accounts I have in my mature journal!
I'm currently very into Ace Attorney, Haikyuu!, and Cells at Work right now! (9/25/20) If you wanna talk about them sometime I'd be glad to! ( never send me spoilers about anything before asking please!! ;;v;; )

comprehensive-ish list of fandoms im interested in

team fortress 2 overwatch yakuza jojo's bizarre adventure haikyuu! ace attorney cells at work vinesauce undertale/deltarune pokemon (duh) five nights at freddy's super mario brothers animal crossing bendy and the ink machine cuphead dream daddy don't hug me i'm scared dont starve final fantasy 7+9 gorillaz temtem a hat in time gorillaz homestar runner maplestory monster factory the adventure zone mystery skulls animated paper mario portal night in the woods one piece bobobo-bo bo-bobo presentable liberty my little pony psychonauts punch-out!! resident evil 7 riddle school sam & max space channel 5 splatoon spongebob the stanley parable star vs. the forces of evil steven universe starlight express villainous invader zim parappa the rapper um jammer lammy the lego movie gravity falls amnesia: the dark descent avatar: the last airbender minecraft hypnospace outlaw subnautica humongous entertainment games spore
Also note: If you are under 18, please don't message me for conversation. I don't feel comfortable talking with minors, especially when I'm unaware they are minors. ;v;'' Trades/PMs/forum interactions/simple questions are totally fine, this is just about private discussions/chitchat. Also also note: If you are ALM/TERF, do not contact me. You are not welcome here. All art, unless otherwise specified, is my own!
"I'll devote my body and soul to following after you, Mr. Edgeworth!"
Chicken 🌻 24 they/them Shop Journal F2U Art
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
My Male Jolly Living Dex progress is being kept in this spreadsheet! Feel free to take a peek! (tho im not done updating w/ what i currently have so shhh) I got the template from this thread! My current dex progress is ~15%! (not accurate as I have not added my unova/kalos/alola/galar/pfq mons yet) If you have a jolly male (or genderless/female-only) poke that it looks like I don't have, I'd love to take them off your hands if you don't want them!!
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Egg EXP DP Shiny Albino Melan
1,280 1 10GP | 2ZC 20GP | 4ZC 2kGP | 400ZC
2,560 2 20GP | 4ZC 40GP | 8ZC 4kGP | 800ZC
3,840 3 30GP | 6ZC 60GP | 12ZC 6kGP | 1.2kZC
5,120 4 40GP | 8ZC 80GP | 16ZC 8kGP | 1.6kZC
6,400 5 50GP | 10ZC 100GP | 20ZC 10kGP | 2kZC
7,680 6 60GP | 12ZC 120GP | 24ZC 12kGP | 2.4kZC
8,960 7 70GP | 14ZC 140GP | 28ZC 14kGP | 2.8kZC
10,240 8 80GP | 16ZC 160GP | 32ZC 16kGP | 3.2kZC
20,480 16 160GP | 32ZC 320GP | 64ZC 32kGP | 6.4kZC
30,720 24 240GP | 48ZC 480GP | 96ZC 48kGP | 9.6kZC

useful links/quotes

relic cheat sheet

QUOTE originally posted by Mareep

I'm not sure if this would be helpful, but when I worked on my badges, I made this cheat sheet for myself. It has the amount of coppers, silvers and golds you need to make each higher tier and you can also enter the price you want to buy those three (the underlined rows below) and see how much each tier would cost including upgrading prices. You'll need to make a copy to use it, but if you just want to see how many of one you need to make another, you can also just save the picture

weird galar unexpected message

QUOTE originally posted by Gumshoe

QUOTE originally posted by SylveonRules

This is not a bug. When breeding with one or two Galar pokemon, they may produce the galarian form and the normal form, so you may find only normal corsola eggs.
Nope, that's not true! That only happens with site variants, NOT with regional variants. The same happens when breeding a male G. zigzagoon/linoone with a female obstagoon. I'm pretty sure the explanation had something to do with the way you obtain regional variants to begin with. When you breed a female galarian pokemon with a male pokemon that has a galarian variant, it will produce the galarian variant. male in a non-galar dex with a galarian form + female pokemon in the galar dex While it seems strange for this message to proc in this pairing, it's because Cursola is in the Galar dex and both of Corsola's forms are in the Johto dex. (Even the Galarian form is a part of the Johto dex!) Since Cursola is in the Galar dex and Corsola has a galarian variant, it makes the message appear. The system is technically working as intended, it just seems weird since they are both technically part of the same line. male in a non-galar dex with a galarian form + female pokemon in the galar dex still a male in a non-galar dex with a galarian form + female pokemon in the galar dex!
Blocking Script alcremie masterpost

you can bookmark wiki pages

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

This is unfortunately not as simple as I'd like it to be, as the bookmarks are specifically meant to accept only local links, and allowing pfq.link would involve theoretically allowing any remote link and then trying to secure that. It's actually for this reason that you can access the wiki via https://pokefarm.com/wiki/Lunupine - so you can bookmark wiki pages. I'll see if maybe I can have a "special" way of doing shortlinks in a similar manner but I can't promise anything.

why exclusive minisprites need forward slash

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

QUOTE originally posted by Gumshoe

You have to add a forward slash after the name. (im not sure why its that way, its just, how it is .<. ) [pkmn=gumairy/]
Technically you should put the slash anyway, even in things like Pikachu. Otherwise you're telling the code "any form is fine". Most of the time the default is what you want anyway, but try it with Unown! Exclusives are all technically forms of Missingno. since they don't exist in official games, therefore if you don't put the slash then you're saying any form is fine, so it defaults to Missingno..

shelter pokemon deletion

QUOTE originally posted by Rebecca Gold

Shelter team hatches pokemon after 2 days and hatched (or released) pokemon stays 4-5 days in shelter before it gets deleted. I don't know if it was a feature before but I tested it with another user and this was the result. ^^

more than 100% daycare

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

Percentages above 100% are "overkill" but it just means you have a buffer before the breeding rate drops if you're using the Red Gigaremo.

daycare percentages are multiplicative

QUOTE originally posted by RosharanNoivern

The effects on breeding chances shown in the above image should add up to a total chance of 82%, but it is shown as 79% instead (83 - 18 - 3 + 20 = 82).

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

Percentages are multiplicative. If they were meant to be added, they would be measured in pp (percentage points) 83% * (-18%) * (-3%) * (+20%) = 79.22%

common problems

invisible pokemon taking up slot/party is full w/ 5

Try going to your party page, visiting it should make the pokemon be visible again!

future hunts in no particular order

Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
[medic tf2, trying to look through this post] achk, it's filthy in zhere

original first post

this journal is pg-13!!!!
all this really means is i sometimes talk about my pg-13 interests, such as undertale/deltarune/fnaf/nitw/so on! also secret jolly dex progress

Jolly Dex!

i moved it bc long loading
Also while you're here please click my special boy
Poisonium Z

Poisonium Z


(: 0)

A crystallised form of Z-Power. It can be used to boost Albino rates for Poison-type Eggs.

Sells for 1,000

Lv. 100 — +16,150,536
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness MAX
Jolly nature
thank you also!! i don't mind yall postin in here to reply to something or PMing me about stuff here, i don't mind at all! ^^ i ain't much of a talker but i don't mind small conversations!

extremely secret hunt plans

its jjba themed up to part 4 so bewarb??

silver chariot - Melan Bisharp (COMPLETED!) hierophant green - deoxys? magician's red - mega blaziken? hermit purple - victreebel? ferrothorn? star platinum - machamp? machoke? the fool - hippodon? the moon - swampert? hail 2 u - lovers - hanged man - accelgor? anubis - honedge (poison delta) yellow temperance - swalot??muk?? jonathon - speedwagon - baby joseph - vigoroth? ceasar?? - wartortle? jotaro - zangoose? absol? decidueye? midday lycanroc? kakyoin - cherubi? smeargle? polnareff - primeape??machoke??monferno?gallade?? old joseph - slaking? avdol - noctowl? iggy - snubull???granbul???frosdour? houndor? josuke - clefairy?? clefable?? okuyasu - scrafty to help w/ planning

list of future hunts in no particular order

hard ones petripeep pixrine gragon? bandicoon? wagell? impyre? solynx? pasovan? easy ones skarmory alolan muk cyndaquil ambipom dunsparce smeargle? mudkip spinda spiritomb tepig pansear/page/pour blitzle? scolipede? sigilyph yamask? tirtouga? archen? morelull? litten? stufful?

undiscovered legend melan spoilers


messy looking journal stuff before i switched to separate posts

For my journaly stuff! 12/17/2017 A lil annoyed at the impossibility of GP->ZC swaps for anything less than 1:7 but I got real lucky with a USD conversion.........now I'm just hurting a bit since I don't have much GP atm............gotta finish those orders. And then work on pushin my fA stuff again. @_@ gotta stop workin for fake currency. side note, who the honk is subscribed to this.....??? 12/20/17 aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'IM SO EXCITED it keeps hitting me how soon christmas is i haven't been this excited for christmas in...........quite a few years this is the first time im really giving gifts to people and i'm getting a SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOD i'm so excited for it i'm so ready for it i'll be getting SMO + BOTW (+ maybe splat/arms??) and i'm so????? Ready?????? this is gunna be the first time in s u c h a long time i'm gunna have a new console.....the last newest thing i've gotten was my 3DS....like, the original, first release of it......and the last new console we got was the PS3....................................... it'll just be. Nice to not be Completely in the stone age when it comes to consoles also!! i'm getting back into FA stuff + actually got lots of orders and i'm working on them right away???????? AH i'm in such a good mood!!!!! 1/21/18 Yay edits!! :U I hope they stay, I love things being recorded for future reference. My pea brain thanks recorded history.
i ran outta space in my about section so i'll just cram the older hunts here


shiny stunky hunt is GO 1S | 158H COMPLETED as of 9/20/17
1/1 Shiny Stunky
1S | 173H COMPLETED as of 9/29/17
1/1 Shiny Jangmo-o
preparing for seviper hunt! 1S | 47H UH ALRIGHT THEN I GUESS THATS DONE COMPLETED as of 10/1/17
1/1 Shiny Seviper
shiny dunsparce hunt!! 1S | 58H BACK AT IT AGAIN W/ THE QUICK SHINIES COMPLETED as of 10/3/17
1/1 Shiny Dunsparce
????????venipede hunt????? 1S | 53H WOOPWOOPWOOP ONE DAY HUNT COMPLETED as of 10/4/17
1/1 Shiny Venipede
noibat time!!! 1S | 49H COMPLETED as of 10/6/17
1/1 Shiny Noibat
horrible torchic hunt 0S | 1A | ~100?H PAUSED/FAILED
0/1 Shiny Torchic
another big ol update! i have a few missing, might wrangle those up soon golden boy hunt 1S (M) 1S (F) | 1A??? | 207H ,,,,,,,please,,,,,,,,, F I N A L L Y
1/1 Shiny Male Poochyena
nostalgia venonat hunt! 1S | 0A | 138H time for albino!! 0S | 1A | 30H
1/1 Shiny Venonat
1/1 Albino Venonat
more poison buggo hunts!! 3S | 0A | 159H
1/1 Shiny Skorupi
0/1 Albino Skorupi
Another lazy, sloppy update! Hunts are getting longer! the worst of the worst hunt 1S (209) | 331H
1/1 Shiny Sigilyph
why're trapinch so nicer ;_____; 3S | 1A | ~100?H
2/2 Shiny Trapinch
randomly long cacnea hunt?? 11S | 7A | 717H
1/1 Shiny Cacnea
tournament salandits! 13S | 4A | 1M | 811H
1/1 Shiny Female Salandit
planning on working towards getting all hoenn legendaries!
10/10 Legendaries
Me? Being too lazy to update stuff? noooooooooooooooooooooooo sloth hunt! 13S | 2A | 1M | ~460H the Hunt for Tiny Torblets 11S | 2A | 1M | 374H Mini one-day crab hunt! 8S | 0A | 123H Mole Boys 32S | 7A | 720H Rock Turtles!! 25?S | 5A | 987H Spooky Gastly Ghosts!!! 23S | 5?A | 773H Another weedle gem/tourney hunt Spheal hunt for Type Race! (Ice!) ~19?S | 2?A | 421H there was a weedle hunt but it was for gems so [shrug emoji] gassy boys GO 14S | 4A | ~564H
2/2 Shiny (Male) Koffing
2/2 Albino Koffing
(Oprah voice) KEYS!!!!!!!!!!! 37S | 5?A | ~1550H
1/1 Shiny Klefki
The final of these updates. Haven't kept track of hunts in a real long time; just postin what I have in my about me for uh. Time's sake? this is always outdated OTL

Big Hunts

unintentional drud hunt?????????????????? On hold for a few short hunts
Druddigon Melan Bait by Silver Raven! Blood Moon Has Arrived | 148S | ~20?A | ~2.9kH | 1M
Lunatone Melan Bait by me!

Completed Hunts

the search for the skunk son 1M | 6.8kH i will take my skunk daughter. thank you sally please im physically dying try 2 for spooky boys 3S | 2A | ~200?H Older hunts!
ah, heck it, it's too much trouble just to edit a single post all the time. :P I'm finally catching up with AGDQ (+ SGDQ) that I missed + I'm havin a Great Time I l o v e how technical pokemon runs are!! Even if I don't understand everything that's going on I love hearing about all the in depth RNG maniuplation and stuff like that, it's real interesting to me!! -- i dont waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanna do my physics hw but i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave to do my physics hw [grumpily turns on study music]

important pokes

just in case i lose one or somth??
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
I've NEVER seen Blacephalon before and I'm ;_______________; Oooooooooooh my god I love it so much,,,,,I wish I was rich enough for a UB hunt,,,,I haven't even unlocked UBs yet,,,,,,how dare you gatekeep this magnificent beauty away from me,,,,,,,,,,,,
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
🐔 oh my GOD I. I never knew about hitting the windows key + period for the emoji keyboard oh my god,,,,,,,how long has this been a thing,,,,,,,,,how long have i been missing out,,,,,,,,,,, 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
I can't wait for my Ugly Boy to become a Big Ugly Boy
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
;-; I just want Delta-Poisons and no one's selling deltas anymore Especially since the USUM update came out, like 70% of the trades forum is just USUM stuff right now OTL;;;; i dont even have the UB quest unlocked what am i supposed to do EDIT: A L S O the 'user data not found' bug has FINALLY been fixed and I want to actually cry I can finally click users and not feel my soul leaving my body by having to wait 3 seconds each time I'm so, so happy,,,,,,,
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
ALSO For some reason I'm....really enjoying this Tirtouga hunt? Even though it's going a bit slower than my other hunts due to higher EXP eggs/less eggs each party bc of fossil bonus/slower egg finds in shelter/increased bonus counter requirements/low level badges...I don't know, I'm enjoying it? :O Tirtouga's always been one of my fav fossils, I love gen 5 in general, and it feels sort of satisfying to collect and sell higher EXP eggs? I mean, I always sell my shinies for about 25GP less than what the "normal" price it since that always seems like a more fair price to me, but it's nice that I can actually sell some shinies for a bit more, and also like...I don't think I've seen S/A Tirtouga offered by anyone? :O Not that I've looked, but most hunts I've done previously I've usually seen at least one or two other people hunting it before/during/after my hunts I'm a bit sad I have to interrupt it for the type race but I might actually pick it up again afterwards? :O Or look into other fossils to hunt!! .........oh crud type race's almost here I really gotta decide what I'm gunna hunt pretty soon now

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