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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah nodded both to Lillian's question and Carrena's responds. "I know where the lab is, we'll show you. Carrena is right, it is on the way." She examined the girl for a moment, wondering if she was planning to go on alone or join a group. Sarah started walking in the direction of the lab. "What are your plans after you visited the professor? We are heading up north to the rocky area, we made a slight detour to watch a contest in Mespirit City before heading of to the Onix."
"The gym is one on one yes, but Oddish could use a battle-buddy that is on her side of the field and not a one-on-one sparring partner. I'd like to see more then her cowering behind her leaves." Gabe looked at his pokemon both Tepig and Machop could use the training alongside Oddish. He knew Machop would go above and beyond to protect Oddish while Tepig ould have to learn to be a team player. He had to weigh out if he wanted to put two pokemon in an unknow situation or just one. "Ah, let's be bold, I'm gonna choose Tepig and Oddish." Tepig lifted his had. "He is chosing who for hat now?" Mareep nudged Tepig. "You silly, up you go, off your lazy bum" Tepig glared. "I'm not lazy" Mareep tilted her head. "Then what? you are still too tired from the hike?" Tepig didn't want to admit to that so he got up. "Of course not, I'm in great shape." Oddish trembled a bit and stepped forward a bit hesitant. Tepig lookd at Odish. "You'll do fine." he said.
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Glad.Silver's Avatar
Lillian looked at Sarah and answered hesitantly. "I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out." She said. "I've never really.... Been on a journey before." She hesitated, trying to find the right words. "This is the first time I've been out of Kalos in quite some time." She eventually stated.
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