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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
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"The view from up here is very nice", Noemi debated for a momment but then kept talking, "do you guys want to battle now or rest up for a bit first". She knew her legs were a little sore, but if everyone else wanted to get started then she would as well.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
The Meowstic seemed to doubt for a moment and then gave a single nod to accept the offer. Hesitantly it moved forward to show it was willing to come along, but it stayed a few steps away from Shoyoko.
The busdriver waited until Sara, Reve and Carrena had entered the bus, nodding at their Pokédexes, and closed the doors once they had passed. He started driving towards Lilan Town.
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Gabe was about to say that he wanted to battle right there an then but when his eye rested on Tepig he reconsidered. "I suppose we could take a couple of minutes to catch our breath." Tepig closed his eyes and lay down on the grass. Thankfull for the few minutes respite. "So, in a few do we do a one on one practise or two on two pokemon? I dunno, maybe it'll help Oddish to be in a battle with someone alongside her to help. What do you think?" Gabe asked, a bit worried about his battle-scared grass-type pokemon.
The bus drive was pleasant and Sarah enjoyed the view of the landscape rolling by. It didn't take long at all to get to Lilan Town this way and it was very comfortable. As they had quite a journey ahead of them she made the most of the twenty minutes comfortably seated. "We're almost there." she remarked as she noticed some houses appearing in her view.
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Lillian sat in silence on the bus to Lilan Town, sitting with her partner Pokémon, Froakie. He had fallen asleep almost halfway to the town. As houses came into view, Lillian heard someone remark that they were almost there. She shifted in her seat, careful not to wake Froakie. As the bus came to a stop, she waited until most everyone was off the bus before picking up Bonsai (her Froakie) and leaving the bus.

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