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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
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"Cool. Do any pokemon feed on the burped gasses?". That would be interesting. Ecosystems weren't somthing Noemi was super ethusiatic about but they passed the time.
Snowysun's AvatarSnowysun
Snowysun's Avatar
"Ah," Milian nodded. As he waited for the nurse, tapping on Polly's pokeball absentmindedly, he thought of the possible water types he could catch on Ornitan for the contest and gym. Maybe Polly and him should pay a trip to the coast once she healed up? When the nurse returned with a wingull, he considered the possibility of catching one. Milian then remembered his noctowl was especially hostile to the idea of him getting another pokemon, especially an avian one. "Yes, my noctowl seems to have come down with a fever and she isn't getting any better," he said to the nurse, pressing the button on his pokeball and releasing said noctowl. She hooted softly and closed her eyes, but briefly opened them to give a glare at the wingull. Milian lightly rubbed her head.
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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"Burps" Gabe said chuckling. He was reasured that the volcano wouldn't erupt anytime soon. "A burping volcano." He did like the story about the Volcarona. "I want to see a Volcarona" he stated. "When we climb that volcano I hope I can see one." ---------------------- Sarah waited patiently for everyone to go sit in the jeep while she sat on the back of her Girafarig. "Ready for some running Gira?" She asked. Gira nodded.
Calle's AvatarCalle
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Nurse Joy looked at the Noctowl and felt on her head and throat with precise and gentle movements of her fingers. "I will take her to the backroom for a quick investigation," she said, "but I think it's nothing serious." She turned to the Chansey, who had already fetched a rolling stretcher for the Noctowl to lie on. "Can you move? the Chansey asked in the Pokémon language, gesturing to the rolling stretcher. "As for this one," she added as she picked up the Wingull and looked at Rai. "I will evaluate if she's capable of flying tomorrow, but I think she will be."
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”That’s good.” Rai sighed in relief, she’s glad that the wingull wasn’t extremely hurt. “I’ll be back tomorrow to see Wingull.” She stated and walked out the door. She moved a little bit to the left and sat infront of the pokemon center. She released her Eevee and held the small fox pokemon in her lap. “I’m sorry Star, we can’t make it to the contest.” Rai sighed and pet the fox. Star nuzzled Rai’s hand as a sign that it was okay.
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Calle's AvatarCalle
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The tour guide thought about Noemi's question. "I don't think any Pokémon feed on the gasses themselves, but I will check with scientists. We have a bunch of knowledgeable people on the islands. The gym leaders know Pokémon well, the Rangers too. The professors at the lab, of course. And Charlie on Evoru, he knows a lot about Cyndaquil." Then he addressed Gabe's remark. "You don't have to climb that high, Larvesta live at the foot of the Volcano, on the other side. As for Volcarona, we don't have a lot of those. It's a pretty rare sight to see an evolved form. A trainer from Rhando caught one though, they are certainly there." He stopped in front of a cave. "There you go, the entrance of the gym. It's an old lava tube, left behind after an eruption. But don't worry, it's safe. There is light on the ceiling and you will end at a junction. "To the left is a door with a flame on it which leads to the area used for battles and contest. To the right are the gym leaders personal rooms. If she isn't in the gym, you can try there."
When everyone was seated, Andy started the jeep and drove towards Mesperit City, first driving over the same road he had used to get to the cave and once he reached the main road he turned in the direction of Mesperit City. "We'll be there soon," he said, checking the clock on the dashboard, "and in time for the contest too!"
Nurse joy nodded and waved to Rai before she turned her attention back on the Noctowl of Milian, who was put on the stretched by Joy and her Chansey. "Wait here please," nurse Joy said as the Chansey rolled the stretcher into medical area of the Pokémon Center.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"That's great to hear! I really can't wait to get this Contest sorted so I can try another island's one out! I only need Blaze to evolve in order to be eligible for all four types." Shoyoko gives off a pleased sigh since she knew that Poyk(I'm referring Poyoko as that from now on.) would be more then willing to aid her cause.... since he was her only ground type. ------------------------------ Kylie was pleased that they reached the Gym at last, and was first to leap off of the cart. "Thank you sir! Now c'mon you guys! I'm so eager to see the gym leader and be able to battle them!" Flurry showed relief to be off the cart and let out a small flare to signal she was alright.
snompeitö's Avatarsnompeitö
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Cassandra confidently strutted into the Pokemart, her wallet brimming with cash. "5 Ultra Balls, please?" she said counting six thousand pokebucks
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from her wallet and stacking them on the counter. "What are using those for? I thought you were just going to get all the contest ribbons?" Cash snorted. "Yeah, I know. I might find a really cute pokemon, and I don't have time to waste throwing petty pokeballs at it." Cassandra huffed, taking her nail filer out. "What island are we on again? I can't keep up with the names." she inquired after a couple of seconds in complete silence. "We're on Indelgy Island, flying types only." Cash mumbled whilst typing on his phone. "I don't HAVE any flying types in my party!" Cassandra wailed in response. "Why not use that Vivillion dad gave to you on your eigth birthday?" Cash shrugged. He then looked at her. "Don't tell me you forgot." "Of course I forgot! He said I couldn't use it until I got a starter, which was TWO years later." Cassandra replied, dragging the Villion [Ocean Pattern] into her party.
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Snowysun's AvatarSnowysun
Snowysun's Avatar
Milian raised his eyebrows when he heard the Chansey speak to Polly, yet she made no attempt to respond. As bad it sounded, he hoped that was a sign of how frazzled the fever left his noctowl, not Polly being rude like she usually was. "Alright, thank you!" The trainer nodded to the nurse. Polly turned her head 180° as she made sense of her situation. The day had started out fine, although she felt a bit dizzy every once in a while. Then, everything got progressively worse in her head until she found comfort on a bed. Her trainer came home soon after that, started freaking out over her, and now she was in a pokemon center on a stretcher being rolled by a Chansey. The Chansey had said something to her, but she didn't hear it completely. The noctowl opened its eyes and turned to look at the Chansey, her brain not in a fog anymore. "Where are you taking me?" She asked.
octoren's Avataroctoren
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A darkly tanned, freckled girl ran off the dock and into Mesperit, followed by a Bulbasaur running behind her, a Pikipek flying above her, and a Mareanie on her shoulder. The girl skidded to stop right in front of the Poké Mart, smiling. The girl, Sandy, took the Mareanie off her shoulder, and pet it. Sandy took out three Pokeballs. The two Pokémon that were following her caught up, and the three Pokémon were zapped into the Pokeballs.
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