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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
Gerbilfriend's Avatar
Noemi huffed as she took the lower bed. "Next time I get top", she demanded as she put her stuff down, trying to figure out the best way for the next day to go. They could totally do this. Right?
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"I don't mind where I am. That Shoyoko girl honestly seemed amazing for a newbie, don't you think?" As Kylie laid her bag on her bed, Striker let himself out of his pokèball. He couldn't tell where he was, but was relieved he wasn't on that path anymore. Flurry rubs herself on her trainers legs.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
On all the islands shops were starting to close as dinner time approached. People who hadn't gone home from work yet were leaving now. The sky was reddening in colour as the sun slowly moved towards the horizon. It would be another hour before it would set, but Pokémon were retreating to their hideouts for the night and the nocturnal Pokémon were slowly stirring, although not waking up just yet.
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Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
Gracidea's Avatar
"Well, it'd be fun and a bit more convenient to camp, but a Pokémon center or hotel would be much easier...." Carrena mused, "But it is getting late so I'd say we should stay somewhere tonight and camp tomorrow if needed..." Reve nodded. "I agree. It'd be kinda hard to pitch a tent in the dark."
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
After her run-in with the girl who's name she forgot, Shoyoko had wandered around for a bit. Before she did, she answered Cash's question. "Yeah, I know about it. Back when Poyk was a Tympole, I wasn't surprised when Grass attacks hurt him bad when Electric moves did nothing. Anyway, I have to go. See you round." She came upon the forest and walks in. The cabin catches her eye and she heads over. Blades had been carefully watching from atop her hair. ------------------------------------ Kylie was anxious to that Sandshrew she saw earlier. But she'd have to be brave to show Flurry she was a worthy trainer. Meanwhile, Striker had recalled himself. Flurry was rooting through Kylie's bag for something, which was a green cloth. Kylie proceeded to rub her down, leaving her coat soft. "So, who exactly is going to fight the leader first tomorrow? I'll go last if you two want."
Umi Mastua | Evoru island | City Umi and her pokemon, Nin, Umbrie, and Sol, were all going to the port on her home island, Evoru, when Umi was caught by movement in the corner of her eye.. They rushed over to where she saw the movement. __________________________________________________________ Umi Mastua | Evoru island | Forest Umi ended up in a thin forest... and then They saw it.... the rumored.. giant Onix! Umi would have fought it if not for the fact that her pokemon had almost no HP.. so They had to flee! __________________________________________________________ Umi Mastua | Evoru island | Port When Umi got on the port, They went straight to the Pokemon center on the boat.. __________________________________________________________ Umi Mastua | Indelgy island | Prillis village When Nin, Umbrie, and Sol were healed they have arived in the village called Prillis, on the island Indelgy! They headed to the Pokemon center for a place to rest for the night.. because the sun was setting soon...
Salenea's AvatarSalenea
Salenea's Avatar
"Sarah nodded. "We can go to the pokemon centre, there are usually some bed available." she said. "Tomorrow we will have no choise but to camp, I think we might get there or close to there during the day but not back." Sarah led the way to the pokemon centre. Once there and after hearing there was place availabe she set her bags in the room and eat some dinner. Sarah was looking forward to tomorrow, maybe she could catch another pokemon on the way to the Onix --------------------------------------------------------- Gabe grinned to Noemi. "Duly noted" he said before he looked at Kylie. "Yeah, Shyoko did great, better than the other. I wonder how I would do in a couple of days. Can't be that hard right?" Gabe grabbed him something to eat and a bottle of water to wash it down. "I don't mind going first if Noemi doesn't want to go first. It's all good." Gabe sat down, he could almost forget they were surrounded by lots and lots of rock. He felt on edge but the room looked like any other room so he could just pretend they were in a building in the open and not inside a volcano. How cool it was, he did have a little claustrofobia.
Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
"No thanks." She said, getting up, her eevee climbing to hang off her shoulder. "I'd rather camp outside then be inside a freezing pokemon center all night." She responded while Starshine stared at then noctowl that Milian had in their arms. "Hi!" it said to the noctowl cheerfully, tail swinging.
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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"I agree! I feel like our fights tomorrow are going to be eventful." Flurry was asleep curled up to Kylie. All this action clearly shook her up. ------------------------------------ Shoyoko had chosen not to head deeper into the forest, but to head home. Blades grasped her pigtails heavily. She got in and unwinded. (And Shoyoko's done for this in-rp night)
snompeitö's Avatarsnompeitö
snompeitö's Avatar
"Hpmh, my 10-0 battle is over Cash, let's go." Cassandra humphed, the two siblings trotted down a couple blocks to the nearest hotels. "This is a five star one!" she said cheerily, heading inside. "Hello sir! We would like to rent a room for a night or two, what's the nightly cost?" she chirped, pulling out her wallet.
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