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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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The setup can be found here
The sun was shining down on the waves and a large ferry that moved through them on a steady pace. The weather was good and a clear blue sky indicated it would remain good. There were people about on the deck, enjoying the fine weather. Others were eating in the restaurant or drinking in the bar. Nurse Joy was tending to a Scyter who was seasick with a worried female next to him. A shop sold items trainers could use: Pokéballs, potions, maps of the Rorie Islands, canned food, fresh berries, and so on. On several locations a poster was on the walls advertising the next Rorie League, with the images of the four badges needed to join the League and the catchphrase 'Use the elements to beat the elements'. A beeping sounded through the speakers, followed by the voice of the captain. Good day passengers, this is your captain speaking. In about one hour we will arrive in Mesperit city. Enjoy the remaining voyage. Another beeping sound indicated the message had come to an end.
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Ley stood uneasily against the railing of the ship near its bow, he hated being on ships because in his pessimist mind the ship could always sink, and with him unable to swim...well he did not like to think of that, he gazed into the horizon ears focused as he heard the captains message, he turned to the purrloin sitting on the railing by his hand, which he raised to stroke the dark cats head, "were almost there blacky, just a hour more on this crate and we will be starting the league" he said with a small smile as the cat meowed in replied as he rubbed his head into Ley's stroking
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Tony, being the silent and lonely boy that he was, had hidden himself in a shadowed alcove of the ships deck, knees curled silently to his chest as he gazed about warily for anyone around him. He ran a hand through the fur of a Shinx beside him, Ky. To his left, sat a blind Growlithe, Ash, who was fast asleep in a patch of sunlight, which kept her sleek fur warm. What Tony didn't know however, was where Ace, his Vulpix, was. Said Vulpix was actually following a boy with a Purrlion, growling
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Leys boat of thought was interupted by the sound of growling, turning around he spotted the small fire fox growling "whats up little guy?" He asked as he ran a hand through his long hair, blacky meowed to the vulpix as he narrowed his eyes at the growling fox, hissing
Ace growled lowly back at Blacky, snarling lowly. He turned, stalking off back to his owner, curling around Ash, whom he protected like a little sister. Tony himself watched the three pokemon as Ky decided to join them, curling up to them. Tony sighed softly, looking up at the sky silently
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Xander leaned against the railing, his Riolu, Eris, sitting comfortably on his shoulders, while he held onto her ankles to keep her from falling into the water. The small Pokemon had her arms crossed on top of his head, had her head resting on them, and seemed to be purring. "Asleep up there, aren't you?" He joked, rubbing the fur on her paw with his thumb. This Pokemon, he was pretty sure he spent more time with her than his own brother anymore. Speaking of his brother, though, he hadn't seen him for a while, and should probably have been concerned.... Nah, Kelsey could take care of himself, he was probably just chilling somewhere a tad farther away from the railing, because his Totchic wouldn't be in any sort of good state should he fall off the boat. Eris, on the other hand, could swim.... For some reason.... He didn't really question it. If the little Raccoon-like Pokemon wanted to swim, he wasn't about to argue. Now only if that would do them any good in battle. Alas, all it allowed her to do was entertain herself in the water. ---- Sky stood at Kelsey's feet in the Pokemart, looking up at him as he looked at something that she knew was round, and that the bottom was white, bored. They had been in the same aisle for far too long, in her opinion. Deciding that she wanted him to either give her attention or at least move to a different part of the store, she delivered a hard peck to his ankle, causing the human to quickly pull that leg up, and yell something that she didn't quite catch. It only took him a few seconds to realize that it was her that pecked his leg, and he sighed. He reached down and scooped her up in one arm, possibly just to keep her from further stabbing his leg with her beak.
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Linda and her Snivy is sitting on a seat. Linda looks at Leaf who is still eating. "When are you giong to stop eating fatty." she said with a grin. Leaf look slightly annoyed and turns his head. "Aww, I am sorry. But you really need to control your appetite for food. " she said and pats Leaf. Leaf looks at his own trainer with a little smirk. "Here is another berry." she said and gives some berries. Leaf's eyes shines and he greedily eats. Linsa shooks her head and looks at the ocean.
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"I see land!" Shelia yelled, her face broken into a huge grin. "Gla-glaceon!(Where? Where?)" Sasha, her glaceon jumped up on the wall, beside her, squealing with excitement. "There!" Shelia pointed happily, towards a small dot over the horizon, progressively getting larger and larger. "We're almost there! I can't wait to start my adventures! And thank goodness I brought along this waterproof bag, you would never know when I would fall into the water." Sasha nodded, as Shelia rambled on and on.
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"Finaly done shopping!" Anita said arriving on the dock to get some fresh air. Te small girl figured, after she heard the message through the speakers, that she better do some shopping on board instead of looking for a Mart on the Island. At least here she knew her way. Anita had the time to walk around the boat three times and the waiting was killing her. At least they had less than an hour to go, right? Looking to her left, she saw a Scyther that seemed seasick. Couldn't it's trainer just keep it in it's Poké Ball? She then took the map she just bought. "Well, where do I begin?"
saltea's Avatarsaltea
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"Oh Hi!" Shelia smiled, as she bumped towards a girl at the dock (Its Anita). Sasha waved her paw. "Glaceon! (HI!!)" She bounced excitedly. "What's your name? Its Shelia, and this is Sasha, my Glaceon." Shelia stuck out her hand. "Nice to meet you."

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