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A Rose's Thørn

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Prolouge This is Thørn: Thørn has no childhood. Or at least she made sure no one remembers her childhoood. She succeded entirely to make the word forget her past, ecxept for one Pokemon. A dying Kadabra: Yes literally dying. I found him sick in a bed in a small Pokemon village. Naturally, he noticed I had Thørn with me, and wouldn't speak. Thorn didn't want me left alone with thisPokemon, so when I sent her out to scour, or do anything, I snuck away to learn about her past. Here I have recorded everything I know, may whomever finds this journal learn what's needed to help her in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Thørn sprite was made by Frosix! Frosix's Cheap Fusions! The Alakazam sprite is an official Pokemon sprite.
"Here come the Vultures Screaming down at us!!" -Here Come the Vultures by Delain
Entry 1 Thørn wasn't always named Thørn. She was born, as a Ralts, under the name of Ala, to her mother, Harpi, and her father, Dextres. She had two siblings. Her sister, Jaylin, was alreday a Gardevoir when she was born. Her brother, Dexter (he was named after Ala's father), was a Kirlia. They lived in a small hut just outside the village of Motunia (mot-ooh-nee-ah) She was raised happily for a small while, a strong bond grew between herself and her brother. Suddenly, and urgently, one night, around midnight, her mother grabbed her. Then she wrapped a blanket around Ala, and they met up with Dextres and Jaylin. Ala shouted for her brother, but her mother covered her mouth to silence her. "He'll come soon," She said. So, Ala stayed quiet. They raced into the nearset tree's shadow, formed into it, and traveled to a tree far away, where no one could find them.

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Ala and her family were running away from her brother, and he wouldn't be joining them for quiet some time.
Entry 2 Once Ala's family had built themselves a home in the far, far south, tragidy struck. Harpi, Ala's mother, fell ill. This illness could ony be cured by a Perfect Pecha Berry. To try and find this special fruit, Dextres and Jaylin would go scouring. Ala was still so young that they couldn't leave her alone with her ill mother, so naturally they couldn't scour at the same time. Every 3 days, Dextres and Jaylin would switch positions to try and find this berry. But it was no use. After 3 months of searching, Harpi died. This is when rumors became reality. For years, there had been talk among Pokemon that the shadows were going to rebel. Then, a short time after Harpi's death, Dexter came to Ala's new home. He fought with Ala's family about the fact that they wouldn't join the rouge shadows. Then, again in the night, Ala, with her sister and father, fled the city to a far off place, where very few Pokemn had settled, in hopes that the shadows wouldn't find them. The fact that Ala's family had stricly said no to join a force that was becoming more powerful every day, they had been targeted. Though for what, Ala didn't know.
Entry 3 Years had past, and Ala's family was right. Moving far away from Pokemon kept them safe. It was hard to live so far from resources and supplies, but the months of scouring for that Perfect Pecha Berry gave Ala and her family enough experience to survive for another 2 years. Then, a joyous occasion came! Ala was to evolve into a Kirlia! Her father was extremely pround, and her sister was excited. Ala couldn't wait to finally reach her second stage. Sadly, the celebrations were non-exsitent. The poor shaadow family had nothing to give Ala for her evolution, so she did it quickly and quietly, and then it was over. Ala was a Kirlia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Author's Note: I know that this was a shorter chapter. I'll post another one later today!
Entry 4 Years had past. The shadows had become stronger, and taken over a good piece of the Kantos reigon. That part was cast into poverty. No pokemon except shadows had homes, money, or food. Shinies were rapidly dissapearing, and no one knew why. Pokemon didn't talk for fear of attack on them, or their families. Everyone was scared. Pokemon inside the trapped area thought, "What if I die next?" Pokemon outside the rebellion thought, "What if they come here, too?" However, this outburts was no rebellion, it was a revolution. Ala thought, briefly, of this when Dexter appeared again. He came, begging Ala's father to join the shadows. He pleaded with Jaylin to follow him away from Ala and her father. Dexter even turned to Ala and told her, "Do the right thing, Ala. Join me. Keep yourself safe!" It was with heavy hearts, and great force, that Ala and her kin drove Dexter away. All that Ala could think of that night when going to sleep were Dexter's last words before he left, "The shadows are coming. You will join them or pay." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you all for paying attention to this thread! It means a lot that people like my work!
Entry 5 Two weeks later, Ala's family was approached by two shadows. One was a Electrike, and one was a Manectric. After Dexter had rushed them inside, he turned to Jaylin and Ala. "Please," he begged, "Go outside. Go scavenge," Jaylin quickly replied, "What should we find?" Dexter bgane push his children out the doo. As he did, he said, "I don't care! Just stay away from the house for the next hour. Don't talk to anyone. Don't seperate," then he slammed the door in their faces. "C'mon!" Ala said cheerfully, "We can scavenge easily," So the two went out for an hour, and came back afterwards. When the girls returned, the other two shadows were gone. And Dexter was...packing... "Hurry girls!" he said, "There's a lovely little house right on the border of the reigon. It'll will be wonderful," Ala and Jaylin muttered sure, and began to pack. Soon after, they left that house for good. The new house was lovely. It had an ocean view, right out the kitchen window. And, everyone got their own room. The house stood on a large, grassy hill. The hill was covered in flowers. On one end of the hill, there was the ocean. On the other, grass. Grass and flowers as far as one could see. It was peaceful. There, everyone in Ala's family grew, and prospered for about four years. And, finally, it seemed that Ala's family could live in peace.
Entry 6 Everything had gone wrong. It all started on the four year anniversary of peace. Shadows had rushed into the house, and taken Ala's family. Next thing Ala knew, she was at a table with Dexter and a shadow Lilligant. They asked her questions, that Ala never really answered, and eventually Dexter took her into a room. It was a small room, made out of oak wood. There was a queen sized bed in the middle of the room, with a table and chairs on the side. "You'll stay with me, Ala." Dexter told her lovingly. Then he turned to her gravely and said the following. "Ala, listen to me. You need to answer their questions. If you do, they'll spare your life. You could join us. Or you could leave and make a life somewhere for yourself. But if you don't answer them, you'll be tortured- or worse." Ala nodded. She knew this was dire, and trusted her brother. He fed her ad took care of her. Anytime the Lilligant questioned Ala, Ala would answer to the best of her ability. That's how it went for half a year.
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Entry 7 After Ala's family was taken, she didn't see them. She saw Dexter, but that was all. Of course, dozens of shadows questioned her. It started with things like, "What did your father tell you about moving?" or "What did they tell you about shadows?" but soon the questions escalated to, "Did your father help any shinies ever?" Eventually a questioned Ala never excpected was asked. She was in Dexter's room when it happened. This time, a shadow Absol asked her the questions. After the normal questions. He said, "Alright, let's get to the point. Ala, your father wasn't like you. He wasn't loyal to shadows. We beleive that he helped smuggled Pokemon out of this reigon, and into one far away. We can't let this happen again. We know that your a good girl Ala. Please answer this question. Was Dextres holding you against your will?" Ala was shocked. "What?" she stammered, "No! No! My father never held me against my will. And he didn't smuggle Pokemon." If looks could kill Ala would have been slaughtered by that Absol. Without another word, he quietly left from the room. Dexter only looked on gravely.
THIS ENTRY IS PG13+ Entry 8 Ala, the Absol, and Dexter walked into a room. The walls were white. Ther were three chairs, facing a large window. The room behind the window was blocked by huge black curtains. "Ala, sit in the middle." The Absol ordered. Ala did so. "Lower the curtains," The curtains were removed. The room behind them was ten times bigger than the one Ala was in. Halfway through it was a back curtain. Two shadow Venasaurs were standing in front of the crack in them. "Send one out!" Dexter called. One Venasaur used a whip to pull out a Pokemon. It was a shadow Vulpix. It struggled under the pull of the vines. "Name. Level. Crime." The Absol shot out. The other Venasaur responded, "Ruby. Level 22. Snuck a shiny Vulpix to the Kalos reigon. The Absol spit on the ground. "Make it fast." The first Venasaur tightened the vines. Ruby screamed out in pain. The vines kept tightening until -POOF!- Ruby exploded into dust. Ala gasped. "What did you do?" she asked in horrer to the Absol. "We killed it. That menace to shadows." Ala looked pleadingly into his emotionless eyes. "Okay. I saw it. Can I please leave?" The Absol shook his head. "Ala, we aren't monsters. Those people are." He pressed a button, "You'll understand when you're older." The button activated chains, which wrapped around Ala, keeping her in place. "Let's bring them out." The Venasaus reached back into the curtain and pulled out two shadows. A Gallade and a Gardevoir. Ala gasped. Then, one of the Venasaurs spoke. "Names: Dextres and Jaylin. Levels: 67 and 42. Crimes: Smuggling, stealing, holding shadows hostage, fleeing the law." The Absol smiled. "Dexter, do the honors." he said, "Now," Dexter left the room, and walked into the other one. Dextres looked up. "Dexter, please! We are family!" Dexters face darkened, "You wer no longer my family when you kidnapped Ala. I love my sister. And I will do anything to protect her." Suddenly, the chains wrapped around Ala broke. She rushed up to the window. "Dexter, no!! They aren't guilty! Don't! Don't! Please stop! Dexter!" she screamed, but it was too late. Dexter scooped Jaylin up in his arms, and threw her on the ground. Then, he used one of his moves to throw her between the two walls. "Stop!!!" Ala yelled again. He turned to face her. "I'm protecting you!" He said. He turned towards Jaylin again. With a swipe of his hand, Jaylin was gone. Ala felt herself crying. She rushed to the door, but it was locked. Dexter spat in his father's face. "No! Ala screamed, "Kill me instead!!" The Absol smirked. Dexter shot a ball of darkness at Dextres. The ball picked up Dextres, so he was floating in the air. Then, he exploded. Leaving nothing. Dexter turned back to Ala. She screamed. She ran at the glass with full force. Blinded by anger, she attacked her brother until he bled. He threw her against the wall. She cried out in alarm. "You killed them! They were you're family! Now they're dead! I'm an orphan!" "Don't ou mean we're orphans, Ala?" Dexter asked. "No. You are not my brother. You will never be my brother again!" She fled from the room.
Entry 9 Ala went through hallway after hallway, each one just like the last. Cobblestone walls and floors, blacked-out roof and windows. She ran and ran. Ala kept running, turning, running, turning, running, turning, running, and turning. Suddenly, she found an oak door at the end of a hall. She opened it. It was the other half of the room that was hidden behind the curtains! It held about 20 Pokemon. A black vine reached back and grabbed a nearby shadow. Ala realised all of the Pokemon were looking at her. "I'm going to get you guys out of here!" she whispered as she pointed to the open door. All the Pokemon rushed out the door quickly. Ala saw them melting into the windows, and realised they were using the move Morph. They were fading through the windows to the outside. Ala did it to. Once she was outside, Ala used Morph in the shadow of a tree trunk, and traveled far, far away.
I'm sorry for the short entry. Thørn came back quickly and I couldn't write more

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