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Type Race Etiquette, End Dates and Contests

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It has been brought to our attention that some users are going into the Team threads in order to make a profit off users participating in the Type Race. There may be good intentions behind such acts however it comes across as spammy and shows poor etiquette The Team threads exist with the intention of giving people a place to work together to compete in the race. Helping each other with donations and swaps of pokemon and items to achieve a common goal. If you are looking to sell your pokemon pairs to people involved in the Type Race then make a thread in the trade forum, advertise it on your profile or signature.

Thread Lifespans

The type team threads are temporary threads that will be removed once their event is over. They will be deleted 7 days after the type race ends at the earliest. Please place team raffles in the contest forum if possible. This will save us from having to undelete a thread due to a unfinished raffle. Thankyou Please contact a moderator if you need your thread informations retrieved.


If you're hosting a contest for your type race team, please message the link to the corresponding thread owner so they can add the link to their first post. Posting the link in the thread by yourself will see you warned even if you meant well. After all, it is still advertising.

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