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Your Weird Dreams?

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HeptapodOne's AvatarHeptapodOne
HeptapodOne's Avatar
Recently, I’ve been trying to induce lucid dreams because that would be really cool, but I haven’t had much success. This was from a couple of months ago, but I figured it would still fit here. My dream [partially controllable] was that I was in a weird valley place, with a tiny train station, and all of a sudden, and this little bitty [like I have to scrunch down to sit in it] cart train thing rolls up. This girl [my irl fren] grabd my hand as I get aboard, and tells me to sit down and I do. There are all these weird packages, and I look away and then she’s gone. I walk around, and eventually arrive at a classroom place. [btw the cart train was like miles long idk how much exactly] and I look around but don’t get off the train. There was more but I forget what happened.
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Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
the CD Player dream, I actually talked about this in the Housepets! Forums.

QUOTE originally posted by Hawkfang42 (in the housepets! forums)

I had the weirdest dream last night, I can't remember it all, but I needed to use the CD player or else something bad happened. Edit: I can remember more, it was for some reason musical, the weirdness happened while I was on the Housepets! Forums in my dream. Someone probably important was going to be hanged by a drone unless I used the CD player constantly, that's a slightly above average in weirdness dream for me.
Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
I just had one of those weird dreams where you keep waking up but it's still not real. First, I was in a strange part of my house I don't recognize. There was a table with a bunch of my and my brother's toys on it. I don't know why, but my brother put his Callie Amiibo on this table. The only other thing I remember about the table is a tiny plush of the alien named Kirby from Chicken Little, which I do not have or know if it exists. The next part of the dream had me wake up in the car, except I was someone else instead of myself. I cannot remember who was driving the car. In this strange world, there was a "lightning show" which meant thunder clouds were all over the place. The person driving the car was trying really hard to avoid getting struck by lighting. I woke up in the car again but this time I was myself and my mom and brother were in the car. My mom said we were going to look for somewhere to eat. I told them that I dreamed about riding in the car with "other family members" (Whatever that means) and I didn't think it was weird that my brother was in the very back instead of the middle. I woke up again but this time I was at home and I found out both cars were not in the driveway yet both of my parents were home. I woke up again and realized I didn't actually look at the driveway at all. That was a dream. I started overhearing a conversation my parents were having about one of our cars needing to be fixed. I woke up again and it was 10 PM but this time it was all real. I had messed up my sleeping schedule again.
Can't remember the full thing but basically I had a dream Where Me And Lysandre from team flare were Fighting Some Weird Giant Evil puppy that Was also a dragon. It was weird
Meguca's AvatarMeguca
Meguca's Avatar
I had a vivid dream the other day, in which I was kidnapped under the guise of going to a mental hospital. Instead, I was forced to live on a gigantic, floating water park. I was participating in a massive drone fight over the ocean. It was very anxiety inducing knowing that one wrong turn meant that I lost my little drone to the sea. All of my dreams are so vivid. I can smell smells, and hear sounds, and feel textures. They're all really bizarre too. They're fun though.

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AutumnEevee's AvatarAutumnEevee
AutumnEevee's Avatar
I mean, the other night some thieves burst into a hall I go to through the windows. They stole rolls of wallpaper and were hunted down by Miley Cyrus. Swear I'm normal.
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bkdz's Avatarbkdz
bkdz's Avatar
i have weird dreams every night once I dreams I was Blue from WoF and was doing kindergarden math and it was hard. at my table was a purple dragon using glitterglue Then i was in theird grade and my teacher was a purple blue dragon. Then I was at the mall with Admiral, we were buying glitter glue sticks, they didnt have any so he bought glitter and glue, on the way out I said “dad can i go to the bathroom” he said yes, when i went in I saw a note from the purple blue dragon, her name was Willow, she also said he three sibling (those two words were red green and blue) couldnt be here and she mentioned Cedric Rue and Proto from Oneshot Another time I dreamed I was Rue and I was drowning and Cedric wouldnt save me Then another time I dreamed I was in the 1920s but it was really the 1800s Magpie from Oneshot was a lamplighter, we met up with Alula and Calamus, Magpie couldnt drive so we had to have Susie (Delterune) drive us to the island in a golf cart, Alula and Calamus drove in a seperate cart. When I got there they werent there so I was worried, when they came in, Rachis told Alula and Calamus he had a store and when he died they got to have it Then another time I dreamed I was Violet from A Series of Unfortunate Events, I was reading a book, then I heard Count Olaf was there, so I had to hide in a box, he saw me so I had to run around Target, he got me at one point but Toriel (undertale) grabbed my hand, then i ran some more from him, then I tryed jumping out the window the doors were locked, cement came over the windows, I hid in a closet and jsed a crowbar or something to make a hole in the closet, then I was in an elevator and the Oneshot credits were scrolling Another dream I had was I was in the starting point in Oneshot and Cedric was there but he ignored me, so I hung papers to the wall with poptarts, then everyone in the game came and started walking outside, then they almost fell off s cliff but The Author saved them then disappeared so everyone wondered where he was.
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Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
I keep forgetting my weird dreams lately, but here's the one from last night. The first thing I remember is getting bullied by little children for no reason. Then later I was running through places I didn't recognize. I thought something like "Yeah, this is a dream" and so I kept attempting to fly... but I couldn't. I convinced myself I should be able to fly because I was an OC I made (I don't think I really was in the dream...). For some reason, it just would not work even though it was a dream.
bkdz's Avatarbkdz
bkdz's Avatar
last night i dreamed i was Niko from Oneshot and I found the elevator, Lamplighter (Oneshot) kept asking me for help and i kept walking away and not helping with the elevator, i finally did and put a cat on his head, then i was in a cave with Gill, Auklet, Anemone, Moonwatcher, and Qibli from WoF there was a little more after that bur spoilers for book 11 Another time i dreamed i was in a building and it kept catching on fire and i kept dieing, Peril and a bunch or other poeple from WoF were outside and i helped them melt chocolate
grunesdragon's Avatargrunesdragon
grunesdragon's Avatar
Once I was floating in a constantly twisting, mostly black and white building or dimension, approaching a T intersection where my partner and I (I have no idea who the other person was) were going to find Aslan at the end... The black and white effect was very pretty, like a painting of a dark building but with lots of nice gentle light bouncing around it. I remember that clearly. Most of the time, in my dreams, there's some problem or situation I'm trying to solve (I never know what it is), and every time I turn around I'm in a different room - usually rooms from houses I've lived. I'm looking for my family members to ask them things to help solve the mystery problem, but they're always distracted or just won't give me a straight answer, so I keep weirdly floating/teleporting through different rooms and settings, which sometimes includes the car. Less of a weird dream and more of a weird thing I remember very well. Once I had a weird dream where I was in a yellowish room at a long wooden table with several strange people at the table, one of them was somewhat tall. Even though there was absolutely no detail rendered, not even peoples' faces, in the dream it felt perfectly grounded and realistic. A year later, I was sitting in middle school at that table and suddenly remembered the old dream - It was a perfect snapshot of that moment. Freaky. (This has happened a few times, and the precognized scenes from the future are always pretty mediocre, like standing in the kitchen talking to my mom or something. The exact angles at which we were standing and everything were dead-on.)

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