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Your Weird Dreams?

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HeptapodOne's AvatarHeptapodOne
HeptapodOne's Avatar
Recently, I’ve been trying to induce lucid dreams because that would be really cool, but I haven’t had much success. This was from a couple of months ago, but I figured it would still fit here. My dream [partially controllable] was that I was in a weird valley place, with a tiny train station, and all of a sudden, and this little bitty [like I have to scrunch down to sit in it] cart train thing rolls up. This girl [my irl fren] grabd my hand as I get aboard, and tells me to sit down and I do. There are all these weird packages, and I look away and then she’s gone. I walk around, and eventually arrive at a classroom place. [btw the cart train was like miles long idk how much exactly] and I look around but don’t get off the train. There was more but I forget what happened.
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Hawkfang42's AvatarHawkfang42
Hawkfang42's Avatar
the CD Player dream, I actually talked about this in the Housepets! Forums.

QUOTE originally posted by Hawkfang42 (in the housepets! forums)

I had the weirdest dream last night, I can't remember it all, but I needed to use the CD player or else something bad happened. Edit: I can remember more, it was for some reason musical, the weirdness happened while I was on the Housepets! Forums in my dream. Someone probably important was going to be hanged by a drone unless I used the CD player constantly, that's a slightly above average in weirdness dream for me.
Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
I just had one of those weird dreams where you keep waking up but it's still not real. First, I was in a strange part of my house I don't recognize. There was a table with a bunch of my and my brother's toys on it. I don't know why, but my brother put his Callie Amiibo on this table. The only other thing I remember about the table is a tiny plush of the alien named Kirby from Chicken Little, which I do not have or know if it exists. The next part of the dream had me wake up in the car, except I was someone else instead of myself. I cannot remember who was driving the car. In this strange world, there was a "lightning show" which meant thunder clouds were all over the place. The person driving the car was trying really hard to avoid getting struck by lighting. I woke up in the car again but this time I was myself and my mom and brother were in the car. My mom said we were going to look for somewhere to eat. I told them that I dreamed about riding in the car with "other family members" (Whatever that means) and I didn't think it was weird that my brother was in the very back instead of the middle. I woke up again but this time I was at home and I found out both cars were not in the driveway yet both of my parents were home. I woke up again and realized I didn't actually look at the driveway at all. That was a dream. I started overhearing a conversation my parents were having about one of our cars needing to be fixed. I woke up again and it was 10 PM but this time it was all real. I had messed up my sleeping schedule again.
Can't remember the full thing but basically I had a dream Where Me And Lysandre from team flare were Fighting Some Weird Giant Evil puppy that Was also a dragon. It was weird
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Meguca's AvatarMeguca
Meguca's Avatar
I had a vivid dream the other day, in which I was kidnapped under the guise of going to a mental hospital. Instead, I was forced to live on a gigantic, floating water park. I was participating in a massive drone fight over the ocean. It was very anxiety inducing knowing that one wrong turn meant that I lost my little drone to the sea. All of my dreams are so vivid. I can smell smells, and hear sounds, and feel textures. They're all really bizarre too. They're fun though.

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AutumnEevee's AvatarAutumnEevee
AutumnEevee's Avatar
I mean, the other night some thieves burst into a hall I go to through the windows. They stole rolls of wallpaper and were hunted down by Miley Cyrus. Swear I'm normal.
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