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hiraeth / hir•aeth ['heer-eyeth] by rickysan


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Page Description

thank you for coming to read this! this will essentially be about my personal story (albeit dramatized for the sake of storytelling) from my time playing in PF1/Q, and frankly the emotions i felt when i came back years later to a completely revamped site, the old one nearly lost to the void (along with some of my precious pokemons i couldnt transfer!!) its wild bc back during PF1 ive always wanted to start a comic of my own, like a daily life thing similar to that one super popular comic by the creator whose name i sadly forgot over the years... (all i know is that it started with D, LOL), then years later as i returned not to PF1 but to PFQ, making a new account and all that, this comic idea has been in the back of my mind since then... and now another some years later, filled with a couple years of art experience, i finally started doing it!!! good job me! itll start out a bit dramatic, but hopefully down the line, ill be able to put some daily life shenanigans like i always wished for since i was a kid!! i hope you guys have fun reading thru it!

Reader Comments

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of the few times I look through comics and I find this. and I kinda already love it!??? Keep up the lovely work! Can't wait to see more when you're able!
Novan-chan @ 01/Jun 23:34
@Zerø: OMG IT IS!! oh man i didnt know they were uploaded here too (and a new one for pfq wow!!) and i am over the moon! i love their comics so much they were honestly an inspiration :'-) thank you for telling me!!!
rickysan @ 12/May 16:34
in reply to Zerø's comment
Did you mean Deoxtri? They uploaded the original comics they made before leaving PFQ -> https://pokefarm.com/comics/strip/229 Good for a nostalgia trip. :) Only seen the first page but the art is lovely!
Zerø @ 12/May 07:09
AWESOME ART! Mao, way better than my stuff!
JirachiStar5525 @ 29/Apr 13:55
@M7890: thank you T_T !!!
rickysan @ 18/Apr 09:55
in reply to M7890's comment
Nice cover page! I like it!
M7890 @ 17/Apr 19:22
nearly forgot to mention, but thisll be updated weekly!! every SAT gmt+8 hopefully. ill be posting the next page next saturday, not this weekend. thanks again!! :-)
rickysan @ 17/Apr 17:25
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