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1,981 / 10,240
Hatch progress 19%
1,981 / 10,240
Hatch progress 19%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
2,058 / 10,240
Hatch progress 20%
1,526 / 10,240
Hatch progress 14%
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Type Race:
Continental Crush (Rock)
Joined: 12/Feb/2014
Starter: Fennekin
Rank: A Champion
Adamantium Normal Gemwish Badge
Mythril Fire Gemwish Badge
Platinum Water Gemwish Badge
Platinum Electric Gemwish Badge
Platinum Grass Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ice Gemwish Badge
Titanium Fighting Gemwish Badge
Platinum Poison Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ground Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Flying Gemwish Badge
Gold Psychic Gemwish Badge
Platinum Bug Gemwish Badge
Gold Rock Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ghost Gemwish Badge
Silver Dragon Gemwish Badge
Titanium Dark Gemwish Badge
Platinum Steel Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fairy Gemwish Badge
I look for a female Kenjip,with IV170+^^ ->Spar requests will be accepted^^ -Team Continental Crush (Rock)-Event date: 14/Jul — 20/Jul -Point: 566+ , egg:72?+ ---- Pid. melan try:2017- egg:3000 (jul21-2018),4000 (nov20,2018)...6795+ jul2019^^ - PLEASE breed what you hunt, also breed for Events to help other too!^_^

About nikao

♥ ♡ Im a iv breeder, most of the time atleast^^ I got some iv poke for swap and free, just ask when you see someting you like in the free-swap-trade fields^_^ 💖 🍠 ------------- Please Support Foxat Suggestion!!! : iv, power item, breeding ------------------------------------------------------- 🐾° support: show upvoted really as up-voted ------------ Level me up please^__^
Dusk Stone

Dusk Stone

Evolution Stone

(: 0)

A strange stone that seems to completely absorb light.

Sells for 1,500

Lv. 37 — 2,243 / 4,219
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness 27%
Brave nature
...[*pkmnpanel=Pokémon ID] ----------------------- looking for - Ditto with IV160-186 ...for swap or trade^_^ - daycare pass pack ------------------

Breed for Type Race and my s-a hunt


Right now: Team ? -Poke:

-breed for my hunt:

---( Pidove(unfezant))...,3.364 egg's!! O_O -1st albino pidove at oct7,2017 egg 250^_^ at special niet day^^ 2nd at egg 260..-3rd at nov19...., 4th albino 778egg nov23,....got shiny at egg755 nov20.2017^^ egg1481 a new albino in jan21,2018 ..2nd shiny at egg1607 at jan28, 2163 shiny egg3 at april 5 2018, shiny 4th at may25 2018 at egg 2567, 5th and 184iv shiny at egg2527 at27may(sei day+100.000points in albino radar given) 6th shiny at egg 2756-12jun,2018^^https://pokefarm.com/summary/6W4PD -perfect iv pidove shiny at 8/4194 -shiny nr.10 iv183 at 4354, 22/Apr/2019Shiny 12/5146 in chain..28may 2019-shiny 14/5428

!!!! Im looking for 1 male/female from this pokes with high IV or perfect IV

(IV 140-180+ ): - Ditto 160-186iv - Impyre 160+ - RBandicoon 160+ and Bezerell - Poochyena !!(need over IV 186male) for bether breeding.please tell when you have one, thank you ! -->also other higher IV poke! -->> !!! Please tell me, when you have one from your hunt, iv160-186+ (4-6iv) ^___^ i try for bether breeding pair ...for free or trade or swap!! ^_^ i love to swap or even gift free from my hunt for iv breeder who need

Wishlist for Christmas-gifting-trading and such ^^

Hello there^^ here is my wishlist(secret santa- gifting and such! im mostly fine with anything,dont need to get me anything from the list when you dont have it

thing i would like

1.ZC and/or Hypermode! 2.A Shiny/Albino Pokémon, or when you have to many: a melan^^ 3.) GP (Gold Poké) - 4.) A Box Box or such - 5.) Boxe's 6.) Good Breeding Pairs IV170+/80%+ - 7. Credit's -8.) summon item/mega stone - 9. shiny legend - 10.) costume f pikachu -11.) new Fakemons breeding pairs high iv 12.) love a Shiny Charm Box and maybe a Shiny Charm -or a Übercharm!! 14)Or anything, really i be happy with the thought behind the gift! Thank you, and happy holidays!

shiny-albino-melan, for the christmas in my wl

- shiny and albino: what i dont have or need 2nd^^ so maybe like a kitsunari albino or s melan: have only a skitty^^ so any melan is great!

summon i like as gift

-Beast Ball, Eclipse Flute,Black Prism, Black Stone (gray or white),Spectral Leiomano, Soul Heart, Ancient Drive, orders crest, Tidal Bell, Musik Box - helix orb- nightmare shroud - Azure Flute - cloned sash

Mega stones i wish for

Laprasite Q , Mightyenite Q, Leafeonite Q, Houndoominite, Alakazite, Blastoisinite,Cameruptite,Floatzelite Q,Apsolite, Gyaradosite, Manectite, Metagrossite, Sceptilite,Venusaurite, Scizorite, Lucarionite, Blazikenite, Altarianite,Aerodactylite,Gengarite, Ampharosite, Mewtwonite X, Latiasite

my shiny hunt

s-a Pony/Snivy hunt

° Ponyta 460/0/0/0 Ponyta..destroyed by wrong hatched egg.. ° Vulpix 189/1/0/0 vulpix (the first = SweetyBell^^) 140/1/0/0 vulpix (number2 = SweetCherry^^) 340/0/0/0 vulpix (number 3 in work ^^. ....-jun-jul...a bad hunt, real bad... stopped it for now!!!!;) ° Snivy - 130/0/0/0 (dont know where all the eggs go i breed...and dont think that a lot that hunt them too even breed them at all...or how can it be that there are no eggs but so many that hunt them....not nice or fair for those that breed and hunt...) ----> broken because of ditto hatched to soon...awww no...~_~ - 68/0/0/0 --new snivy hunt after chain was broken, started in jul/aug 2016 found some of my own breed snivy eggs in the shelter,today and so many 30/jul/2016....nice that there now are more eggs to find in the monent...maybe some more started to breed to^^


- 256/1/0/0 -- Igglybuff (shiny at sep 26, 2016 ^^) --> first albino ever at sep27, 2016 ^_^ - 508/2/0/0 Houndour start sep28, 2016 (even with 7day hypermode no shiny^^:) no fun with no shiny-albino after so much´time -1st shiny hound at 326 eggs, oct20, 2016 -2nd at 346eggs, oct21, 2016..last day of hypermode ---> stoppt it at 508 eggs at nov1...did take to long...

broken hunts

- 130/0/0/0 Frillish nov 2016 -broken chain - 251/0/0/0 Drilbur i think 14 or 21nov 2016 till dec2...because i hatched an other egg...no patience f this hunt...maybe later^^ 136/0/0/0 Togedemaru ---stopped the hunt for weakly event....later again
-> 41/1/0/0 Oricorio [Pa'u Style] -from dec 2016, surpris egg hatch to shiny at 41 in chain^_^ 8/0/1/0 --the same as albino....at same day after 8 more egg...faint...^//^ - 96/0/1/0 - alola vulpix... 1st got a albino^^ 230(or so)/0/0/0 ---broken shiny chain at jan7, 2017 with wrong egg....NOOOOO -_-, - 111/1/0/0 Alola Vulpix -got my shiny after third time starting the hunt at apri12, 2017 ^_^ - 112/1/0/0 -pich --with 6day free hypermode from easter win and a übercharm 28day^^ hatched 1st at 27april, 2017 - 559/3/3/1 - Skitty (hunt since april,2017) ^__^ 2nd albino at may27, 2017 ^^ stoppt for now after 3rd shiny at 9jun 2017 - 7/0/1/0 - Poochyena - hatched first albino after only 3 eggs at 10jun 2017 --at a 12% shiny Sei day and Niet x3EXP special day +6point/click garth day ^_^ - 285/0/2/0 --poochyena at 23jun 2017.... i want to have my shiny-melan-...aww please ...great i got my second albino at 25jun 2017 ^^ at egg 287^_^ -617/0/3/0 -jul21 a third albino ...still no shiny..^^ With this day i have 862egg ~_~ (ongoing)... and my first poochy shiny, after nearly giving up with over 860eggs without shiny^___^ ....that is soooo hard and was a bit mean...but now worth it^^ stupid cute puppys... --jul9--but got a albino at jul21 at egg 617^^, 1st shiny at aug10 ^_^ aug11 an albino at egg10..after i did break my chain bevor this after around 54 eggs. albino at egg45 at aug13, 2017 130/1/5/0 -19.8.2017 -poochy ------ With this day i have 862egg, now new egg54 ~_~ (ongoing)... and my first poochy shiny, after nearly giving up with over 860eggs without shiny^___^ ....that is soooo hard and was a bit mean...but now worth it^^ stupid cute puppys... --jul9...got shiny at aug10 -- ( Hatched/Shiny/Albino/Melan)

special skitty day- 29april, 2017

i got at the special bonus day from Niet with 2.5 EXP and Sei shiny day with 18% chance for shiny first a albino(egg77) and melan (egg76) in the same party at the same moment...^///^ ...........so crazy happy about first melan and only in the next party at egg 81 my first shiny skitty ^_^ and a second shortly after^^ wow....what a day^^
------- --> i hate Pony hunt...no shiny or anything after nearly 400 and some hatched eggs... ~_~ broke my ponyta hunt chain...with a wrongly hatched egg ~_~ started vulpix...

PLEASE Breed what you hunt, help other too!!/my field clicks^^

its only fair and nice when you also breed the same pokees you hunt!!!! i mean other that hunt do this too...i always do breed what i try to hunt, its simple a nice things, to release them to the shelter now and then, to make other happy to or help them... so now come one...you know who i talk of, you not breeder but hunter, be a nice person and help each other have a good and funny time in this game^^ -> i now really have to say like other bevor me,... that i find it not really fair and sad when People hunt the same as i and then dont breed the pokes ...(i mean that showes when there are so hard to find and so many hunt them... ) but i hope all breed, to help each other with there hunt!!^^ -------


, and the poke above in Trainer card!!... they are somehow sorted in column (from sour to any berry), and some in berry only typ sorted fields!- i click back when i see it, often even more than once a day, or tell me when i oversee! --> PLEASE SEND BATTLES,I accept as soon as possible, when pokemon is free^^

Need in trade/free/ Sparring

!! i need 1x Shiny Charm Box ---please offer when you have one! -->> I do look for 1 Solgaleo and Lunala !!! and 1 Eclipse Flute ^_^ -------------------- !!!! i accept spar requests....just send challenge, or ask and i can challenge you^^

i Trade/buy...what i need, trade

-Will buy ZC for GP. 1:2 rate. (or gem) - maybe will buy shiny/albino- for gem, gp, boxes - when i like them and dont have them - may trade exclusive or IV poke in trade field, for zc, other of same breed^^ ° Looking for hatched legendary you dont want anymore!!with IV140+!

About me

♥HI im nikao^^nice to see you on my user page!i try to find out what this new side does offer,hope to have fun and find good friends ^_^ ♥..>I search all my friends from the old pokefarm to be friends again--when you see this and you where my friend, please send a friend request^_^ ♥i love horses,dogs,love to talk about about this, so you can write me when you like to talk^^ Books, Nature,food animals,photography,Fanfiction, Manga, Anime, Movies,training of my dog, drawing, writing °Aww newbie again...so hard to start over! its 2014 Feb 12

my Rank

♥[X]Newbie: 0 PokéDex entries:12.2.2014 [x]Beginner:6 EggDex entries: 12.2.'14 [x]Rookie: 50 PokéDex entries 20.2. [x]Junior: 100 PokéDex entries [x]Senior: 200 PokéDex entries .9.14 [x]Superior: 350 PokéDex entries.11.14 [x]Elite: 500 PokéDex entries .1.2015 [x]Master: 650 PokéDex entries26.3.15 [x]Ace: 800 PokéDex entries [x]Champion: 1000 PokéDex entries [-]Arceus: all Egg & PokéDex entries --got 24boxes at the Event of may^^


started oct14 first time ever^^ gift from new player rank reward^^ "Your Hypermode will expire at: 21/Oct/2016 15:47"
-- http://q.pokefarm.org/summary?JpCM --please click, my very first own shiny ever, so much love this sweet^^ http://pokefarm.org/user/Petaminx
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