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Rain Jewel

Rain Jewel

Forme-Change Item

(: 0)

A small, teardrop-shaped jewel that feels cool and soothing.

Sells for 325

Lv. 100 — +2,711,900
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Dry food
Happiness 27%
Modest nature
??? food
??? food
??? food
??? food
??? food
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Type Race:
Acid Downpour (Poison)
Joined: 10/Mar/2018
Starter: Totodile
Rank: B+ Champion
Platinum Normal Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fire Gemwish Badge
Silver Water Gemwish Badge
Gold Electric Gemwish Badge
Mythril Grass Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ice Gemwish Badge
Silver Fighting Gemwish Badge
Silver Poison Gemwish Badge
Silver Ground Gemwish Badge
Bronze Flying Gemwish Badge
Mythril Psychic Gemwish Badge
Gold Bug Gemwish Badge
Bronze Rock Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Ghost Gemwish Badge
Silver Dragon Gemwish Badge
Bronze Dark Gemwish Badge
Zinc Steel Gemwish Badge
Zinc Fairy Gemwish Badge
Truly vibing

About Zer0hno

Hey I'm Tyler and Reuniclus is my favorite pokemon! I clickback and have a couple of S&S wishforge fields if you feel like going through them. Shoot me a PM if you want anything from my UFT field :) I'm super into Hollow Knight, Pokemon (dur), the binding of Isaac, and chrono trigger. Be my friend if you enjoy the same things as me ....
Stuff I'm collecting:
Psychic deltas Reuniclus duh
×61/500 Electric Statues
Art by me | code by eggsy
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