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354 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
356 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
356 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
356 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
356 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
352 / 5,120
Hatch progress 6%
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Type Race:
Acid Downpour (Poison)
Joined: 02/Feb/2019
Starter: Popplio
Rank: B+ Ace
Gold Normal Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fire Gemwish Badge
Bronze Water Gemwish Badge
Bronze Electric Gemwish Badge
Bronze Grass Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fighting Gemwish Badge
Bronze Poison Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ground Gemwish Badge
Bronze Flying Gemwish Badge
Bronze Psychic Gemwish Badge
Bronze Bug Gemwish Badge
Bronze Rock Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ghost Gemwish Badge
Bronze Dark Gemwish Badge
Bronze Steel Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fairy Gemwish Badge
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About Vully

No011 Friplup Water frubble POKéMON HT 2' 0" WT 16.5 lbs.

This adorable yet extremely rare pokemon is both extremely light and strong meaning it can jump extremely high and i t is also a skilled swimmer that can dive for over ten minutes.
I'll remember Brightheart when I see a scar on someone's face, I'll think of WindClan every time I win a race, I'll remember Goosefeather when nobody believes me, I'll remember Scourge when someone's teased for being tiny, I'll remember Heathertail when someone wants to be 'just friends', I'll think of StarClan when I am near the end, I'll remember Leafpool when I must follow my heart, I'll remember Hollyleaf if I ever fall apart, I'll remember Bramblestar when I must prove myself, I'll remember Spottedleaf when I'm suffering from bad health, I'll remember Lionblaze when I am feeling strong, I'll remember Tigerstar if I choose the path that's wrong, I'll remember Dovewing when I hear of something far away, I'll remember Cloudtail when a kitten catches their first prey, I'll remember Feathertail whenever I must be brave, I'll remember the Tribe when I'm in a cave, I'll remember Ashfur when somebody breaks my heart, I'll remember Barley when me and my sister are far apart , I'll remember Ivypool when I try to be the best, I'll remember Firestar when my loyalty's put to the test
I am currently hunting crogunk Shiny counter 0/193 One albino
friplup (who is also my avatar )was made by feennekava ( zerudez's frokie sprite was used )
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