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Moth Dragonfly's Profile

1,919 / 3,840
Hatch progress 49%
1,917 / 3,840
Hatch progress 49%
1,810 / 3,840
Hatch progress 47%
1,917 / 5,120
Hatch progress 37%
1,808 / 5,120
Hatch progress 35%
1,699 / 5,120
Hatch progress 33%
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Moth Dragonfly
Type Race:
Shattered Psyche (Psychic)
Joined: 27/May/2019
Starter: Cyndaquil
Rank: D Grandmaster
Gold Normal Gemwish Badge
Gold Fire Gemwish Badge
Silver Water Gemwish Badge
Silver Electric Gemwish Badge
Silver Grass Gemwish Badge
Zinc Ice Gemwish Badge
Gold Fighting Gemwish Badge
Gold Poison Gemwish Badge
Gold Ground Gemwish Badge
Zinc Flying Gemwish Badge
Silver Psychic Gemwish Badge
Gold Bug Gemwish Badge
Zinc Rock Gemwish Badge
Silver Ghost Gemwish Badge
Gold Dragon Gemwish Badge
Zinc Dark Gemwish Badge
Zinc Steel Gemwish Badge
Silver Fairy Gemwish Badge
NEED EGGDEXES, HAVE SUMMONS [link] sticks a sticky note to my carapace, "do art"

About Moth Dragonfly

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The Infinity System

Name: Moth Dragonfly Species: Scolipede Type: () Nature: Timid Level: 9999 Ability: Speed Boost Met at a fateful encounter at 13/4/2005 Hates to loose.
(Tends to hoard dragon-type pokemon)
Status Effects: OSDD, Hypermode
I currently don't have any active peeps so click these people: These ppl have our respect: ~~~~~~~~~
I'm a big boi, ergo the big sprite! (Official edited PKMN Sprite)
I hoarde these items: 40 44 2 I am between a FTP Player and a Paying Player. I always look for ways to gain ZC without buying it, but sometimes I do buy some. Sometimes, buying mass amounts of Zophan feels good. Expires in 1 year 1 2 3 5

Road to Complete & BoxBox Hunts

675/693 EggDex (96%)
1645/1649Pokédex (99%)
2/21 Boxes
Current BoxBox Count: 24 How many BoxBoxes do I need? A lot! I'm waiting for the last Paldea drop so that I can get the legendary summons a lot easier and not have to scramble to keep going on my road to Arceus. I will not be selling BoxBoxes at this time, even if anxiety and hoarding problems tell me otherwise.
Chain:1H/0 Future:
Female, Lost Butterfly
Male, Lem
Far Future:
Female, Angel
I made this! Please comm me.
Type Race Hunt Masterlist Here
Discord: dragonmoth28 Please only DM me if it's easier to. Showdown: Mothie Dragonfly. Ko-Fi: I take comms!

PM Policy

My PMs are private space. Personal PMs may be ignored if they are small talk, random, or just plain mean. I don't want to be rude! I just don't know how to respond to you :( I'm happy to take trade PMs (For my free/dump fields), if you want to vent and don't expect a response, or if you want to talk about fandoms
FNF, Pokemon, SCP, FNAF, Undertale/Deltarune, rarely Pico's School but keep it PG
The only ones who can freely cause chaos in my DMs are the ones who know how chaotic I can get and still choose to talk to me. Especially those I talk to and trust. And I very much trust those on the PFQ Discord. Maybe not with my life, though. Despite this, love you guys <3 /platonic


You don't need to PM me for trade Evolutions, just send a labeled gift trade and I'll send it RIGHT back! If you intend to give it to me, label that too, and I'll put it.... somewhere. Not sure where. I'll take any specials you give me (except for a melan, then I'll try to trade it back with a confused note. If you're sure, you can reject the trade and I'll add it to my Melan Dexing thread.)

Can I draw Moth?

YES YES YES! However, please don't claim him as your own :( That's pretty standard, but still gotta say it! I don't have a proper reference sheet for him but I'll eventually make one and you'll see it in my journal (if you missed it, there's a link to my journal on my pfp in this about me. Sneaky!)

For the mods

"WE" or "US" referrs to multiple members, not multiple outside people. We do not account share. All art on this account is created by us unless stated otherwise. We use a laptop and a phone (and (rarely) use Opera's built-in VPN) and go to many places, one of which is our School.

VIP Notes

★ I either know them IRL or talk on Discord a LOT (more than once a month) ⬤ Nothing yet ▲ Nothing yet ♥ People I hold close to me, IE QPPs and S.O.s ♣ People I know that I've talked to on more than one occasion ◆ Mostly people from the PFQ Discord that I know and trust. Will leave you out on a Walmart parking lot though >> ♠ People I mass click.

Little Bits and Ends

avatar by Moth Dragonfly code by sceptios (free to use)
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