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Lv. 43 — 613 / 5,607
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Naïve nature
8,960 / 8,960
Hatch progress 100%
8,960 / 8,960
Hatch progress 100%
8,960 / 8,960
Hatch progress 100%
8,960 / 8,960
Hatch progress 100%
8,960 / 8,960
Hatch progress 100%
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Type Race:
Corkscrew Crash (Steel)
Joined: 16/Aug/2016
Starter: Squirtle
Rank: A Champion
Gold Normal Gemwish Badge
Gold Fire Gemwish Badge
Gold Water Gemwish Badge
Platinum Electric Gemwish Badge
Silver Grass Gemwish Badge
Silver Ice Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fighting Gemwish Badge
Silver Poison Gemwish Badge
Silver Ground Gemwish Badge
Gold Flying Gemwish Badge
Gold Psychic Gemwish Badge
Silver Bug Gemwish Badge
Gold Rock Gemwish Badge
Silver Ghost Gemwish Badge
Silver Dragon Gemwish Badge
Silver Dark Gemwish Badge
Silver Steel Gemwish Badge
Gold Fairy Gemwish Badge
Check out my UFT fields & send a labelled trade if interested! Free variants to newbies.

About Leokumi

kris / leo
born feb. 18th
trans male
he/him only
A talented Nohrian prince who wields the divine tome, Brynhildr. ⇘ 2,700+ Pokémon (mostly S&S'd). ⇘ 5 hours behind server time (EST). ⇘ Clickback ratio 1:1. ⇘ PMs: Sure, please label them. ⇘ Trades: Sure, please label them. ⇘ I accept donations to my hoards. ⇘ Was previously KrisOrihara. Hoarding: Links (work in progress!): Trade Shop Art Shop Journal 18+ Journal "Nothing but cinders."
About Me I'm an American who lives for video games, psychology, writing & character creation, & art. My biggest interests are Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, & the occult. I own a PC, DS Lite, New 2DS XL, Wii, WiiU, & a Switch. I'm also really into collecting polished rocks & amiibos. I work in a social experimental psychology lab (running experiments, crunching data, etc). I will have my Bachelor's degree in Psychology this December & be applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs for Fall 2020. Proud member of Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, & Psi Chi. I'm also literally Prince Leo of Nohr. I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to about whatever!
Health Borderline Personalilty Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Severe Chronic Depression Gender Dysphoria Scoliosis (& Chronic Back Pain) Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Near-Sightedness Hashimoto's Disease All professionally diagnosed/recognized. Due to my mental and physical health issues, I likely won't be around 24/7 and I may also respond to PMs slowly, especially if I am having bad panic or dissociative episodes. My apologies in advance! <3
Kinnies Note!
I take kin seriously due to my mental health & don't believe in choosing kintypes. As such, I refer to myself in first person and avoid doubles.
Prince Leo
Fire Emblem: Fates
Izumi Sena
Ensemble Stars
Shoto Todoroki
My Hero Academia
Izaya Orihara
Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir
Miraculous Ladybug
Comfort Characters Note!
This is silly of me, but I struggle with intense jealousy and possessiveness. As such, I don't interact with people who also really love these characters.
Fire Emblem: Fates
Saeran Choi
Mystic Messenger
Primrose Azelhart
Octopath Traveller
Lisa Imai
Bang Dream! Girls' Band Party
Kotori Minami
Love Live!
PokéfarmQ Stuff : 5
9/16/17, 9/20/17, 10/2/17, 10/19/17, 10/25/17
First Shiny Hatched: 12/21/16 First Albino Hatched: 4/24/19 Maravol Pattern: Mimic. LF: Custom Sprites, , & Sylveons. 649,227 2,082 0
1/1,000 Shaymin Hunt Prep
1/1,000 Jirachi Hunt Prep
Past Hunts: Results
Future Hunts:
Contact (ask for in PM) Quotev Discord Line 3DS Friend Code Switch Friend Code Fire Emblem: Heroes Love Live! School Idol Festival Bang Dream! Girls' Band Party Valkyrie Connect Epic Seven Friends 11/10 would die for these creachers. Jordan <3 Tobi Bri Jay Aiden
code ♔ icon: kozaki yusuke; official art
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